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  1. thank for you this. Few things have stuck like watching Chad enter 8 mile mode. Fact; whenever I need to piss at a public venue, I think about Chad's rapping routine. Never fails
  2. I namath-guarantee a Jets W week 1... this is Flacco's last stand, and he's just the kind of smug bastard that make sure he comes out on top vs Baltimore... he was never a Manning or Brady, but he showed he flip a switch and get right pissy when pushed. Jets 1-0 going into week 2. (that'll be the last game he wins lol)
  3. he's clumsy. It's the biggest reason I felt he wasn't a top 10 WR... not to say he can't grow out of that, but it was there in his college tape too
  4. almost assuredly. How aggressive do they get in FA is the question. Can't afford to have another experiment at LT
  5. Still need 1... Seriously @Jetsfan80? You're the fantasy mogul here!
  6. sweeeet -- PM me your email, so i can you. Which of those two teams do you want @ElBarrioJets?
  7. As stated in another thread, looking for a couple gangster for a deep bench/practice squad league due to some late unexpected bow outs (Paradis' very own home league) Draft is likely August 26th (or 28), PPR, $85 buy in, keeper league (2) and (1) rookie from your practice squad. two foster teams are: @BornJetsFan1983 @heymangold @Jetsfan80 @JTJet @Jet_Engine1 @32EBoozer@kdels62 @ElBarrioJets @PS17 @Dcat @undertow @BurntDice @BurnleyJet @maury77 @derp @Stark @Jets Voice of Reason Even send your sketchy uncle to me, i need these holes....filled. teams available (pick 2 vet and 1 rook from taxi sq)
  8. Aye yooooooooooooooooo happy birfday bruv
  9. We’re gonna have to go get Jimmy or something. Team won’t do anything year of lumps. Wilson is notw a giant question mark in ‘23 and 3 years into a rookie contract from a G5 conference. basically worst case scenario
  10. That's it then, not going into year 3 with that gamble with rookie contract stakes escalating in year 4. Jimmy G and run in back in the draft. again.
  11. I'd rather call Jeff George up to the table at this point.
  12. I've had to talk myself into this Zach Wilson thing for the last 15 months. Kind of over it.
  13. I can't commit this year.... i've got my home league, my two social dynasty leagues, Dcat's league -- and Thor Nystrom's college league. I just can't take on another one this year.. On that note my home league had late unexpected bow outs, and im searching for 2 managers to join my *Paradis' Personal* and quite exclusive, league. So exclusive that i need to canvass for 2 managers Draft is likely August 26th, PPR, $85 buy in, keeper league (2) and (1) rookie from your practice squad. two foster teams are:
  14. It's a little disappointing to see Jets fan underplay the impact a guy like Sauce can have -- cause, you know.. we LIVED IT, with Revis. We never had a legit pass rush that entire time. Little bit of interior pressure and OK play at LB with Harris & co, but Revis, and eventually with Cro? Like cmon -- Sauce is absolutely a legit pick for this developing defense.
  15. The optimist in me likes to think that practicing everyday with NFL's future CB1 will have a significant part in his development. To beat the best, you gotta be the best.
  16. Ekwonu last i heard hadn't been able to establish himself at OT and was taking reps at guard for now - which was a possibility for him (long term OG) Sauce was always the right pick and you revisionists need to get over it.
  17. he's stuck at guard and not able to get that promotion to tackle last i heard. Never doubt that Sauce was the right pick.
  18. He doesn't play a very physical game -- and that for me in addition occasionally running with two left feet -- is why did have him as "top 10" draft pick. More late 1st, early 2nd guy. The natural talent is there, and I hope and NFL diet and trainer can beef up that frame, a corner like sauce will eat him for lunch more often than not if he gets stuck outside playing man vs a bigger guy.
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