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  1. i'll play if you can link to something that will comprehensively tell me how the fck this game works. I just don't have the time to go searching for that answer.
  2. Jets fans are so starved for playmakers on offense - that we don't even know how handle incremental success. Yesterday, some popular Jets-related Twitter account asked fans "WHICH PLAYER HAS THE HIGHEST CEILING (MINUS SAM) Most common reply? Chad Hansen... LOL. I keep getting older, Jets fans stay the same.
  3. great bean counter - terrible talent evaluator. I don't know why those Fcks can't just concede this point and hire someone who can. There's lots of good personnel czars out there who can step in and take the load off. For all his "accolades" as a scouting guru, MacCagnan has been more Idzik than Ron Wolf at this point.
  4. Paradis

    Can we talk receivers?

    ftr - i think some adventurous Mod edited in cold nutsack, i've never used that expression(?) in my life. Fair points. Patience and recognition. Still doesn't scream dominating to me -- and definitely an area that needs to continually evaluated. Stocked looks like Pit's WRs stable. They add talent annually in the form of monoliths like JuJu or James Washington. We add Stewart. There's a disparity there that i don't need to labor over outlining.
  5. Paradis

    Can we talk receivers?

    Yes. and thank you.
  6. Paradis

    Can we talk receivers?

    Do you even watch football?
  7. Paradis

    Can we talk receivers?

    someone else already popped this balloon - but to even take this one step further - there is a MASSIVE difference between AJ Green's 80 yards vs the Steelers in a tight a game for Divisional leadership, and the 80 yards that Anderson gets in the 4th quarter of a 23-7 game vs Steelers during garbage time. It's not the same. #1 WRs are worth it.
  8. Paradis

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    I feel like i have a good finger on the pulse of the draft and I don't ever recall hearing/seeing/talking about Stewart, period. No saying a scouts grade didn't put him in round 3... but like, there was no one looking at him as a value pick like Kupp, or Samuel, or Godwin. this (from SI) was the general consensus: Maybe i'm just that bitter than we took him over Kareem Hunt - who everyone so clearly saw as an obvious target. Picking Steward felt uninspired or reactionary.
  9. really? What incredible insight do you possess about him as a person to make a statement like "where he belongs"...? *innocent until proven guilty unless i have an opinion about him* love the american double standard there. Anyway... assuming this even 3/4 true -- you can pretty much smell the CTE narrative brewing. **edit later -- Yikes! Nevermind!
  10. Paradis

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    Apathy is the first step towards relapse. FTR; it's not that it's criminal Stewart hasn't been a dream thus far - it's that our knucklehead "scouting guru" GM has the draft accuracy of his boy wonder, Hackenberg. Stewart was an awful reach.... further validating the narrative that anything that doesn't fall into his lap in round 1, it's only through dumb luck if they pan out.
  11. Paradis

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    I feel like it needs to be noted that an article about the under appreciated WRs of the jets failed to even mention A. Stewart.... the guy we felt was worth our 3rd round pick over so many other players. Brutal.
  12. The draft process complicates things by way of falling in love with too many players and idolizing different outcomes... And then you read stuff like this and go -- oh yea! We got the best QB in the draft!!... This past week was that moment for me. The awakening... The search is over.
  13. exactly. You're only reinforcing my point. They haven't demonstrated a propensity for the position in the draft - at all. We have soooooo much money next year. Why in god's name would not address the position? Doesn't stop you from drafting one if the right guy is there... all you're doing is covering you bases and improving your chances.
  14. pfff - Hi, my names reality. Meet my friend history. He likes to point how difficult it is to things like - "just draft one"... Next year - $$$ - Pass Rushers in FA. who gives a sh*t if we're overpaying them. Newflash, every FA gets overpaid. If they were worth the dough, they wouldn't be FA. *Kicks mic into stands*