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  1. So you're saying you want pretty much what he did in his first season with the team (which was in 2018)? Unsure how that qualifies as a "wasted season," but to each their own, I suppose.
  2. Football player wants to be healthy before playing football again. This is astounding.
  3. And that's an entirely understandable position to take. I know it's been said time and time again, but I still find myself utterly astonished by how many positions we need to address just to attain "average" or "mediocre" status, WR and OL being two of the most glaring, to me at least.
  4. I thought the exact same thing as I watched Williams come down with that catch. It's unreal how low our expectations have become (been?) for our wide receivers.
  5. Absolutely nothing to see here, considering the fact that, as previously stated, neither Mayfield nor Allen (nor Ward, nor Smith, etc.) have signed their contracts yet. I'll be thoroughly surprised if Darnold isn't ready to go by Friday.
  6. I guess you could say the Giants' playoff ship has...sailed *ducks*
  7. What a (for the most part) well executed drive. That was wonderful to watch
  8. I believe that the Green Bay-Minnesota game got flexed. The main argument against flexing the Jet-Bills game that I heard was if the Steelers lose at 1PM the Jets are in regardless and the game becomes meaningless.
  9. *Clicks confirm purchase on CJ Anderson's jersey*
  10. You do an incredible job of ignoring the points that he was trying to make.
  11. I'm not surprised. We're 4-1, we're now "trendy" to talk about as a playoff contender. The moment we lose another game, they'll go back to referring to us as the joke of the league.
  12. I have resigned myself to the fact the refs make things up as they go along when it comes to catches. Looks like I spoke too soon, the Bears just sent it into overtime.
  13. I don't know if anyone saw the roughing the passer call against the Bears a few seconds ago, but man was it questionable. Looks like the Lions may pull this one out.
  14. Needless to say, I think Bowles woke the team up during halftime.
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