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  1. The nuissances of he's worked DBs needs to change, or become more flexible. Sounds how he wants/likes to play the position is not how the staff need. Friction ensues. More hip manipulation, and he has to work on his "tops"... as my QB used to say.
  2. Listening to Saleh's Presser today, he opened up about Mims for a minute there. Sounds like a combination of things... getting pissy about his role, needing focus on his what he can control (would explain the gunner drills), and different Off system that he's taking time to adjust too. Listening to Rob - if it's going to work out for Mims, he'll coach it out of him... if it doesn't work out though, it's on Mims.
  3. Thank you Satan. me - loves Mims. “Ima just spread some pestilence on that one..” me - Moore? Another crowder. “Here’s some Adrenochrome siphoned from The Hulk - lol canton”. I give up.
  4. Screw the Colts. My condolences to the players who have to go through painful rehab - but as for the franchise in Ind? A 100 curses. They Got away with the biggest sham landing Luck after Manning. Eat rocks for a decade, Indy
  5. It’s beyond ridiculous to write off a talent like Tua after a hip injury and one Covid season… and I don’t want to hear about some outlier example. If they move on next year, that guy will be thankful for Waddle.
  6. Honestly, it's hugely disappointing to see that a rookie QBs first few days in camp is inspiring this level of drivel and concern from JN. Its beyond reproach. Get off the internet for a while. Walk a dog or do a puzzle.
  7. So early takeaways from following these threads-- Carl Lawson will be as advertised. I think i might cry when i finally see a legit Pass Rush in green and white for the first time in 15 years... (also the "OMG Becton" narrative. Carl Lawson is a top 5 NFL PR'er in his prime.. Becton is in year 2 camp, he'll be fine) Bryce Hall will be a jersey in the stands. I'm tired of pumping brakes on Moore, if he wants to ball out as rookie WR of the year candidate, then LFG All 5 WRs will rotate in on gameday with some regularity I've bought into "Zach's supercomputer" au
  8. 22, in college… high af “hey dude, you seen these GI Joe PSAs…?” “no, but go on…”
  9. Do you think when we’re good, we won’t fight as much?
  10. Thank you for sharing. I will keep you two close in my thoughts.
  11. The gande prize in the category of “who gives a f***” goes to….
  12. Many JET fans forgot what it’s like to have options… It’s not just about who is starting, it’s about who’s making the 53. We’ve had such shallow rosters for the past decade, in addition to poor starters - that we’ve stopped considering the benefits of rotating in players for down and distance. All of these guys are going to have a role. Saleh & Co will have some tough decisions when cut day comes around. Lot of potential talent in that secondary
  13. man, i totally forgot we signed S. Rankins... If that pans out, we'd have a rotating Dline of-- Lawson / Curry Q. Williams / J. Marshall Rankins / Fatukasi Phillips / J. F-Myers I'm surprised there isn't more excitement, or optimism about the D, with Mosely, Davis and Nasirildeen patrolling the middle.... I know the red pen is hovering over our secondary - but i get this vibe there was deliberate intent in selecting/ signing Dunn/Guidry/Hall/Pinnock/Echols - think our Corners are going to surprise the NFL with their hunger and opportunistic play in our D-sc
  14. He's got such a gronk-y (not the TE) body type - you could carry that 220-230 on his frame and still gallop. Will be excited to see the progress over the next two years.. At worst, he could be a tight end, at best, he's could be DK Metcalf type outside/YAC guy I'll never be lucky enough to see this story land him in NY
  15. Nothing I can say is gonna win over the doubters at this point. Conversely, same with those who are optimistic. Just gonna have to let Denzel tell the true story this year— i will say that some of the concerns related to this “play” are flat out imaginary.
  16. I’ll bet you a $1,000 with everyone here as witness - that doesn’t happen. But seriously. That’s getting way to heavy handed. Let’s give him this year with real coaches to see what the story is with his forecast.
  17. Would love to, but would have to win some cheddar in the next few weeks. whose couch is open?
  18. Houston! That name hasn’t seen light in my memory bank in 15+ years. he stuck around. Pretty sure ‘Nut is referring to someone who never lost their NFL virginity
  19. No shortage of awareness - I'm awful for going down the path of adversarial debate. Lot of life-frustration cathartically channeled in those back and forths (and often feel pretty ashamed after).... but i never quote posters with things like "Don't ask Jim Bob - cause blah blah...." or "careful, dick dick McLean might read this..." ...that's a particularly juvenile brand. Most Jets fans are disappointed in the way things have gone for Mims. Some are even pessimistic. The pushback on material like yours is - it's wildly exaggerated, based on very....very small body of work, and a season
  20. Paranoia is a hell of drug lol I quoted a different poster.
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