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  1. This 7th level hell stuff…. Hating ZW the prospect, watching your team take said player, then he winds up being worse than you can imagine and then having to endure this weekly Leng T’Che. It’s like watching your wife sleep with your boss
  2. I actually don’t know if I can survive another 3 quarters of offensive ineptitude from NY It shouldn’t be this hard
  3. Jets are the kings of giving up 8 min drives of 3rd and longs via screens and flat routes
  4. they need to approach this game as "whatever it takes to win"... like fck QB politics and all that jazz. Come right out in the first series with a Streveler package. sprinkle him in so that if you DO need to lean him in the 2nd half, it doesn't feel so "abrupt"
  5. imagine if we hadn't beaten the Jags that year with a throwaway tank game -- and had TL right now We'd be talking January rn
  6. Yea Demus fell off the radar... There's quite a bit of star power at the top of the WR class (little less with Boutte returning), not sure how much i love the depth yet... will depend on a few more Juniors -- whether they declare or not.
  7. Well, again -- that's of function of not having a stable/long-term HC with history of winning AND still searching for a QB... it goes without saying those leashes are shorter and open to scrutiny. I don't think we've disproportionately hung QBs out to dry -- that's confirmation bias re: NY sports media playing into perception IMO
  8. Is it though? Without a proven HC like Tomlin, every year that you don't have a FQB - there's going to be drama. That's any team. We just "live" through it and place a bigger emphasis on our own. There's probably stretches of time DET where Goff was sandbagged, Murray chastized in ARZ, constant bickering over Daniel Jones amongst Giants fans.. etc. Its all the same sh*t.
  9. In summary: Sports. Long diatribe, but what are you saying about the current situation.
  10. I can't imagine the Jets doing anything but addressing the Oline and front 7 with our first couple of picks. So with that in mind, here's some day 2 & 3 prospects I'm interested to follow TE (Day 3 selection) Arik Gilbert, UGA... 6'5, 250 (see his 2020 LSU tape) Not sure he'll declare, and has character concerns, but would be the perfect long term compliment to Ruckert. He's got rnd 1 talent (****edit, he just entered the transfer portal 3 hours ago) DB (Day 3) CB/S Malachi Moore, Alabama.... i feel like MM is going to be an efficiency & physical pro talent that will definitely out perform his draft grade/selection. A+ Slot DB. CB Lance Boykin, CCU... Towering at 6'3, 210, he dominated the sunbelt in 2022 and will appear in E/W shrine game in Jan, S Kaevon Merriweather, Iowa.. 6'0 210, big physical safety who makes plays/turnovers. has a knack for big plays. WR (Unsure who we're counting on in 2023 besides EM & GW. Day 3 selection) A.T. Perry, Wake Forest - IMO, should be in the same convo as Jefferson/Addison/Hyatt/etc. 6'5, 210, with a natural ability to separate. If he is still there in rnd 3? YES EJ Williams, Clemson - unclear if he's declaring. Potential/talent is there. Jared Wayne, Pitt - Ontario native, Possession guy with lots of YAC ability, a Corey Davis type. Jaray Jenkins (LSU) RB (We're hoping Hall returns 100% but it's not a given, MC has underwhelmed/disappointed this year, Day 3/UDFA. Move on from everyone else except Knight) Tiyon Evans, UL - Stood out all year as a chain moving, splash play back. Plays a lot like our new toy Knight. Eric Gray, OU - I've got significant speed concerns, but dude breaks angles. Straight up exploders. Excels at manipulating tacklers at the second level. Tavion Thomas, Utah - 6'2, 240... shares some qualities/style with former sooner now patriot R. Stevenson. Big, and light on his feet - glides to the second level and hard to tackle
  11. You cater to their strengths in an attempt to mask their deficiencies. In ZW's case, that's like...most things. But that can be true and also MFL is doing a sh*t job of utilizing his few abilities.
  12. This narrative has been a constant blemish on this regime, offensively anyway. Mims, Moore, Zach Wilson, our Oline; they’ve all had issues with the heavy handed “must adapt/learn the scheme”. Which is the dumbest thing ever to see at the nfl level. You match scheme to your talent, not the other way around.
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