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  1. Paradis

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    Brutal right now, across the league. More of a macro-level discussion, but the number OTs in say the last 4-5 years whom were supposed to stalwarts, but instead have imploded, is staggering. It's become a real problem to draft good tackles.
  2. Everything else is white noise. Darnold, McCown - I think that story is now intimately tided to this narrative if things continue the way they are: Beachum's injury reeks of season long limitations Ben Ilanajanahha is out of the year Our overpaid OG Winters might or might not make it back for week 1, won't be 100% that's for sure Spencer Long finished last year on IR with knee issues. Hence why he was a FA and not an expensive one Did i miss anyone Also new scheme for everyone. Why is this not seriously the only thing we're talking about? Am i the only one who sees casualties under center because of this??
  3. Paradis

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    Why are you looking to die on this Pryor hill?
  4. Paradis

    And the 1st QB goes down

    If you've been watching paint dry for a living, sure.
  5. Paradis

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    lol, dude every fcking human being flinches when someone swings. That, or you're riding the short bus. It's an instinct programmed into your DNA... the beotch was swearinger... Your OP is a sh*tty one.
  6. Paradis

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Yes and no IMO... DEN's roster is old in some areas. They're still entering the season expecting to make a run... So if your "starting" QB is Case Keenum (rewind 12 months think about that statement), then having a #2 QB that you believe in is a higher priority than maybe for some other teams.
  7. Paradis

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Which LT is available in round 3, that you feel so confident that we may as well call the white house and tell them to book our trip?
  8. Paradis

    Trade for Mack?

    This Mack thing is still a topic hey? Let's see-- cost; 2 first round picks (meaning we don't pick until the 3rd next year) contract; he's going get a trillion dollar extension age; already 27 years old Close, but pass... i'll take 2/3, but all 3? meh
  9. I'm not advocating to trade Teddy (lord knows we have enough threads arguing that subject) -- just saying DEN is the most likely landing spot in the NFL... I think some of you are grossly mistaken about our door being kicked in by Tampa or Jacksonville. Barring an injury, most teams are settled with where they are.
  10. what a load of sh*t. All I know is Pryor has never been labeled a prick in any of his stops in OAK, CLE, SEA etc. He's been a respectable leader at QB... This is more about that toxic waste dump that is Snyder's skins.
  11. absolutely Congrats to @HessStation and thanks to all the managers who participated. Was interesting and voters favored teams i didn't expect. Next year we'll have do another with a twist... (no power 5 alums? lol)
  12. Fowler for the win, baby! No chance JAX alienates Ramsey at the moment, for a litany reasons.