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  1. PFF has Zach Wilson and Justin Fields as QB1s any other year https://www.pff.com/news/draft-how-good-are-the-2021-nfl-draft-quarterbacks-why-this-class-is-one-of-the-most-talented-ever
  2. Albert Breer was doing radio spots hinting the Jets loved Adam Gase when no one else had it at the time. Ever since then I pay particular attention to what he says about the Jets. He also had a very deep inside story on the Jets process of selecting Sam Darnold in the draft. Including private conversations they were having when they ate dinner with him. Safe to say his insight means a hell of a lot more than Albright or Laconfora who are known scammers.
  3. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/02/15/mmqb-todd-inside-bowles-game-plan-for-mahomes-texans-mess-trevor-lawrence-pro-day My guess is that Sam Darnold’s name will continue to come up. We told you last week four teams called the Jets, in the aftermath of the Stafford trade, to inquire on Sam Darnold’s availability. More have called since, I’m told, and the answer those teams got was the same that the ones calling before got—Check back with us soon. Right now, the Jets coaching staff is working through its tape evaluation of the draft-eligible quarterbacks, which is a huge piece to all of his. The job, for the Jets right now, is to compare and contrast what it has in Darnold (at 23, with a year plus an option year left on his contract) to what Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance (coming on new/affordable rookie deals) could be for them. There are a lot of teams that would be obvious potential landing spots. Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Chicago and San Francisco make sense, pending what happens with Wentz, and the scarcity of available names (and I mean actually available, not just potentially available) right now could drive Darnold’s value up. Either way, it’s a good spot for Jets GM Joe Douglas and new coach Robert Saleh to be in. 6) I think the Jets and Dolphins are in position to deal their Top 3 picks. That doesn’t mean either will (I think the Jets, for one, are more likely than not to stay put). It does mean that there will be a market for both the second and third picks. Teams will emerge from the Wentz situation with a quarterback. Others are quietly looking for an upgrade over who they already have, or for an heir to put behind an aging starter. I think because of all that, teams will look at 2 and 3 as potential places to get those things, and with four guys that I believe are seen as worthy of going in the Top 10, whoever gets there will have options. Would teams have to go that high to get them? Well, if you’re paying attention …
  4. One of @AGNB tweets retweeted by the @QBCollective. QB Collective CEO is Richmond Flowers Saleh's agents. Looking at their website, Justin Fields participated in this camp and come to find out Mike Lafleur is listed as one of the coaches in said camp. Mike lafleur has coached Justin Fields. Interesting..........
  5. Joe Douglas is going to pass on a better QB than Trevor Lawrence for the worst rated QB in the NFL. F my life. (Yes my pessimistic self believes Joe will do this)
  6. If you were following @robert_Saleh check your twitter because you are now following this account https://twitter.com/A_G_N_B I think it may be his agent Richmond Flowers running the account because he was previously following @QBcollective which is a camp the agent runs. The account is also liking tweets asking him if its Coach Saleh.
  7. You say that now. If you took a poll after Belichick decided to resign as the HC of the NYJ the majority of fans would have said they are fine with not having Belichick as the head coach as well.
  8. Really one win. Covid just decided to give us an extra kick in the ass by making sure we wouldn't even get the top pick of the 2nd, 4th and 6th rounds.
  9. Hmm. If I was thinking of trading Darnold I would tell the teams it depends what the offer is. Are they really just telling them "we are still evaluating the QB position" and not gauging what the offers are? This is a real weird way of doing business. I am very surprised they are telling other teams the same BS as they are to the media. In my opinion this is a huge leap of logic that Breer and Schefter are making. Just because they haven't shut the door entirely doesn't mean its more likely than not he is traded. If anything the Jets not soliciting offers but rather being non committal makes it more likely they keep Darnold.
  10. He is giving Joe Douglas credit that he will choose the best option for the Jets. From everything he is hearing Zach Wilson is obviously the best option so by extension Joe will not make the stupid mistake of sticking with a QB who has failed going into his 4th year. Unfortunately I am not as confident Connor is that Joe Douglas wont screw this up. I predicted right when we lost out on Trevor that Joe will go the alternate route instead of drafting a lesser QB so as to comfort himself that losing out on Trevor wasn't a disaster. He will rationalize that trading down and stocking up on talent at other positions will be even better than Trevor. No way will he throw in the towel and draft the #2 QB on the board and thereby acknowledge that not tanking the last few games like the Jets fan base was begging was an atrocious mistake.
  11. Skip to 48:30 for why Connor believes Jets will select Zach Wilson
  12. If you listened to Connors podcast its the conclusion he makes from talking to sources. When Rich Cimini says "early sense" its code word for what he is hearing. This is not guessing from out of the blue.
  13. Plus 1000!!! This will happen btw. The odds are extremely high at least one of Wilson or Fields lights it up while Darnold is who he has been the past three years. What a wasted opportunity. Its disgusting and I will never forgive Douglas for it.
  14. So why is Cimini saying they are going to stick with the bad QB instead of drafting a top tier QB in the first round? I fear we may have put to much confidence into Joe Douglas.
  15. Cimini and Hughes claim they aren't guessing. Its the conclusion they come to from what they are "hearing."
  16. You are putting way to much confidence in what anonymous message board posters say.
  17. They both claim to have inside sources yet they come to 2 diametrically different thoughts on what will happen. Statements made this week: Connor Hughes BrooklynRob11: In your opinion, who is under center for the Jets in Week 1? HUGHES: Zach Wilson. Rich Cimini The Jets have two paths back to respectability: (1) Trade for Deshaun Watson, who would be their best quarterback since Joe Namath. (2) Use their draft capital (four of the first 66 picks) to improve the roster, building around incumbent QB Sam Darnold. They can't do both because the price to get Watson could clean them out of premium draft picks. They could throw a curve and draft a quarterback with the second overall pick, but the early sense is that it will be Watson or option 2. If it's the latter, GM Joe Douglas needs to make the picks count. -- Rich Cimini Skip to 48:30 for why Connor believes Jets will select Zach Wilson
  18. I found some more podcast interviews with Robert Saleh. There is also the huddle and flow podcast and PFT ones that were previously posted. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jets-head-coach-robert-saleh-bucs-gm-jason-licht-nbcs/id1150960126?i=1000506769400 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/robert-saleh-jets-head-coach/id1451137834?i=1000506784491
  19. Huh? Actually @Mogglez and @football guy have been saying this whole time the Jets are leaning toward keeping Darnold.
  20. Conor Hughes thinks Jets draft Zach Wilson and then trade Darnold on draft day.
  21. They haven't updated anyone since the initial hires on the day of the Saleh press conference. They are waiting to announce all of them at once and then will update it.
  22. Wentz has an exorbitant contract and hasn't played well in years. The fact he is so much more sought after than Darnold makes me thing all that talk of how highly Darnold is thought of is baloney.
  23. Sean Payton said he realized Mahomes was the best QB prospect he ever saw after his private workout with them. There are not private workouts allowed this offseason and only 3 personnel for each team at their pro day. It is possible the Jets underestimate Wilson and pass on him when they would've grabbed him if it was a normal offseason.
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