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  1. I’m still waiting to feel inspired by anyone in this running back draft class
  2. I see you're as high as I am on Mims... complete package there. You like Harris that much hey? Too many quiet years for me to pay that price because he woke in '19
  3. I love Jet Nation. What a group of knuckle draggers we are. OP; so are we gonna get rid of Adams and Bell in lieu of Gase? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?? JetNation; A-LEH LEH Curtis Martin dammit!! ALEH LEHHHH Kerry Rhodes!
  4. Good call, I keep forgetting he's eligible..... yea given how well LSU is doing - he's going get some natty spotlight time. My problem with the top tier is that they'll be overdrafted i think.... We'll see. Still early.
  5. I don't like anyone yet at RB this year. We blew it the last 2-3 years with looots of opportunities for deep drafts at RB... this year, you can pay top dollar for Swift or Etienne, and then it's a waste land of one dimensional/athletically limited backs... best bang for your buck is Florida's Perine in middle rounds IMO
  6. i can't wait for these boston fans to reach the end of B&B road... it's close. Real close... there's going to be so many hurt pussies.
  7. From you fingertips to gods ears. I'm going to optimistically expect us to acquire 1 more pick in the top 2 rounds, likely via a trade back... giving us 5 picks in the first 3 rounds I'd like to see something to this effect-- WR T. Higgins OT T. Adams (WU) CB C. Dantzler (Miss St) WR D. Smith (bama) OG L. Stenberg (Kentucky)
  8. Lets say we address CB in FA *shudders* Its not crazy that we windup with WR, OT, OG, WR, C, OG, TE I swear to god, if we spend one god damn pick, 7th or not, on a front seven guy not named OLB....
  9. I hear you (and feel you).... I'm not advocating one way or another.... yet... I was using your post to platform the notion that we need to be smart and not use any blinders this year (we have a habit of using Dline blinders lol) The OTs are looking good. The WRs are looking great... Your move Joe Douglas.
  10. You cannot be serious. You could not be more wrong. Comically so.

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