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  1. Uhhhh I can tell you that. Anyone who’s watched a couple games could theres this thing call “the score”. .. And When one team gets significantly ahead of the other team, well… That team starts to throw the ball on every down. Predictably so… In fact so predictably that the DTs can abandon their assignments, and ignore the run. They can aimlessly chase around quarterbacks all day because the other team is down by 40 points. That’s how the fck that happens.
  2. Paradis

    The case against Williams is weak

    Post of the century.
  3. Paradis

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I was about to post this - you guys have GOT to check out the comments thread on that tweet. Both hilarious and it hits close to home.
  4. Paradis

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I do believe that's the dream scenario they're after. Dillard, then center/CB before fishing for playmakers in rnds 3-4.
  5. Paradis

    Draft Trade Rumors

    There's a lot of useless ALABAMA tape in 2019... a lot. What I know, is the Jets want to trade back (duh) and OT is the primary target, Dillard seemingly the apple of their eye if they can pull off that "bigger" trade back.
  6. Paradis

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I don't know if it's a rumor, but I know a CB (needham) whom the Jets like and would probably draft in rnd 6-7, possibly a priorty FA, but CIN/ARZ have both told him they'll be taking him earlier.. so that sucks. I think he's going to be a lock starter and at ridiculous bargain late in the draft
  7. Paradis

    Draft Trade Rumors

    So much truth in this post, and particularly that first statement -- and the unwillingness of the QW tiger beat club to acknowledge your second statement... which is basically the "murder weapon" in an investigation that would tell you QW is no different than ANY of those other lauded DTs... Same sh*t different year. Say it again boys, same sh*t, different year. This team needs to move the needle on the field, and QW couldn't be further from the solution.
  8. Paradis

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I get that line of thinking, but lets purge the feastering wound.... Macc will continue to hide his failures behind the likes of gimme gimmes like Adams, Darnold and (to some) Williams... Fck it. Let him pick a handful of players between #15 and #100... either he demonstrates a massive change in strategy, or he gets walked the fck out.
  9. Paradis

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I get the healthy trepidation with DK, but the "bust" cloud that's hanging 20 feet above his head, is fan made. He runs a better time in the agility drills, he's talked about as a top 10, nay, to 5 talent... but now he's the most terrifying guy in the 1st round? I think he'll be fine. He may never achieve the nimbleness of someone like AB. But he can be level headed Plaxico in the NFL for 10 years.
  10. Does he though? Big picture, it would be smarter to keep Anderson for 1 more year, unless we get a trade offer nearing a 2nd rnd pick (we can discuss whether it's worth paying him long term elsewhere)... but this notion that he and Sam are on the same page -- I would challenge that.
  11. Maybe, maybe not... Having clinical psychological issues however, can. It's my field of work, so I feel like I can say that with some degree of authority.
  12. How the hell did this thread take a Chris Henry turn? I loved that man. He was baller and good kid, but mental health amongst other things did him in ( @T0mShane i wouldn't lump him in with the trash bags, he legit had some cognitive challenges) Anyway, true story, me and one of my homies have one for Henry every year in december
  13. Macc will try to draft him anyway. When men in suits insist he can’t do that, smoke will sneak out of his ears and a frayed wires will splinter out from behind his neck

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