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  1. Its amazing how this guys face and hand movement lineup perfectly with what he is saying !!! Its like Dark Side and Wizard of Oz
  2. only if they trade sh*tzpatrick for Paxton Lynch this week
  3. as a Jets fan since 1977 I feel qualified to say that Paxton Lynch will throw for at least 60,000 career yards. Due mainly to the fact the Jets passed on him and many of us Jets fans wanted him
  4. Every pick was a reach except for Jenkins and Peake imo. I hope I am a wrong
  5. Here is my grade. MacCaganan is turning out to be a schlub,
  6. Elliot is great, think Jeremy Langford but with 20 lbs more muscle. Langford is definitely replacing Forte this upcoming season for the Bears
  7. I would have rather had Mariota or Gurley, but Williams looks like a solid pick for sure
  8. Adam Schefter is reporting that Chandler Jones passed out from some bad Xtacy, Belichek saw him on the floor and starting giving him mouth to mouth, and dumb Gronk mistakenly thought Belichek was making out with his man so he punched Belichek.
  9. Looks like Belichek mistakenly put the wrong side of the video camera up to his face yesterday in K.C.
  10. the silver lining is that now the Bills are stuck with that blowhard fat phuck as their head coach for at least 2 more seasons now
  11. So 11 QBs had a better year than Fitz's "historical season" as some are calling it, and 1 QB, a 1st year rookie on a last place team, was just as good.
  12. My defensive game plan makes more sense when I read it upside down
  13. That shank punt was the most costly play of the game
  14. get rid of Gailey, Quigley and April
  15. You are exactly right, and Chan Gailey is the biggest culprit in this too, Get rid of the fcking loser TODAY
  16. why the phuck were they throwing deep there ? Gailey get **** OUT OF HERE
  17. yea it will be against that fat phuck on the Bills sidelines wearing his santa sweater
  18. WTF is Gailey doing ? Making sure Ivory is rested for the playoffs ??!!! Also Decker is 7 inches taller than the guy who is guarding him
  19. Packers Vikes Al Michaels just announced it on air
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