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  1. I’m not surprised Dyami has fans. His footwork and finesse is indeed savvy - he just has major issues catching the ball. I hope for his sake I’m wrong, but I think you’ll see that play out sooner than later. toney... I dunno. It only takes one, but remember Hakeem Butler. Everyone of that ilk thought he was WR1. round 4 he went to Arz
  2. kidding. Seriously, a lot of people though Dyami Brown Kadarius Toney anywhere before round 3, preferably day 3 Jaycee Horn Brevin Jordan 80% of RB class Any IOL with a heavy injury history - like Landon Dickerson i believe.
  3. Here's a summary of what's out there - it's not perfect, missing stuff like jets meeting with Zach on proday... i think it's product of a couple guys
  4. I just spend an hour texting with RB Nate McCrary's agent... what a loser i am He won't tell me till closer to the draft if we've met with Nate, but he says theres more interest than ppl think.
  5. Truthfully, I was settling into a trade back and draft Tyler Shough in 2022 space of comfort. Whoever we draft better be fcking good. Like seriously.
  6. It’s weird, I’ve never made a madoff reference in my life, then 12 hours after I do he drops dead. Anyone else I should hex?
  7. nice shot, but Kyle's been working him in summer camps for years. They know each other quite well.
  8. I just love the fit here, so much. This franchise needs a certain kind of profile/balls/personality that fits the post-Gase/Macc/Geno era need for a dramatic shake up I just think he's the guy to do it.
  9. Waldman is one the most respected minds in the community... Don't have agree at all, but respect his game. Any tactician in the history of everything will tell you to pay even more attention to those who present something way off pop opinion/consensus.
  10. Yea, i know. I've warmed a little to it, but it's still awfully underwhelming. It's Pitts and Freiermuth, then Tremble who's mileage will vary depending on scheme (great fit here), and then a canyon of nothing. Davidson is there for day 3, as is the Ole Miss kid i guess. I wouldn't touch Brevin Jordan.
  11. Agreed, I’m just not sure we’ll get him. He’s the kind of prospect like Hurd, who a team could fall in love and take sooner than later
  12. Taken in that perspective, certainly lends some theoretical weight to Fields. Totally possible that Wilson was always held in high regard, but speaking in "past tense" when people refer to a 2-QB class, it was TL and Fields up until late Jan/Feb.
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