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  1. Hey team, I have to beat this dickbag this weekend... who would you start; (Justin Jackson in light of the news that Gordon and Eckler are out), Chris Carson vs SF (with Penny putting a light push) or Aaron Jones vs CHI... IN chicago... who have yielded nothing as of late to RBs... and their interim coach Joe idiot was weird about Jones' snaps last week. I feel like Jackson is guaranteed volume in a shootout and worth the gamble.
  2. Paradis

    2019 WR watch

    same, just another gangster with speed. I'll revisit him because i should, but route running and such were a concern.
  3. Paradis

    RB watch 2019

  4. Where's this thread been hiding. I'm unsettled on Deebo. High floor... but that ceiling. how tall is it?
  5. No. He's literally not worth my time. Are there worse coaches? sure. Should we settle for him? fck no I've got better things to parlaver about, with you or anyone else. Like draft prospects. That's like me saying, "I think we should hire Rex back"... you say no... i say why not?.... you say cause he's not good.... I say prove it... etc etc.. hell no to that conversation.
  6. I refuse to read this sh*t thread on a coach who's underwhelmed for the last 7-8 years on a team that was LOADED with talent during that time. (you need to check your meds P.K!) GB has the highest number of starting players they've drafted, across the league. I don't remember what the official stat lines were, but they dip into FA a record low number of times. They've had talent that 85% of the league hasn't over M.M's tenure - and have little to show for it. I can't survive that putrid hire.
  7. meh possibly. I did on the on other hand watch RBs and Allen run through him (a "defensive tackle") like he was swiss cheese. So effort argument aside, he's sloppy and sucks.
  8. Personally i think McCarthy sucks and has for a while.
  9. Are you insane?? A competent coach would have more than 1 SB appearance to show for 10 years of Aaron fcking Rodgers. McCarthy is Bowles level bad.
  10. Paradis

    2019 WR watch

    the list of 6'3+ WRs in this draft class grows by the day... It's going to be record setting from a height/weight perspective.... the "speed" factor is the big question mark for many.
  11. Paradis

    2019 WR watch

    Lord, that Metcalf train has hit rocket status!
  12. Yes. Lots. Off the top of my head (keep in mind, there's little consensus on which round these guys could go in) Chase Claypool (ND) Jordan Humphrey (Texas) Hakeem Butler (Iowa St) David Sills (W.Virginia) Jamarius Way (S. Alabama) Keelan Doss (UC Davis) Jazz Ferguson (NW St/ LSU) Emmanuel Butler (N. Arizona) I promise that some of these names are going to be household in a couple years and non are likely (to my knowledge at this point in time) to taken before round 4... Maaaaaaybe Butler or Claypool.
  13. Any player being paid the salaries these guys get paid, should be selling out each and every down. "...It's your job"
  14. eh, given the condition of the roster -- I doubt we see anything more than a mid to late round pick spent on a WR/RB.. let's remember who's calling the shots here. We'll see what the situation is post-FA. Thankfully i think there's going to be a handful of late round/UDFA prospects worth targeting. Let's hope, nay, pray.
  15. There was a few replays where RBs and Allen simply out hustled Leo... terrible look for him. and this team. I hate him.

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