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  1. Nothing I can say is gonna win over the doubters at this point. Conversely, same with those who are optimistic. Just gonna have to let Denzel tell the true story this year— i will say that some of the concerns related to this “play” are flat out imaginary/made up.
  2. I’ll bet you a $1,000 with everyone here as witness - that doesn’t happen. But seriously. That’s getting way to heavy handed. Let’s give him this year with real coaches to see what the story is with his forecast.
  3. Would love to, but would have to win some cheddar in the next few weeks. whose couch is open?
  4. Houston! That name hasn’t seen light in my memory bank in 15+ years. he stuck around. Pretty sure ‘Nut is referring to someone who never lost their NFL virginity
  5. No shortage of awareness - I'm awful for going down the path of adversarial debate. Lot of life-frustration cathartically channeled in those back and forths (and often feel pretty ashamed after).... but i never quote posters with things like "Don't ask Jim Bob - cause blah blah...." or "careful, dick dick McLean might read this..." ...that's a particularly juvenile brand. Most Jets fans are disappointed in the way things have gone for Mims. Some are even pessimistic. The pushback on material like yours is - it's wildly exaggerated, based on very....very small body of work, and a season
  6. Paranoia is a hell of drug lol I quoted a different poster.
  7. what... how does acting childish mean he's correct.
  8. 80+% of the time you seem like a normal guy on here.... but then there's these childish episodes... diatribes we'll call them. It's not a great look.
  9. i'm not forgetting him. Like i said. Davis/Cole/Crowder should be vacuuming up the 1st, to start. Either some of you have an inflated sense of Moore's place in the O week 1, or you underestimated what Davis and Cole (the latter especially ) bring the to the table. I would anticipate Moore's path to snaps will be at Crowder's expense, early.
  10. lol I totally recognize that injuries are no reason to celebrate. That aside, there's something sweet about Wentz terminal fall from grace. I've had a few conversations this offseason with Colts fans... "Get a head start on those college QBs this fall"
  11. Guy who never faced pressure, needs some time to learn how to face pressure. It's a non-story.
  12. words of wisdom. I've been singing that song, without blinking....until I read 3rd team. You're assessment is still the right one, but if I was Joe Douglas, I'd leaning down the sidelines to make eye contact with LaFleur - with a "really....." look on my face.
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