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  1. Yea that's worth a hall of fame WR for a decade. At least we get to see Pryor whiff on some more tackles before he gets cut. Lets go Jets!!!!! 3-13 BABY!!!!!!!
  2. It was clear they were taking OBJ. Do you even pay attention in the offseason?
  3. The majority of the fanbase was happy with that win. What would they give now to have OBJ instead of Pryor? The funny thing is that many of them don' t even realize what it led to.
  4. Kind of relevant when you consider people pretending to be Jets fans wanting to win that toilet bowl against the Titans.
  5. They would have taken him. There Is no assumption on my part. The need was huge and they viewed him as a complete WR. He was the Jets target if you listened too all the predraft buzz.
  6. The memories fade and the consequences get forgotten but it is a fact if the Jets lost that last game at Miami OBJ would be on the Jets right now. People are talking about him as becoming one of the best WR in the history of the NFL and yet there is no commiseration that he should be a Jet right now. The Jets would have leaped frog several teams on SOS if they got to 7-9 including the Giants. The talk all predraft was how high the Jets were on OBJ and that they would take him without a doubt if he fell to them. This is just one example of why you root like hell for your team to lose out when your 2-11. These games matter A LOT!
  7. Did you see Idzik's death stare? He wasn't smiling at all.
  8. Words cannot describe what a disaster this was for the future of this franchise.
  9. Disastrous franchise altering turning point for the next decade.
  10. WTF!?!? Are you watching the same season I am? Last I checked their tied for the worst record in the league with 3 games to go how the hell is it "no way" they are getting the first or second pick? Last two times the Jets went to Tennesse they got lambasted. Geno is 9 times out of 10 atrocious on the road. There is a very good possibility they get the first or second pick in this draft. It all depends on Geno sucking at a road game something he is very capable of doing.
  11. The argument winning late in the year is good for the future of the team was completely debunked when the Jets won 3 of their last 4 games after starting 5-7 last year. Winning those games gave them 1) A way worse draft pick 2) So much confidence in Geno that they didn't even make him go through a real training camp competition 3) false hope that the team was heading in the right direction.
  12. The Jets are tied for the worst record in the league why set your sites for pick 5-8?
  13. All they had to do was lose that last game in Miami and OBJ would be on this team instead of Calvin Pryor. I'm sure all those "loyal" Jets fans who rooted for them to win that game would want it to have played out differently now. PS, Jets would have been 7-9 and leaped over several teams including the Giants based off of SOS. OOPS!!!!!
  14. What about the posters who want to continue talking about it? I could never understand a post like this. If you don't want to discuss it don't click on the thread.
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