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  1. Your trend of picking a weekly QB to sh*t on, while attempting to ferret out some pre-dated affinity for said QB - is getting old. How about we worry about our own empty iron throne.
  2. Agreed, but i think you have to make an offer of some kind. If Claiborne wasn't injury prone, he would have never made it to FA to begin with. The good ones rarely do... I guess i come from a school of philosophy that we have to take some chances. ASJ was a question mark, and it's worked out. That's how teams "get over" -- because you're not always going to be able to perfectly get what you want. Honestly, I don't know if Claiborne's going to find much more than 1-year offers as it is anyway, for same reasons. It may be in his best financial interest to sign a team friendly 3 year extension with us
  3. Breer On Josh Allen

    well based on what we've learned - that's exactly what happened to Macc. Wow'd in workouts + on the white board... did not translate on Sundays. As much as i give Mike a hard time, I just don't think he's that dumb to repeat such huge mistake - not when his job's basically on the line.
  4. Breer On Josh Allen

    Lol... you do us no favors spreading bad juju like that. If there's a glimmer of hope here, it's this particular case comes on the heels of Macc getting hardcore fcking burned by Hackenberg -- who shares a ton of common narratives with Allen. Despite being something of an ignoramus with QBs, i really really have a hard time seeing Macc taking a QB with the same concerns as Hack. That would be legendary on the moronic spectrum.
  5. Breer On Josh Allen

    Yes, I remember you mentioning that, cause i winced... I mean, i get it - you may as well give them all their due -- but based on risks associated with Allen, and the egg still dripping on Macc's face, you'd think he just scratch that one off the board altogether. He's 100% fired if he's next QB can't get on the field and march the band. Seems like suicide to even entertain Allen. BTW: I love Matt Twitter-titties Miller's liberal use of "love" in that one
  6. Breer On Josh Allen

    Don't.... just don't even fck around. Highlight videos? Cmon brah, show some restraint.
  7. Breer On Josh Allen

    @Mogglez So everyone just assumes we have an affinity for inaccurate project QBs because of perceived measurables? I'm not a Macc fan, but even he isn't this stupid -- to bookend your Hack with your Allen? lol https://twitter.com/nfldraftscout/status/931206641860665345
  8. Remember when the jets traded for McCariens? Remember when we drafted Hackenberg? Remember when we passed on Sapp? WTF is the point this, OP? **edit, nvm I came out of my idiot bunker to realize this is another slam Macc thread... which he deserves
  9. Breer On Josh Allen

    Sound like someone else you might know, presently in green and white? Allen made a mistake returning. For his sake, not ours.
  10. Yes is this c*cksmith not banned from the board? wtf
  11. Breer On Josh Allen

    It's amazing the lengths people are going to excuse Josh Allen for his play this year. Simply amazing... Last year? Wasn't anything to write home about. Had loads of talent surrounding, and he at best, flashed... Now, Allen can't even flash. Just say No. He can be someone else's passion project
  12. Never understood the love Winters has received.
  13. Interesting Francessa points

    Apologies for wearing the "draft snob" hat, but at this moment, it definitely fits. Not a good draft for offensive playmakers?.... and we're supposed to take your prognostications about anything draft related seriously? Let's review: QBs: Although not the fabled HOF class we thought in the summer, there's 4-5 guys who are being graded as Franchise QBs. That's substantial. RBs: somehow seem poised to overtake the 2017 class. Talent everywhere. TE: Not the same name power as 2017, but there's 5-6 guys with rounds 1-4 grades on them. That's awesome WRs: No Julio, but there's a lot of uber-productive Keenan Allen type WRs that won't make it out of round 2 Oline: one area could swing either way depending on senior bowl/Combine/workouts It's actually the most balanced draft on offense in years.
  14. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    I dunno about that.... The product on the field has been decaying for a while. The rule migration towards protecting QBs/points & and player safety has cause the game to evolve into a confusing ticky-tack display of ineptitude. Everything is geared towards spotlighting the marketable 5% of players.