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  1. This is what tenured fans see on the horizon - which is also why I don’t get why many of you are so worked up about Zach/offense(for or against). We all know the Jets haven’t been consistent on offense [week to week] in like, a decade. put 3 games together and then we can start rattling swords on shields.
  2. i don't want to wince watching him every time he gets sacked in the future.... Don't know enough about TBIs but hope he takes the safe route to recovery first, then checks the pulse on football. I like Tua.
  3. Ugh please don’t ever quote me and PFF. They are the worst. Maybe others see value in other areas, but when it comes to receivers, they’re flat out liars/inaccurate. Look up Dyami Brown “zero drops” online for a laugh (courtesy of yours truly) anyway Watson has been as wish washy as I expected, and Treylon has struggled to hit the ground running as predicted. London has been on the boom side of the boom/bust (thankfully, I was rooting for him) but I don’t see comedy in my takes. You were right tho, we went headfirst into a WR in rnd 1 a so you nailed that. I had Pickens as 1, then Wilson then London (or some variation there of). Pretty comfortable with that so far.
  4. Lol. You’re nothing if you’re not steady.
  5. It shouldn’t piss me off but it does. Of all the fanbases, you’d think we’d have a little humility when discussing QB play… but a quick oil check in July/aug Would tell you Tua was a joke according to jets fans.
  6. I thought we wanted to play against Tua? JN told me he’s been laughably the worst QB.
  7. Zack can make some good plays and still be a total question mark. Not every moment in every game is absolute proof of anything. He left a lot bad/missed plays on the field. I don’t see the intellectual jump yet. Still waiting for the seas to part on most plays... That said, the arm talent is evident. Slinging it is not the issue. Expanding the number of throws is. He sitting on about 3 different routes he completes at the moment.
  8. Lol book marked this fckin post. Zach barely did anything outside of throw slants all day and you wanna drop 20 Effin 38?? man this site…
  9. Don’t leave this trash in my front yard. Blossoming? Child please zach’s approach to Qb rn *waits for slant route• *waits for post route* *over throw screen*
  10. He can throw posts and slants. Under certain conditions. that’s it.
  11. Hall looking especially JAGish today. He needs too much space to get going.
  12. As a staunch critic of Zach predraft, I can’t believe I let the homers on here talk me into thinking this was gonna work. This guy stinks. He Rob can see themselves out the door
  13. Unrelated (I swear) but have y’all heard of this Ewers kid. Already throws with more conviction and anticipation than uh, other QBs
  14. Honest assessment: he’s shown zero development. Same guy we drafted who relies entirely on players being schemed open not seeing much at all in the vision and anticipation department
  15. i really don't care anymore. Just win some games. On purpose for once, too.
  16. I don’t want to present as dismissive, because all of the things you’ve articulated are true and will have an impact on the overall quality of play on the field, in addition to opening up the playbook and all that kind of stuff… but…. that doesn’t imply that the team will suddenly “act like they’ve been there before” to borrow an expression. We don’t appear to be coached prepared and organized in a way that Mike Tomlin, Harbaugh, Andy Reid, etc. etc. and others have their teams showing up. Reid’s teams look the part whether it was Alex Smith, Pat Mahomes, or uncle Rico… So there’s a gap there and it’s pretty big for the Jets
  17. Lets talk about this for a second.... How long have we've been reactive/keep up football? 15 years?... 20? Think about it. When was the last time the Jets dictated the score... Win or lose, you (the opponet) were gonna have to roll up your sleeves and throw down against the Jets. We have been "trying to keep up" with NFL offenses since Vinny.
  18. The question is: Do you really think Zach Wilson will make a difference? We're not debating whether he has more potential/moxy... If you suddenly put a healthy Justin Herbert out there in Green & White, you're gonna see a bump in the stats dept. But really... are the Jets suddenly going to look like an NFL franchise who expects to win? The class of the AFCE?... Frustrate opposing OCs? Move with a sense of purpose for 4 quarters? Dictate a game? ....One game??... EVER?????? We've all seen this movie before.
  19. He's got some wiggle, but the other guy Rodney Hammond is a better NFL prospect.
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