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  1. I thought Allen was bad when he went from a day 2 guy to 1stOA without taking a snap during the 2017 offseason - but this obscene. There’s actually a cluster of humans calling hIm QB1
  2. To be fair he owned his sensitive/reactionary posts. from threads past. Better left in the forum grave. Lord help me if someone dug up a few of my lowlights.
  3. Anyone looking to explore top shelf Scotch would do well to try the Dalmore as a stepping stone. Can’t say enough about it. Related; finally got around to trying Glenlivet’s 14 yr with a cognac cask finish. I’m bigger Cognac guy so I was curious, and as expected it was tasty and smooth but sort of clumsy at the same time. No depth.
  4. Ahh, i didn't realize they were in far in the hole. Still think if Golladay was 100%, you have to find a way to retain him. Chase, say hello to motorcity
  5. have to wonder if Golladay's hip injury factored into that decision. A guy that that size at WR - could be the start of his physical erosion.
  6. I won't lie and claim to be a scholar on Gallup/DAL's offense - but i would speculate that 55% is related to his role/routes in the offense. He is vastly underrated as a route runner/tactician with the public. Cooper and Lamb take up the spotlight, though at times last year i thought Gallup was the cleanest of the 3. Would be instant production here in NY
  7. that would be my first offer. Get the convo started. 31 other GMs know Gallup isn't getting extended in DAL... and they'll get nothing for him next year heading in FA. This is the offseason t get yourself a day 2 pick for Gallup.... I'd speculate there's 30%-40% he's trade before or on draft day tbh
  8. Someone’s been reading my mind. I flirted with starting the same thread. I’ve been vocal about trading for Gallup. I think at times he’s played better than Cooper. Trade for him now and extend him for 10 mil a year. also CHI - Anthony Miller there’s more but I have a date with house chores
  9. Dream picks... Can't help but feel that our moves in FA will influence choices here but as of today-- #2 - Fields... pains me to turn my back on the trade-back-for-Pitts dream, but i just can't do another Darnold on eggshells season. #23 - Terrace Marshall Jr... so long as this leg injury i heard about offline isn't a real issue, he's a 1st rnd talent with the highest ceiling. #34 - Ronnie Perkins.... in a draft i hope to see a lot of O, I think we can sneak him in assuming Oline gets a boost in FA
  10. Also I don’t think that’s crazy where you have Jones. He’s a rotational pass rusher, and that’s ok.
  11. I love it. I’m not a Hill guy, so don’t like that pick but I can pretend it’s someone else. This class is quietly strong at LB and I really like Chazz Surratt. For how long he’s played the position he’s shown a ton of promise. Fields and Marshall. All day. All. Day.
  12. Paradis

    CB Thread

    I mentioned this in a different thread, I’m really impressed with Kelvin Joseph. He’s definitely in my top three, and I can see a scenario where he winds up being one of the best in class. He plays in the wide receivers back pocket the way Revis stayed
  13. lol what? How the heck do you get Shawshank out of that? Look i don't really get you're trying to say. You think there's something coming out of Ohio that warrants concern. I can't get on board with that. Too many variables for why a QB who failed in 1995, or 2005 or 2015 isn't a meaningful predictor of Fields will be. You could say that if 40 years, no meaningful QB from Ohio played in the nfl, so chances are this one won't either - sure - but looking specifically at Fields, right now - there's no reason to think that the last 40 years has anything to do with how he himself will play i
  14. Pass rush and Oline seem like likely areas to see a good chunk of money poured into.
  15. Honestly since the Bradway crew was thrown to the curb, Pauline's been not much better than the rest of us... I mean he still is plugged in with the community and such, but as for having inside intel with the Jets..... Hasn't been that way since Macc farted his way in the building
  16. stopped reading at Wilson. Here's a suggestion to JN - don't ruin your thread with the name. Just put "rookie QB".... keep everyone happy. Too late for OP. He's been judged.
  17. Take a gander at Kentucky’s Kelvin Joseph. He’s got some Revis in him, and plays in the receivers hip pocket like born and bred defensive back.... I personally think he could be the best CB in this class in the pros.
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