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  1. Exactly. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Joe has the right kind of stuff to be a successful GM. It doesn’t matter if this place is a mess. That’s the nature of the work. They’re hiring you to come in and fix it. Shouldn’t scare away a competent candidate unless they thought they weren’t going to be allowed to do their thing - which in this case, I think Ownership is saying the opposite. Here’s the keys.
  2. Well we are, in fact, a sh*t show. Doesn’t mean this isn’t an attractive job. If you’re good at what you do, then all you need is an opportunity
  3. lol, i appreciate the mission you charged me with, but I will gracefully decline. 2019 was the last year I'm allowing myself to sink back into the madness. I will watch from the balcony with you.... I will say those are some good questions you asked, and I think they should be followed up on. I like DJ quite a bit, he's right far more often than he's not, and he understand when need on the field trumps redundancy. His big boards have always been strong. I'm reconnected with my writers group, and i'm going to back to writing specs in LA 🤩
  4. Butt fumble me all you want, but i get this 5 mins motherfckers. So do a lot of you... The drafting. The FAs. The idiotic money thrown at RBs/ILBs, Matt Rhule. the lack of roster philosophy, all of it. 4 years he had a couple of decent trades, and yes he avoided Paxton Lynch (my only blemish)... Is what it is. Should have happened 4 months ago.
  5. I was right I’ve always been right.
  6. Guilty, but that was after his junior season... he put some games over likes of yours truly, Darnold at that time... Then his senior season was a mess. He regressed and developed some bad habits under pressure. I think he;s a GREAT developmental guy for a #2
  7. This is gold. The owner needs to... own, some of this. It's what happens when you sandwich ppl together. I'm starting to side with Gase though. call it whatever you want, but I feel like i "get him". PSA: until we start putting some winning seasons together, you can expect more of this. It's NY.
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