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  1. Threads like this inspire the “fkc yourself” sentiment inside. jacksonville is putting it together just 10months removed from their coach checking the oil on a coed this team is rotten.
  3. Nvm. Doesn’t matter. coaches didn’t show up today.
  4. Missed the start of the quarter. How they end up on the 10
  5. As good as Moore and Wilson can be, that was supposed to be a Mims ball. We still need that outside jump ball artist
  6. Your 1960s reference is lacking saliency my friend.
  7. That was really rough outing. Yuck.
  8. I was watching the game last week with @maury77 and it was like all the of mental concerns i had with Richardson were on full display. He is who I think is, sadly.
  9. Yeesh.. Brock Bowers is trying his hardest to turn me gay. And it's working.
  10. I never said disappointed - i had tempered expectations. I was responding to the notion that he should take over 70% the snaps. He needs to outplay Carter to earn that kind of time share.
  11. Stated plainly, I disagree. His draft pedigree is where that narrative survives rn imo... what we have is handful Jets Twitter homers talking about how explosive he was in TC... Yet, in preseason he didn't blow up. In fact, i can't recall many highlight plays. Carter has run laps around him in live rounds.. It's not like Hall is turning heads with every snap he takes in the way Wilson has begun to flash. Not to offend, but I thought was overrated in the draft (NFL Fournette lite, needs momentum at the LOS, lacks lateral agility) but was looking forward to being wrong about him being more of a Round 3-4 guy... Haven't seen it yet *shrugs* I'm hoping he comes on strong though in the coming weeks, we need him to.
  12. I didn't see that, but would love to be wrong.
  13. for the record, no one's comparing him to Herbert... Albert Breer wrote that article in April of 2021 about the "vague" reasons that were being leveraged against Fields, akin to the way they materialized against Herbert in 2020. Summary, no one is comparing them at present lol
  14. Show me where i've said that. I've expressed varying degrees/significant concerns for both -- of which they've handsomely earned. You don't get a blind pass in the NFL today when you're making millions as an OC, or taken #2 overall. The "reasons" why ZW was the guy at 2 have not materialized yet.
  15. The most basic principle to coaching is scheme to your talent.
  16. Worst team/offense last year and their offseason additions this year were N'Keal Harry and the Ghost of Tom Joad. Excuse me if I don't put a ton of stock in what the "tape" says about Fields in CHI when he's been asked to walk the green mile.
  17. First time/Only time I can ever recall a team requiring something that takes most WRs 3 years to do, as a pre-requisite to getting on the field. That in and of itself is an indictment on CS/Lafleur.
  18. Do you promise? Are you willing to self-ban if this doesn't come true? You post with that level of conviction.
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