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  1. While the Hackenberg pick forever define his tenure here (until he hits on a QB that is)... the selection of WR A. Stewart is almost on equal playing field as "why the fck..." pick. Marcus Maye's production on the field is only thing keeping him out this conversation as well. We could have had Dalvin Cook, or Kareem hunt - at a position of need for this team... instead of signing Rawls & co. this year. He needs to make better decisions.
  2. This is my annual bang for your buck thread. Feel free to add your own. ***NOTE*** not a top 5 on a draft board, but MY top 5 based the price tag (rnd) and the value (talent) and where those two variables intersect QB Josh Rosen Baker Mayfield Lamar Jackson Sam Darnold Kyle Lauletta (will be a starter at bargain cost) RB Ronald Jones S. Barkley K. Johnson S. Michel C. Edmonds WR EQ St. Brown Anthony Miller Courtland Sutton James Washington Tie: Auden Tate & Javon Wims (georgia) TE Dallas Goedert (best TE prospect in years, in an otherwise weak class) Mark Andrews Hayden Hurst Mike Gesicki Dalton Schultz OL OG Quinton Nelson (the price tag is too high though) OG Will Hernandez OT Austin Corbett C Frank Ragnow OT Desmond Harrison (west georgia) Haven't followed defense as closely this year, for obvious reasons - and i didn't even bother ranking LBs. So take my lists with a grain of salt DL Taven Bryan Da'ron Payne Bradley Chubb Marcus Davenport Sam Hubbard Edge Marcus Davenport Arden Key Chad Thomas Dorance Armstrong Marcell Frazier Secondary S Derwin James CB Joshua Jackson CB Donte Jackson CB Jaire Alexander S Minkah Fitzpatrick
  3. Multiple Workouts Today

    I would be one of them. That was actually a phenomenal year for defensive talent. Houston, Linval Joseph i remember, Dunlap, Atkins... Thornton too if memory serves. Not gonna bring up Antonio Brown and Jimmy Graham.
  4. My official final wild guess on the Jets draft picks

    Official AND final! Can't say i've watched enough of your later round guys, sauf Wadley. So far, most JN mocks feel pretty telegraphed in that RND 3 is an Obligatory Edger Rusher - Followed by generic Olineman - plus a running back and somewhere in there some secondary. Like to me Jaylyn Holmes is a complete waste. He's not value, he's unlikely to bring anything Mauldin & Jenkins haven't already with our annual OLB 3rd round dart throw. The only impact player Macc is getting his year is rnd 1 pick 3... the rest draft is depth/development guys. That could WR, DT, S, TE, OG - who knows.
  5. Anyone else like all 4?

    Love the optimism, but it's unlikely all 5 (I would expand this to include Jackson) are going to be winners. So there's a point in hedging your bets and deciding you really believe in.
  6. Not impossible, but that slip would have to happen in conjunction with us having a really high grade on Jones. Wouldn't be just because, IMO. I added a line re: Kerryon Johnson to my post - that's your best bet as far as I'm concerned
  7. With Powell, Crowell, Rawls + McGuire, i think you can kiss a 'Back goodbye unless someone like R.Jones slipped and they had him rated really high. The signing of Rawls was likely done in response to not having 2 twos and knowing our 3 will be addressing other immediate needs The best back who could end up being taken in the 3rd and have a Kareem Hunt kind of impact would Kerryon Johnson (AUB)
  8. I'll give you credit for bringing logic into the room. You're not wrong in what you're saying -- And Hack won Macc over on the chalkboard so to speak... However, let's keep things in perspective, shall we?; Macc is being paid millions of dollars. Millions... his job? To manage the roster. Drafting busts kind of hurts your resume. No one bats .900, but you're expected to better than Macc has.
  9. you butt fumbled me lol! You're quick on the draw, sanchez
  10. never said that. Mess of a pick at 3? 100%,... but hes far from a lost cause.
  11. pff are you kidding me brah, EXACT opposite. Jets fans will stop MMQB'ing this franchise when they STOP MAKING STUPID FCKING MOVES LIKE DRAFT HACKENBERG IN THE 2ND... OR TAKING DEFENSIVE LINEMEN IN ROUND 1 FOR SIX HUNDRED YEARS STRAIGHT Show me competence and I'll STFU... Otherwise, I'll continue the "I could have done better" narrative. Cause I can.