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  1. You mean why would I pick Jeremy Ruckert over Jace Amaro? Luke Musgrave is fools gold. What do you see in him? You and everyone else see 6'6 250 and some vague notion of "fluid receiver" and start adjusting your pants.... (don't mean to be condescending but it's true) He is an atrocious blocker, with stiff hips and no quickness to his game. I don't like him as prospect at all, but even if I did, you're still too low on Ruckert. It's crazy to me that ppl think a guy like Luke is somehow a slam dunk upgrade over the buckeye.
  2. I don't if you can say that... i think he's a good example of why the intangibles of training, coaches and development are not only essential, but necessary -- you can't make up for lost time in most cases.
  3. I bought his jersey last year, and haven't even taken it out of the shipping package -- in fear that this would happen... the last 3 i've bought have resulted in immediate immolation (Geno, Sam, Bryce Hall)
  4. Possibly at the expense of Lawson or Mosley... tough to say until we find out how much of the $58 million we have to eat, and then how much of what we do pay, can be/or has been negotiated into restructured dates... ie. 2024 bonuses or something.
  5. you know when you have to reference 2-3 year old tweets to add sizzle to the "signing" - it's a bust. sweet, we can cross ST/Returner/dude-who-now-gets-the-reverses-and-bubblescreens off our list of needs.
  6. i thought so too, but also maybe we think he's got more potential than other GMs... he'd hardly be the first "inside" WR to flash for a season then fade to traveling-merc status.
  7. You and @Stark im still on the Deandre Hopkins hope train
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