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  1. 2 minutes ago, Paradis said:

    You’re just cherry-picking parts of dialogue. The pick is still sale. The price and desire has made less likely. Including Breer. 

    According to Breer the 49ers were able to discern from their conversations about Darnold with the Jets that they were not going to trade out of the 2nd pick. I don't know how much clearer it can be.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, C Mart said:

    How does anyone know this today?!? 

    The point is if Joe is willing to mortgage the 2nd overall pick on Wilson it means he values him as a franchise QB. That is why the 2nd pick is not for sale. According to both Albert Breer and Peter King Joe has let it known that he is not trading the 2nd pick. It is similar to what Nick Caserio was telling teams when they brought up Watson. Do not make an offer it will not be entertained.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, football guy said:

    I can care less about what Peter King hears. 

    Jets haven't made #2 available, just as they haven't made Sam Darnold available. Is it wise to assume that neither will be traded simply because neither have been made available yet?

    Try harder

    Except that's not what he said. He didn't say the #2 isn't available yet. He said Joe is not interested in trading the pick. If that is the case we all know the domino effects of that. Sam Darnold will be traded and Jets pick Zach Wilson.  It is pointless to argue with you because you are going to die on this hill vs ever admitting your information was inaccurate. Reasonable minds can figure it out though.

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  4. As the facts bear out it is becoming very clear that what is driving this decision is Joe Douglas philosophy that the only player he will not take calls on is a franchise QB. This was never a mathematical equation weighing both sides of the compensation as @football guyhas been claiming. Once Joe determined he was in love with Wilson and that he is a franchise guy that was the end of it. Albert Breer said It became clear to the 49ers when they were discussing Darnold with the Jets that the 2nd pick was off the table. Joe is just waiting to check those boxes of his physical and then Darnold and only Darnold not the 2nd pick will be up for sale.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, maury77 said:

    Personally, this was the biggest part for me:

    "Disregard what you hear about other staffs or people around the league knowing what the Jets are going to do. The decision-maker on the Jets is GM Joe Douglas, and I hear he’s not parceling out any clues about his preference for the second pick to coaches on his staff or others. Someone close to Douglas said over the weekend Douglas has learned to keep his draft preferences to himself."

    He has not let slip his preference for the second pick but has let slip he is not willing to trade it.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    How can he “hear” that when later on he says that JD is the most tight lipped GM in the NFL and that no one knows what JDs preferences are?

    He was referring to what player he wants to pick. But he did let slip he talked to someone close to Douglas and knows he does not plan on trading the pick. Even thinks a monster trade offer by the Panthers wont move him.

  7. 13 minutes ago, Morrissey said:

    I feel like the thread title buried the lead for this thread... as Jets fans. 

    peter king basically confirming what’s been reported by others that the JD isn’t looking to trade out and unless someone like the panthers offers us a stupid trade Zach Wilson will be the pick.


    also note worthy is Justin fields. Would be something else if he’s 5th QB taken


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  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/28/urban-meyer-jaguars-trevor-lawrence-nfl-draft-trades-fmia-peter-king/?cid=fmiatw

    There’s been little mystery about the first domino to fall on April 29, but let’s make it officially official.

    “Is there any real mystery that you’re picking Trevor Lawrence?” I asked Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer the other day.

    “Uh,” Meyer said, not flinching, “I’d have to say that’s the direction we’re going. I’ll leave that up to the owner when we make that decision official. But I’m certainly not stepping out of line that that’s certainly the direction we’re headed.”

    I loved it. Why hide what you’re doing, just for fake NFL drama? Meyer’s been laser-focused on Lawrence since, as a FOX college football analyst, meeting him during college football playoff prep. Meyer’s extremely close to Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, and has a pipeline to all things Lawrence, on and off the field. Fair to say he couldn’t be more comfortable with his first pick as an NFL head coach.

    “Trevor checks all the boxes, you know?” Meyer told me. “The number one common quality of every great player, not just quarterback, is competitive maniac. He’s 34-2. Won a national title as a true freshman. Is a winner. I’ve seen him up close and in person compete. And then character. I see him and I witness with my players, when the guys get drafted high, a lot of people get . . . They have influences in their live. Like, whether it be social media, whether it be other things that really don’t pertain to winning. What I’m really pleased with and I don’t want to say surprised, but him, his agent, his family, they’re focused on one thing. He wants to become the best version of himself for the National Football League, which is, well, it is somewhat refreshing.”

    I doubt it will happen, but what if the Jets stick with Sam Darnold and auction the second pick? First: I hear Joe Douglas is standing firm and is not interested in trading the second pick. But I believe there could be one team left that is interested in moving up, even at a ridiculous cost. That is Carolina, picking eighth in the first round. The Jets have the second pick, and odds are good that they stay right there and pick BYU quarterback Zach Wilson. So the table has been set now. For someone to move up to get the second pick, even from six picks down, it would cost first-round picks this year plus in 2022 and 2023. Would Carolina be willing to do that? I bet the Panthers, who seem lukewarm on incumbent Teddy Bridgewater and who have an ultra-aggressive owner in David Tepper, would think hard about it. Such a trade with the Panthers would leave the Jets inebriated on first-round draft choices: two this year, three in 2022, two in 2023. I don’t see Douglas doing it, but he just might be tempted.

    The likeliest bet is New York sitting at two and taking Zach Wilson. After Wilson’s impressive workout Friday in Utah, he asked his inner circle: “So what’s gonna happen now?” No one knows for sure, kid. Also: Disregard what you hear about other staffs or people around the league knowing what the Jets are going to do. The decision-maker on the Jets is GM Joe Douglas, and I hear he’s not parceling out any clues about his preference for the second pick to coaches on his staff or others. Someone close to Douglas said over the weekend Douglas has learned to keep his draft preferences to himself. Wilson’s done what he can to prove he’s worthy of going second overall, an amazing rise considering he was in a three-way battle for the starting job at Brigham Young a year ago.

    Last point about the Jets: It’s easy to say—if the Panthers come calling—that trading down from two to eight this year and picking up extra ones in ’22 and ’23 is a no-brainer. Easy, but perhaps painful, if Zach Wilson turns into a star, the quarterback the Jets have been seeking since the days of Willie Joe Namath. And isn’t that the tormenting part of the NFL draft?

    So how do the big passers stack up now? Trevor Lawrence goes one to Jacksonville. Wilson two, probably to the Jets. Mac Jones or Lance to San Francisco at three. I keep hearing Atlanta’s leaning QB, with logic having Lance sitting behind Matt Ryan for two years, then playing. So let’s say it starts Lawrence-Wilson-Jones-Lance, one through four. I’d guess J’Marr Chase, the LSU receiver, reuniting with Joe Burrow in Cincinnati at five, and then who knows. I’d guess Miami at six would be thrilled with one of the three weapons (Kyle Pitts, Jaylen Waddle, DeVonta Smith) on the board. Detroit could go tackle or weapon at seven. And then eight? For now, it’s Carolina. It’s be mock-convenient to slide Justin Fields, the fifth passer in the queue, to the Panthers, but I’m not so sure. Fields has his Pro Day on Tuesday in Columbus. He better hit all the right notes. No idea who’s picking him a month from today.

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  9. 1 hour ago, More Cowbell said:

    Sorry, I still don't see the part about the #2 pick being Untouchable 

    Maybe look a little closer. If Joe is willing to take Zach Wilson with the 2nd overall pick in the draft that necessarily means he believes he is a franchise QB. He is on record that a franchise QB is not available to trade no matter the offer. Its called putting two and two together.

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  10. 11 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

    You mind posting this words because I must have missed them.


    In a post-deadline news conference, Douglas confirmed that he fielded offers for Adams, but claimed he didn't initiate any of the conversations. He said his policy is to listen to all offers, and that no player -- except for a franchise quarterback -- is untouchable.

  11. 4 hours ago, Flea Flicking Frank said:

    Such over analysis on QB’s. Surround a QB who has  the necessary physical tools to play, with talent, get a coach who knows how to setup a QB to succeed, and most QBs will perform well. Put poor talent or a sh*t coach with any non HOF QB and they will look bad. It’s really that simple. 

    The 49ers had a choice. Spend three first round picks on the third QB in the draft or spend a 2nd rounder on former #3 overall pick in the draft Sam Darnold. If it was as simple as you say they would have picked the latter.

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  12. The news that the Eagles wanted to trade up for Wilson is the end of this narrative. If the Jets had any thoughts of trading down they would have entertained a bidding war between the Panthers, Eagles and Falcons. Mike Tannebaum put is succinctly. It is 100% certain Jets are not trading down and are taking Wilson.

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  13. 36 minutes ago, Cbucco19 said:

    @football guy what is most telling is Eagles tried trading up for Zach Wilson and realized they couldn’t . U would think Jets wouldn’t mind picking 6 and since Joe is close to that organization.... tells me They r locked on Wilson ? Thoughts 

    Yea this puts the nail in the coffin of that narrative. Eagles were told by Douglas they are not entertaining trading down. Before trading the 6th pick Roseman called his old friend and told him the bind they were in. They wanted to trade up to 3 for Wilson but if not had a deal in place to trade down. Douglas then did his friend who got him the GM job a solid.

  14. 1 minute ago, football guy said:

    Bite your tongue. Go do your research and look up how many times I've said the Jets are unwilling to trade outside of the top 10. They made the same offer to the Jets, Jets weren't into it. 

    Oh Come on!!!! The Jets wouldn't turn down that deal if they were trading down. Take the L and admit you have bad sources.

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