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  1. imagine what we could do with 80 million when we don't have use 1/2 of it to sign Cousins and ridiculous signing bonus it'll take to lure him away from DEN or ARZ. Honestly, the whole oline is a fat sh*tburger. You could dump 30million in there and actually protect a mofo for a change. We could also fill out the roster with corners and a fcking pass rusher. Lots of 'backs on the market as well. There's a million better ways to spend the money than another veteran retreat, just so he can helm another porous Jets team that isn't quite good enough. Fck that homey.
  2. FA $$$ == we can over spend on a guy who has sometimes put up numbers but won nothing.... OR.... invest in positions where actual Free Agents signings have a record of working out.... say, like the Oline. Andre Whiteworth was a top LT who is presently part of one of the best teams in the NFC. The rams are doing it right. Back to sperm... lets be real here. This team is still a ways off. We need to find our LONG TERM quarterback and built out the god damn roster. Put that cash towards stabilizing things like our line and secondary, and draft up premium positions that get over paid in FA. It's very functional model.
  3. pretty much it right there. Brad Johnson 2.0... Are we the 2000 era bucs?
  4. Hey I understand brother. I get the "whys"... but that doesn't change reality that Kirk will not be coming to NY without a very clear picture of why that will work for him. End of story. It doesn't matter what story you or I spin, GMs are not in the habit of bending over backwards to sign a very RARE free agent QB, only to turn around and pull a stunt like trading up for Mayfield. It's counter-intuitive on a 10000 levels. Both to players and roster development. It makes no sense whatsoever except to fans like you and I.
  5. again. You said it worked out. The lack of anything meaningful in 6 years of football would seem to disagree with you.
  6. lol yea? Is that how it works? When we call his agent and he asks us to paint a picture of what the team will look like -- we say "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, KIRK CAN SHUT THE HELL UP" Why don't you paint me a really clear picture of what you think happens between and agent and GM trying to land the biggest FREE AGENT Quarterback. I would love to hear your interpretation of that conversation.
  7. really did they? Cause one's careers over, and the other is about to leave. Also, there was drama. And Shanny lost his job. And WSH is equally as fcked up as we are and won ZERO PLAYOFF GAMES during this amazing RG3/Cousins era you just hung a lantern on.
  8. Yea well unfortunately for you, the phrase free agent contains the word FREE... so you have to create a situation amicable to Cousins to land Cousins. What you described is a situation that he and his agent will laugh as they hang up the phone. Meanwhile, reality is on hold on line #2
  9. There'd have to be someone special that slid till the late rounds for that to be even something to entertain -- and then at that point, it's a nonstory. Just depth.
  10. I'm going to argue this till the Cows come home because it's nonsensical and frankly, madden-esque level of ignorance. -How do you plan to "land" a perennial underachiever who wants 25 million a year -- IN NEW YORK -- while also telling his agent you're going to draft a QB at the top of RND 1 -How do even plan to land cousins when you're not drafting weapons and OLINE for him? -What kind of Lockerroom are you setting yourself up for? -Cousins has a bad game and the stadium is calling for Mayfield. What fcking Coaching staff is going to sign off for that life for the next 1-2 years. You two are smarter than this.
  11. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    You guys need to drop this “they shouldn’t have hired McCown in the first place” bullsh*t. Take your ball cap off and put your business glasses on. Hack and Petty have shown NOTHING behind the scenes or on Sunday to give us a reason not to bring a journeyman in. End of story. You think Macc wants to admit defeat with his QBs?? HE HAD TO. Fcking calamity between those two. We weren’t rolling for 16 games with 2 Nathan Petermans. We’re on to April. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hard no. We'll have very little draft currency after trading up (which we'll have to).. In a dream world, i guess you could in rnd 5 or 6, but why? Who the hell is really there? Thats like saying "we're pretty sure #1 is the guy... but he might suck. In that case, we're going to burn a late pick on... Long Shot Malloy, from Citadel.
  13. Hope we bring him back in a journeyman bandaide capacity And now, we have the pleasure of looking at Macc’s children of the corn. We can put that foolish mystery to bed and have no qualms about where that first pick needs to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    Jets should have taken a TE