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  1. Arizona Cardinals are the prime team to trade up with. They only have a 1st 2nd 5th and two 7th rounders. Plus they match up with us perfectly in two scenarios according to the trade value chart. We can package the 23rd and first 3rd round pick to move up to 16. Another scenario is our two 3rd round picks for their 2nd rounder.
  2. Douglas needs to be aggressive with his capital if a special player falls out of the top 10. You cannot compare a hall of fame WR with a starting guard.
  3. Jets need to trade up in this scenario for Devonte Smith.
  4. Turns out this isn't far from the truth. A google search of Zach Wilson turns up an article about him following Stop Shop. Even copies the 30 minutes from Floram Park Comment I made in the thread. Someone close to him obviously saw the article after doing a google search, informed him and so he decided to follow the other teams. Damn didn't know I was breaking news deep into a thread on a Jets forum. https://thespun.com/independents/byu/look-zach-wilsons-latest-instagram-follow-is-telling
  5. Interestingly enough that stop shop in NJ seems to be the reason why Zach followed Quinnen and Perrine specifically. Looking at mutual followers of the stopshop page and look at that Perrine and Quinnen come up.
  6. Following a store that has only one location that happens to be in NJ 30 minutes from Jets facility means nothing?
  7. Odds Jets brass have been stalking this thread and so told Zach to follow some other teams?
  8. This just happened in the past few hours. Doesn't make any sense.
  9. This just happened and it is ******* weird. He is not following the Jets account. WTF??????
  10. It appears the Jets have finally told the Zach Wilson family he will be the pick. The father started following Woody Johnson on twitter and Zach just followed on instagram allinonestopshop which is located in NJ 30 minutes from Floram park. Not to mention also recently following Quinnen and Perrine.
  11. Check out Zach Wilson's latest follows on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zachkapono1/following/
  12. 1) Why on Dec 28 with Sam Darnold still entrenched as the starter and most thinking they would trade down would Zach think he was going to be a Jet? 2) A good follow up would be and how does Zach feel about that possibility? I know from a a like of a tweet by his father that Zach is a Patriots fan.
  13. Our player representative is Greg Van Rotten. https://nflpa.com/about/nflpa-officers
  14. On Zach's Instagram handle "Prove Them Wrong" He has also discussed about how the only thing he cares about is football and is obsessed with it. Give me Zach > Lawrence any day.
  15. FYI Brian Ayrault Is Joe Burrows agent as well. He persuaded Burrow not to do anything stupid with the Bengals so we don't need to worry about Zach.
  16. He is a much better interview than Sam ever was and its not close.
  17. Zach Wilson and Quinnen Williams just started following each other on Instagram. Its happening folks......
  18. We hear all the time about players saying so and so team told me if I drop to them they would take me. The more I find out about Joe it appears he is just a very weird guy. No reason to play games at this point. Zach should have the full playbook and be getting a head start before rookie mini camp just as Trevor is doing.
  19. Yes that the Jets have not hinted to him that he is their pick
  20. Joe Douglas was very clear in the exclusive on the record report from Albert Breer that he saw a clear top 2 QB's. He said he was unwilling to trade Darnold early in case one of those top 2 QB's fail a physical. Their third ranked QB is not an option for Joe.
  21. All he would have had to do was not participate in the process. He is voluntarily going to their zoom meetings so its on him if they pick him.
  22. Doesn't talk like Sam at all.
  23. No that was just a couple plays to test him on their zoom meeting. There was a separate report that the Jags gave Trevor their full playbook in preparation for the season which is something completely different.
  24. WOW. Joe Douglas is a very weird dude. The Jaguars are giving Trevor their playbook and telling him he will be the pick while the Jets are apparently still playing coy with Wilson. 'That's not the impressions I get from them"
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