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  1. i said i was going to come out for a game... originally that sounded like something that was trending towards week 1... but i can do this if that makes more sense. Been to like a dozen Jets games -- none at home tho!
  2. Late May in the forums has always been a difficult time.
  3. Lol size queen. Love it, sorry boys True story; and I believe @Lith (maybe that was David Johnson) can verify - back in the catacombs of JI, Paradis was not only an Antonio Borwn fan, but I was virtually starting the threads about how incredibly nuanced his game was and how badly the jets needed to select him in rnd 3-4. He was in every mock. I actually don’t know if I met another believer as high on Brown as I was. And let’s be clear, he was not a popular name. He was largely billed as a G5 special teamer development/return guy. I was in love I HATE Pit as much as any team in our Div and so when they drafted him I just closed that chapter of heart and let it go (PS, I liked Sanders and to a lesser extent Wallace too. Pit has a history of taking WRs I like;. Makes it worse).
  4. i would have actually liked that name. "Who you playing this weekend?" The Commandos. hahaha
  5. Obviously the majority here are Americans -- largely Islanders and Rangers fans (and a smatter of others maybe) Curious how lo know in your sports circles and media -- just how little fcks are given to the battle of Alberta between Edmonton and Calgary?.. Does is it really draw any conversation/viewership in any capacity? or just a "whatever, eliminate each other for all we care" In my old stomping grounds this match up is like "shut the fcking towns down" --- full on gladiator thunderdome stuff. The world the stops turning.... i've always wonder how little of that bleeds over.
  6. QBs like Lamar Jackson play and win in today's NFL. You wanna set yourself up for an L -- approach week 1 with OP's mentality.
  7. It's like when you love those exotic dark haired women who can do special finishing moves with their hips on you, but at the end of the day, you wind up settling down with the blonde next door who most of your friends jerk off to... it's clear a W..... but... you know... those work trips out of town are dangerous. Thats me next year, with no less than 2-3 blue chip 6'3+ WRs
  8. take your K-pop elswhere. There's legit reason to expect to win... besides having a better roster at the moment, its a home game that will be JACKED -- and the team is going to expect to win... we haven't had a lockerroom that had confidence in over a decade. Don't underestimate what a team who expects to win can do on the field. Lawson, Sauce, Clemons, Mosley.... new culture baby
  9. Try as they might, our team is just better.
  10. what a bunch a pussies in this thread. We're gonna spank the ravens.... too long have they sauntered into metlife like a cafeteria - plate extended to be served a W... Not happening happening this time. I'm gonna fly my ass all way from the other side of the continent - to witness. Salivating the whole way.
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