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  1. The dude who gave us Big Macc? That puppet head hasn't had a clue since Lindsay Lohan had a career.... he's just NFL network cannon fodder. Family promises or something behind the scenes.
  2. I can tell you don't like me, which I appreciate.... but if we met in real life - I'd melt your heart.
  3. Well, I kind of feel like you should be answering that question - not me. Lance spent a year backing up Easton Stick, played a full season of FCS football, and showed up looking completely over matched against an FBS opponent (albiet a weird game) - one in which he had to win with his legs, something I assume you'll throw at Fields. There's really no comparison. Fields has played clean, accurate, decisive football against the best in college. He's been surrounded and practicing against future NFL talent for 3 years, starting for 2 of them. He's leagues ahead of 1-season Lance. Especially with timing and accuracy when pushing the ball IMO. I admit, I haven't given Trey the time of day yet, largely because he's like Jordan Love to me - go somewhere where he can be groomed.. ie. PIT, ATL, etc - cause all he is right now is a ball of good looking clay. Absurd to suggest he's somehow more refined at this point than Fields is my take.
  4. I went off on this already. Trash Mock.
  5. From sunrise to sunset; the Wilson fan club—
  6. I get it. Why mess around when there’s someone proven. I’m not saying that’s not something to consider, but I have line to cross. So many areas across the 53 to consider
  7. Don't take me too seriously... i'm just spit ballin'... These conversations get pretty invested and such. It's all in the name of getting to the playoffs. I'm comfortable following whatever our GM decides to do -- which is a first in a loooooooooooong time.
  8. Post like those from @Darnold Schwarzenegger and @PepPep give away just how fan driven their rationale is. There’s no version of reality where Watson is worth 4 first round picks, one of those being #2. It’s excess in utero. Draw up whatever fcking Dr Seuss value chart you want. It’s clear some of you would just keep going. 5 firsts. 6.. no limit baby “bruuuuhhhh top 5 bruh. It’s all a gamble anyway....”
  9. Hahah I’ve watched @bla bla bla ‘s replies go from— “well I was just trying illustrate—“, “ok look maybe I shouldn’t have—“ “I really regret putting that in—“ “I want to die”
  10. Yea, f*ck that - for no other reason than f*ck that. HOU? kiss my ass, you're not getting 4 First round picks. You can have this year's #2 (worth at least two in and of itself), next year's #1 -- and then Darnold and change. More? Kiss these green nuts.
  11. Didn't read past 4 first round picks. I'll join my dad w/ Browns before i condone that kind of f*ckery
  12. That mentality has left us with piss poor running back rooms. Matt is not going to come with much if any guaranteed money....If he gets injured you waive him. I don’t disagree with you, but you still need some semblance of competence. signing Breida doesn’t relinquish our responsibility to take a swing in the draff
  13. For sure. You can't pass on bonafide talent because of some scrambled sense of positional value. If Kenny Gainwell wound up sitting there at the top of 3 because those two inflated Tarheels go early - you jump on it - and never ever look back.

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