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  1. Zach Wilson followed on Instagram Tukcer, Becton, Mcgovern Fant, and Cameron Clark. All guaranteed starting offensive linemen and Clark. There was a video clip of Zach meeting Van Rotten yet he is not following him. Something tells me coaching staff told him their projected starting line and so he followed them. Clark it is...
  2. Of course they would have had his helmet ready. That is not an indicator of if he is participating or not. Why post 9 of the 10 draftees trying on the helmet though?
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/COi34nLnEy4/ Does this mean he is participating in the NFLPA boycott of mini camp?
  4. He is he exact same height and weight of Lamar Jackson.
  5. Okay this is the biggest revelation of the article. Do the Jets take Wilson over Lawrence if miracle vs Rams and Covid outbreak at Browns doesn't happen?
  6. It looks like the Jets would have drafted Elijah at 23 if they didn't trade up.
  7. Just to put this into perspective Adam Gase hid from the cameras and refused to be recorded on the phone with the draft prospects. He didn't even allow a picture of himself in the draft room. The Jets literally sent out official photos of everyone in the room and Gase was AWOL. I hope this means video of the post locker room celebrations after winning a game are back as well.
  8. He had to do multiple zoom meetings to persuade the Jets to take him. He could have easily not done them if he didn't want to be a Jet.
  9. This guarantees the 49ers pick Mack Jones not Trey Lance.
  10. There is a 100% chance Zach read the Deseret article from the Utah paper begging the Jets not to take him since they are such a trash organization. This for those of you who say that stuff doesn't matter. I want the guy we spurned three #1 draft picks for and depending to lead this organization for 15 years to be excited to come to this franchise. The medias concerted agenda to ignore their successes and portray them as always a losing organization has an affect.
  11. "I know there are sometimes places called QB graveyards. "Ive had Zach where he has voiced those concerns"
  12. Listening to Rex Hogan and Phil Savage on the Jets podcast it is clear what determines who they draft. They mentioned more than once that the amount of talent available at the position determines how they go. If they like a lot of guys at a certain position they may forego the opportunity to pick their highest rated player to pick a lower rated player at a position with less guys they like. Its a flawed reasoning but that's their philosophy. Running back it is then......
  13. EEK! You think Schefter texted Zach that he is going to the Jets officially because he was guessing? Someone in the organization told him that. Saleh didn't even bother going to Fields 2nd pro day after missing the first one. The 49ers aren't organizing these 2nd pro days flying around the country for their health thinking they will take Wilson. Douglas said there was a clear 2 QB's with all the rest not worth trading Darnold for. He had a great offer for Darnold but held up because he was worried about a physical. Hmm I wonder if that was for Zachs shoulder. Report today 49ers pick down to Lance and Mac Jones. Mcshay and Daniel Jeremiah are very good friends with Douglas, he offered them jobs here. Both very assertive that Zach is the clear 2nd QB with a huge gap to the next one. You need any more evidence to convince you?
  14. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-draft-2021-zach-wilson-talked-to-former-jets-qbs-about-what-its-like-playing-in-new-york-per-report/ Is no one else getting tired of these national media A holes bagging on the Jets every chance they get? This guy cherry picks some stats to denigrate every QB that ever played for them. They had a lot of winning seasons with Testeverde, Chad Pennington, and Mark Sanchez. The Jets were successful making the playoffs consistently with Parcells, Mangini, Herm Edwards, and Rex Ryan. They are making it sound like this has been a loser organization forever. Chad Pennington retired with the all time completion percentage, made comeback player of the year twice and won the AFC ease twice with multiple playoff games. Zach can only hope he is as successful as Pennington was.
  15. https://www.nfl.com/videos/kinkhabwala-zach-wilson-has-spoken-with-three-former-jets-qbs-about-playing-in-n
  16. We will never get to watch the Douglas/Hogan press conference because it looks like they ****ed up the audio. The Saleh one is already posted. SMH
  17. Devin Smith is going to fall to 16 and the Jets will give up one of their third rounders to trade up with the Cardinals to get him.
  18. https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-draft-pro-execs-scouts-coaches-break-down-the-qb-class Zach Wilson BYU · Round 1 If there were any doubt about Wilson's status as the consensus No. 2 QB in this class, he erased it with an epic pro day throwing session March 26 that showcased all the flash in his game. "Zach Wilson's may be the best I've ever seen," said one general manager who attended. "And his arm is ridiculous." With latitude from BYU's coaches and extensive work with his private QB coach, John Beck, Wilson has evolved his mechanics to the point he can flick the ball across his body with ease like a shortstop turning a double play. And after dealing with injuries his first two seasons on campus, Wilson came back healthy in 2020, won a training camp battle for the job and had a monster season: 73.5 percent passing for 3,692 yards with 33 touchdown passes and just three interceptions, plus 10 rushing TDs as the Cougars went 11-1, albeit against inferior competition. "You watch him flutter some balls around with the bum shoulder and then the broken thumb at the end of (2019), you're not that impressed. Then you watch him this year and he's just f---ing ripping it everywhere," said an NFC scout who studied Wilson extensively. "The kid's smart as s---. He's gonna work. He's gonna compete. He's really talented. It's just a matter of how long that story can play out and not rub some people the wrong way, being a true dude and a leader and that presence." Those have been the two main questions throughout the pre-draft process: There's durability, given Wilson's relatively slight frame (6-2 1/8, 214) and injury history, including a torn labrum in his right (throwing) shoulder suffered in high school that required surgery after his freshman season at BYU in 2018, a torn labrum in his left shoulder and a fractured right thumb that required surgery and sidelined him for over a month during the 2019 season. "My man is not a big guy, now," a college scouting director said. "He's got thin shoulders, he's got a thin waist. You get you a couple Tremaine Edmunds and (Dont'a) Hightowers in your s---, and you ain't lasting long." And then there's Wilson's ability to connect with NFL teammates, who surely can get on board with their new QB's edge, boy-band looks and swagger, as long as Wilson's dealing and they're winning games. One executive described it last month as "a little bit of Baker Mayfield syndrome, where you like (the edge) to a point. It's just whether or not you can control it and toe the line." Others compare Zach Wilson to Russell Wilson, a seven-time Pro Bowl pick and Super Bowl champion whose relationship with the Seahawks has become strained after nearly a decade in Seattle, with his personal brand growing beyond football. There's no spotlight like New York, where the Jets own the No. 2 overall pick. If Zach Wilson stays healthy, he has the talent to be a superstar. "If I was picking No. 1 -- hoo, man, it'd be hard for me not to take him over Trevor," an AFC quarterbacks coach said. "He's got real playmaking ability. He's shorter (than Lawrence) -- I get it. But he's got ball all about him. He makes plays -- unique plays."
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