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  1. LOL No different than following the Father on Twitter
  2. I started following his mother on instagram (she is crazy) and she is preparing the basement for the draft and having espn cameras in the room so he is definitely doing it at home. https://www.instagram.com/lifeaccording2lisa/
  3. They haven't posted it on Youtube yet but I found it on their site. Starts 24 minutes in https://www.byutv.org/player/4f6773c1-3588-4086-b631-b258263aa6a7/byu-sports-nation-4821---did-you-say-boujee
  4. In this Quote Douglas admits he is taking Zach Wilson. LOL
  5. Very clear from these two statements that Darnold would be a 49er and Jets would have the 43rd pick in this years draft if Douglas was not so overly cautious. Maybe even a greater haul if he could have started a bidding war with the Panthers. If Douglas had three QB's evaluated over Darnold he probably would have pulled the trigger. Very surprising that Fields is thought of so poorly. Its very obvious he is better than Darnold. Jets very lucky the Watson plan fell through for the Panthers or Douglas would be looking like an idiot for waiting.
  6. Strong inference from this article that the 49ers offered their 2nd round pick in this years draft after the Stafford trade. Also looks like the Jets liked Darnold better than Fields, Lance, and Jones.
  7. Zach Wilsons arm length is 30.625 to be exact. Baker Mayfield 30.25 Kyler Murray 28.5 If anything having a shorter arm means a quicker release.
  8. Yea that just means more than 55% of the QB's have great hand size. 9.5 inch hands is great it doesn't matter how many of the QB's have that great quality its a great size.
  9. 9.5 inch hands is GREAT!!!! That is one of them according to your logic.
  10. He is not celebrating going to Carolina he is celebrating them picking up his option. Kid just made a cool 19 million dollars guaranteed.
  11. Albert Breer has said over and over again including in today's MMQB that the Jets were willing to trade him earlier if the price was right. Albert Breer "I do think there’s a price point at which Douglas would’ve already moved Darnold (maybe a second-round pick, plus a player or lower-round pick), and obviously that price hasn’t been met." https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/04/05/mmqb-sean-payton-drew-brees-taysom-hill-jameis-winston-competition
  12. Except Jets don't want Watson and will never trade for him before his "situation" is resolved.
  13. Mike Wilson's latest like on twitter.
  14. Rich is dying to write a Zach Wilson pulls an Eli Manning tells Jets not to draft him so he can go to the 49ers article. Rich had so much joy in his voice when he relayed going to Peyton Mannings press conference declaring he was going back to school. This explains why he advocates for the Jets to keep Sam and trade down . He doesn't want the Jets to be good.
  15. It would be stupid to settle for a 3rd round pick. At that point it makes more sense to hold on to him until at least the trade deadline the next year. A Third gives you a Jabari Zuniga, Chuma Edoga etc... It's not worth it
  16. Its Zach Wilson and a 2nd round pick vs Sam Darnold plus three first round picks and a third rounder.
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