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  1. 19 hours ago, KO91 said:

    Said it on his podcast. Joe was actually more alarmed about Saleh than Wilson. Interesting stuff. 


    The news here is that Joe Benigno started a podcast. That would have been the name of the thread if I found out about it. I and I'm sure most people on this board didn't know that. How did you even find it? Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Sanchez is the worst by a mile. The Jets had the #1 defense, #1 running game and #1 offensive line in the NFL with great weapons to boot. If the Jets still have Pennington in those early Rex years we have another Superbowl trophy. You can't say any of those other QB's cost us a Superbowl.

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  3. Zach Wilson followed on Instagram Tukcer, Becton, Mcgovern Fant, and Cameron Clark. All guaranteed starting offensive linemen and Clark. There was a video clip of Zach meeting Van Rotten yet he is not following him. Something tells me coaching staff told him their projected starting line and so he followed them. Clark it is...

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