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  1. This may seem like a repeat, but it makes for more sense this time around; because we don't NEED him to start... That was not the case with Khalil, who was a hail mary... Now, if Kyle can help shore up OG and play limited snaps until the playoffs-- *MUFFLED LAUGHS* HEY! ......IF he can play sparingly deep into the season and be on full rotation around playoffs, then it's worth it, x100
  2. Paradis

    2021 Draft

    DeVonta Smith >> Ja'marr Chase But, I'll concede that's like saying One amazing thing is better than another. BRRUUUUUTAL news about Ross
  3. Colour me shocked that one of pundits responsible for this QW mythical reputation is now telling ppl “no no wait, you’ll see!...” QW will probably come around. He’s a decent to good football player. That’s Not the problem. The problem is he should have never been in the conversation at 3. Not for us, or anyone. Product of draft media.
  4. Reading the replies here - folks are taking some liberties (IMO) on both ends. It’s safe to say he’s injury prone. That is not however, a guarantee he remains so... and it’s also safe to say he’s one of the most naturally talented passers I’ve seen in some time. Accuracy and touch is stunning at times. His health will likely be annual topic.
  5. I’ve seen said footage from when he was 18.... melted my mind.
  6. 53, 63 -- whatever, mutherfcker would still knock the mustard out of 90% of boxers today.
  7. Every couple of years, the Jets sign some signature veteran to a fluff contract (just like most teams)... and every time, Jets fans make a mountain out of mole hill (both ways; positive and negative)... and every time that player comes and goes, usually exiting without much of a song and leaving little more than a memory of a jersey. yet, here we are - w/ some making a mountain out of mole hill.
  8. All the drama aside, this situation highlights how fcking stupid it is to draft back to back safeties. Zero chance you lock up both long term. All it does is say “I have no clue what I’m doing as GM”.., if he was so sure of Adams, he shouldn’t have drafted another back to back
  9. I said this in the other thread -- while not having the kind of draft that makes me want to kill myself was definitely a nice change, the REAL tell tell sign that things have changed is the fact that JD in a calendar year got trades (good ones too) done with NYG and NE... probably the two most unlikely partners in the league. New sheriff in town and all that.
  10. lol, awesome.... i played DB too, and got mostly lit up.... but damn, 5'8 and 170 never looked so good
  11. How much did he line up at DT vs DE last season? To be honest, I didn't pay fck all attention to anyone not named Fatukasi last year. Too disgusted with our Williamses... I know he had all that success primarily playing DE in a 5-technique.

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