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  1. You almost gotta go with Geno, right? I mean you're talking about resetting the bar w/ NY Sports media and fan engagement with that. The world will stop turning when that news breaks.
  2. We signed him last year! The NFL will cannibalize itself if this is the way; sign top FA in his prime to big money, then trade a 1st for his replacement the following season. Yikes.
  3. oh good. better throw a 1st at DEN then for Chubb
  4. there is no quick fix, but the messaging has got to be "Zach, it's no longer assumed you're just going to be the guy...." The lack of development is so staggering that's not really about protecting him anymore - it's about the obligation to the other 52+ guys on the team. They can't feel like their effort/desire to win is second to coddling Bieber.
  5. I get it, you need things distilled down for you. Just like your boy Zach. here--
  6. i think in a nutshell, they have (so far) and that's where the E Moore issues has gestated it from.
  7. You have got to be kidding me. i tried. You all saw that right, JN? I tried with this guy… smdh.
  8. Burrow was so far ahead of Wilson, it’s laughable. He’s not seeing the fields, it’s much bigger deeper issue that being over confident like Burrow was
  9. Joe borrow in his second year took his team to a Super Bowl on less talented team. The difference? He was the reason CIN was winning games. Zach is the reason we’re losing games. if you think Zach just needs “more time” in 2022, go kick rocks. His issues go beyond patience
  10. No. I don’t think there is any sense of shame or shortsightedness there. The jets don’t foster QB development very well, certainly not at that time/management era. i think the takeaway (besides good for him) is that conceptually “veteran QBs” shouldn’t be dismissed outright. Right time right place, sometimes it works. Ftr I had a Geno jersey and was bummed that he flamed out
  11. lol might be the best use of Banderas yet
  12. we all did, dude. In the past he's flashed for a few quarters, even a couple games... but we all assumed it would catch up with him in hollywood fashion, but instead its been the opposite. He's been the same guy, every week. Smart, smooth and effective.
  13. not happening buddy. That's like saying the only way i become a millionaire this week is if i win the lotto... well, yea. sure. Zach is holding the team back, so yes, if he sucked even 50% less, we'd be playoff bound. He's the worst QB in the NFL right now I'm saying that as your friend amigo. For real, forget all the jazz these last few weeks. Its over... He is not even SEEING the field. Total bust right now. Who knows what the next few years has in store for Zach, but its RIP for 2022.
  14. I know it's been sort of hokey/novelty topic around here, but he's pretty much locked up the comeback player of the year award and he just keeps making these ridiculous throws. It's ironic given our current situation, but you gotta give up for the man. He's been one of the top 5 consistent week-to-week Quarterbacks in the NFL in 2022. Like, have you watched Geno play this year? Insane!
  15. honestly, as much as i can't stand him in our uniform right now -- i feel sorry for the mf'er tomorrow in the film room. They're going to be showing him at least 8-10 plays that could have 20+ yard gains, and touch downs.. and it's going to look bad. If he isn't shook already, he will be after tomorrow.
  16. that was fcking 5 yard - pardon my language, that was a 5 yard little out route. I'm talking about back shoulders, fades, seams, corners, consistently outside vs man. The god damn bread and butter that wins you a football game.
  17. If it was ANY another position, you just take him off the field. Voila. A Win. the verdict is in. Your move Joe & Rob.
  18. That is what a loser team would do with a red hot roster… is die on their drafted QB hill. And that is why is been since SBIII
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