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  1. NFL Wildcard Weekend Games Thread

    I guess you could say the Giants' playoff ship has...sailed *ducks*
  2. What a (for the most part) well executed drive. That was wonderful to watch
  3. Jets Bills is 1PM?

    I believe that the Green Bay-Minnesota game got flexed. The main argument against flexing the Jet-Bills game that I heard was if the Steelers lose at 1PM the Jets are in regardless and the game becomes meaningless.
  4. SNF: Patriots @ Broncos

    *Clicks confirm purchase on CJ Anderson's jersey*
  5. Maybe Bowles is Getting It?

    You do an incredible job of ignoring the points that he was trying to make.
  6. Other games today...

    I'm not surprised. We're 4-1, we're now "trendy" to talk about as a playoff contender. The moment we lose another game, they'll go back to referring to us as the joke of the league.
  7. Other games today...

    I have resigned myself to the fact the refs make things up as they go along when it comes to catches. Looks like I spoke too soon, the Bears just sent it into overtime.
  8. Other games today...

    I don't know if anyone saw the roughing the passer call against the Bears a few seconds ago, but man was it questionable. Looks like the Lions may pull this one out.
  9. Needless to say, I think Bowles woke the team up during halftime.
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing watching that play
  11. Jets / Eagles - who's going?

    I will be there wearing my Ivory jersey proudly, hoping to see the first Jets victory over the Eagles!
  12. Roster Cuts

    As some others have said, I was most surprised by the Freeman cut. I honestly thought that he had the backup Center spot locked up, mostly because I heard the CS was giving him increased reps with the 2nd team in the passed few weeks.
  13. Oday Aboushi Player Profile

    As an alum of the same high school, I'm really rooting for him. That being said, I want to see the best five men starting on the line this season.
  14. While I don't see how a mini-camp could suddenly end the competition (if there is any competition at all), I'm glad to see that Geno is getting some positive press. It is my personal belief that the best scenario for the Jets is for Geno to turn it around and play at a decent level this year.