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  1. Paradis

    2019 WR watch

    So turns out a Jazz Ferguson is Jaylon's brother... duh, i guess. Jazz a ton of big plays. I'm watching full NSU games (god help me)... and he's the real deal. Big spot and after big spot. The clutch factor is high with this one.
  2. Paradis

    RB Dexter Williams (Notre Dame)

    I campaigned for Hunt, and they are nothing alike, imo. In fact I would go as far as to say it’s his lack of huntism that worries me. I need to go back and watch games, not just highlights and vs... I got a fools gold vibe the first time, but open to changing my mind
  3. Paradis

    RB Dexter Williams (Notre Dame)

    To be fair - Dexter was the only guy who showed up vs Clemson, period. They wouldn’t have a 1st down without him. I’m definitely a Williams over Henderson guy. Singletary is the real question mark between them, IMO. ...and I’ve brought Jordan Scarlett up many a time. I’m the only one ranking him in my top 10 RBs.
  4. Despite the Le'Veon Bell tunnel vision here on JN, I think we still have to entertain other options (or even in addition to)... If Macc losses out on the Bell sweepstakes, I have hard time believing he'll avoid a knee-jerk reaction, like signing like Coleman or Ingram, but I'm still holding out hope. (silly me, i know) Nonetheless I present to you Dexter Williams – a mid round RB who I’m extremely found of. Sort of a Dalvin Cook spin-off, I put together a couple of boner compilations, i mean plays, highlighting his strengths Footwork and patience in traffic. This is rare air. Vision and acceleration. Sees the hole, makes the cut and then it's rip' run #PleaseDraftDexter (i'll see myself back to the cellar)
  5. Paradis

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    Lots of good work and thought put into this. Sound mock. I hate the draft tho lol, probably cause its realistic. If all we do is add Conley and McLaurin to the WR stable then I give up. Robinson>>>>Conley, although D-Rob isn’t a FA till next year.
  6. Paradis

    Jonah Williams

    It’s true, and I’m glad you’re pushing back to keep us sheep in check... I will say that the more time ppl spend watching Jonah, the more they have questions. Which is fine. But ideally you’d like to see the opposite. Regardless, for me, I wasn’t crazy about #3 on Jonah and I’m more firm on that now.
  7. No you don;t! That's years of abuse speaking.
  8. The list started with several fails, and ended well. Funchess? Are you kidding me? And Higgins is a rotational guy. Anyone who’s watched Cleveland can tell you that. Richard is talented but he is just a cop back. And they’re many ways to skin that cat.
  9. After realizing in the Denver FA Paradis thread that I’m a walking f*cking sideshow on this forum, maybe i should live in the present.... So if Macc could fulfill 3 *realistic* wishes this offseason that would genuinely inspire feelings of; “He might be figuring out this GM thing after all” -- what would those 3 things be? For me-- Signing Bell.... And I say that not because I’m enamored with Bell, quite the opposite, but like Cousins, I think he and his agent are considering the best landing spots to get an extension or another contract in a couple years. For us to land Bell - would be a vote for M.M. Not drafting Quinnen Williams or any other god damn D-Linemen... I know everyone wants a trade back (who doesn't) but that's not 100% in Macc's court. So if we stuck at #3... so help me god. Use FA to land marquee players across both trenches, key word - MARQUEE... I want to head into the draft not "needing" to chase those gaps on the roster, letting us focus on playmakers for Sam & co. That would make me all fuzzy inside.
  10. Paradis

    Jonah Williams

    There’s more and more of this surfacing
  11. Paradis

    Hearing Broncos will let Paradis test FA.

    Floyd. His name was Floyd you bastard.
  12. Paradis

    Hearing Broncos will let Paradis test FA.

    I’m crushed. But I’ll do what needs to be done... 😭😭 *Pa-rah-dee
  13. Paradis

    Jonah Williams

    take Ledyard with a grain of salt, but he has been unpeeling Jonah quite thoroughly as of late... there's enough weight behind what he's saying IMO... enough that i'm even less comfortable with him in the 1st round, let alone top 10.

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