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  1. https://nypost.com/2021/03/25/zach-wilsons-pro-day-a-huge-moment-in-jets-qb-decision/ The Jets are finally going to get their close-up with Zach Wilson. The BYU quarterback will have his pro day Friday in Provo, Utah. Jets general manager Joe Douglas will be in attendance along with other representatives from the team. It is their first chance to see Wilson in person after COVID restrictions prevented scouts from attending college games in the fall and the NFL Scouting Combine was canceled. For Douglas, this is a huge day in his quarterback decision. Douglas wanted to see the college quarterbacks up close before making a final decision on whether to draft one No. 2 overall or stick with incumbent Sam Darnold. After seeing Wilson on Friday and Ohio State’s Justin Fields on Tuesday, Douglas’ evaluation will be nearly complete. The feeling in league circles is the Jets are going to trade Darnold and draft Wilson. There is a feeling among people around the league that Douglas is a fan of Wilson while members of the new Jets coaching staff are advocating for keeping Darnold. No matter how much debate occurs, though, this will be Douglas’ call in the end. Wilson is a fascinating evaluation. He had a monster 2020 season for BYU. He completed 73.5 percent of his passes for 3,692 yards, 33 touchdowns and just three interceptions. But there are questions about the level of competition he faced, with the Cougars playing teams like Troy, Texas State and North Alabama. Wilson’s name skyrocketed up draft boards this year like Joe Burrow’s did last year. He was not even the clear-cut starter at BYU entering summer camp. He had to win the job after throwing 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 2019. “I can tell you this,” former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky said, “and I’ve very confident in saying it: His physical traits, his physical talent, his ball placement, his flick of the wrist throws, his creativity, his torque upper body, those physical traits are what makes a good quarterback in the NFL right now. The two questions I have about Zach are, and I’m not privy to this: What kind of leader is he, and why wasn’t he voted a captain? Those are my two big questions.” The captain question has been debated. He was not voted a captain by his teammates initially but was named to the team’s leadership council. He was named a captain before Week 1 after an injury to one of the other captains. The Jets will get time to ask Wilson about that in pre-draft Zoom calls. There are no in-person interviews this year due to COVID restrictions. On Friday, Douglas will get to see Wilson up close, see how the ball comes out of his hands, how he interacts with teammates and also see if he truly is 6-foot-3, 210 pounds as he is listed.
  2. Perrine was such a bad pick in the top of the 4th round. They are going to have to use another top pick on the RB position because of that screw up.
  3. Based on Buzbees facebook response he had the same thought I did.
  4. Did any one else realize Rusty just admitted that Deshaun had sex with a massage therapist? No one else finds it objectionable to hire a licensed massage therapist and then end up having sex with her when she is doing the massage? Explain that one to me.
  5. I Just watched the full interview and the biggest thing he said was he had still not talked to Darnold and just got his number. It is over a week since he signed and Darnold had not reached out to him. That says much more than anything else. If Darnold thought he would be here he would have reached out by now. I know he texted Becton the day he was drafted.
  6. The reason why you think this is because this happened to us just three years ago.
  7. It is amazing how out of touch these guys are. Completely ignorant to what is going on with the Jets.
  8. In the end Watson is going to pay off the lawyer and all the women to keep them silent especially with the threat of going to the police. He will offer a meek apology and get around a 6 week suspension from the NFL.
  9. @football guy@Mogglez Abert Breer thinks Darnold is traded Adam Schefter has said his "belief and sense" is that Darnold is traded Chris Mortenson has said If Zach Wilson checks the boxes at his pro day Darnold will be traded Connor Rodgers who has sources in building believes strongly Darnold is traded Ustadium who has sources in building believes Darnold will be traded Jason Laconfera hears from executives and General managers that Jets will pick Zack Wilson and not even entertain offers for #2 pick Perer King believes Darnold will be traded Connor Hughes believes Darnold traded and Wilson drafted Rich Cimini has done a 180 now beleiving Darnold traded and Douglas likes Zach Wilson Craig Carton who knows someone in the building believes Darnold has played his last game with the Jets Unless Joe Douglas has performed the ultimate con job it is not a matter of if but when.
  10. Now that it looks like Desaun Watson is out of the picture do you guys want Russel Wilson?
  11. Fitzpatric to Washington and Dalton likely to the Bears. Waiting until after free agency to trade Sam Darnold made zero sense.
  12. Yea except 3 weeks ago Cimini was saying it was "unlikely Jets stay at 2 and pick a QB."
  13. It is curious that Robert Saleh and Mike Lafleur have not been at Lawrence and Lance's pro day. At the press conference Saleh talked about how important it was for him to be at the pro days to see the spin of the ball come out of the QB arm. I will be very surprised if Saleh is not at Wilson's pro day.
  14. Gase had the same problem with an inordinate amount of injuries at Miami. That guy is cursed.
  15. The only surprising thing about the NY Daily News hiring a Dolphins fan to cover the Jets is that they didn't hire a Patriots fan.
  16. Well those last 4 games in his rookie year he was great.
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