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  1. i get it, i could tell by year 2 that he lacked the cognitive prowess to be more than a soapbox hero... still, some of my better memories as a fan in the last 25 years came around then... have to go back to early Vinny + Chrebet to get into better airspace.
  2. he was responsible for our last good memories and thems were some of the bets times... so let's not pretend he was Darth Worst...
  3. All jokes aside, (and Lafleur too) semi competent QB play could have us 2 or even 3 wins right now. Over the next 4/5 weeks: IND MIA HOU All winnable. Not so much with the Wilson-Lafleur Midnight Express
  4. gonna be extra fun times when Flacco and Mims drop a couple Ws and the CS have to answer for why that's a thing all of a sudden.
  5. This thread is Pure Gold btw. File this one away as a keeper @Maxman
  6. saddest post i've ever made on a jets forum, is happening right here right now Adam Gase>>>Mike Lafluer That's a cataclysmically horrible truth I just posted.
  7. Lol what a load. Take your Montessori speech somewhere else. This is the NFL with 7-figure salaries. We're the most inept team in the NFL meanwhile you got franchises like HOU, PHI and even DET who had nightmare offseason and they're all player better football with worse rosters. You're apologist felating is not resonating with me.
  8. No. You and I have been watching football for too long to pass this off as learning BS... HOU's team is worse than ours. Everywhere... and David Mills is playing football that is light years better than Wilson' It's ignorant at this point to say that this is just a process. I"m sure of that.
  9. why don't you enlighten us @FidelioJet .... You have been fluid (don't think i didn't notice) at directing blame and dismissing accountability... so tell us what's really happening with the jets.
  10. What? The only real tangible reason he's on his way down with the ship right now - is he made an incredibly naive mistake of hitching his BYU rookie QB to an OC with barely more experience than I have -- and asked him to raise a phoenix from the ashes (Jets O)... That was **** stupid. He should have been trying to find a bunch of established people. Not just one passing-game coordinator.
  11. I see we've reached that point in the thread.
  12. That's an absurd dismissal of the WR economy that is available on an annual basis. And a confusing statement. I've said a couple times., this wasn't a thread to chastise Moore over Pitts.
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