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  1. It’s the right move. Team is looking like a Disney movie.
  2. Don’t care really. His confidence/ego has never been in question. His vision on the field after the snap is all matters to me. Paralyzed in the headlights.
  3. I think it’s a bigger mess optically then actually. Flacco should’ve never been on the team. Putting him as the number two early in the season and so forth created this optical situation that somebody other than Zack should be the back up. His draft capital also suggests (politically) that we have to either be all in or all out… So while all those things are true, in actuality he’s probably the second best quarterback on the team and should serve as the number two. It’s not necessarily endorsement on Zack as much as it is an indictment on our depth
  4. Agreed. Zach's continued appearance on the field shared far more in common with popularity (being the draft pick that reflected on JD's decision) than it did business.
  5. I agree with you, there's plenty of talent. Every team has injuries. MFL is not great at his job rn/yet. @Chrebetfan80 has a lot to say schematically about his shortcomings.
  6. I'd rather watch the Jets lose, than watch them win with ZW right now. I don't like anything about that kid. If he grows the fck up this summer and shows up looking it -- then we can talk. Until then, blow.
  7. Time to sound the Ruckert horn. min done with our TEs
  8. Need to see something evolve in the game plan this half
  9. Gimme a break. We made them punt 40 times in a row. Tap out and go watch figure skating
  10. Swear to god these 1st down draw plays. Kill me now.
  11. Honestly, I think White's been nothing short of amazing - given the Oregon trail he's traveled to be here. We have [barely] seen flashes of competence at QB since Pennington, and White has already hit that bar and nearly exceeded it 2 games this year... White's situation here is an analog for America's infatuation with hyperbole. Everything has to be the best, otherwise it's the worst. The outliers (ie. Mahomes) too often are seen as some kind of attainable/reasonable measurement of success. Instead of comparing him to Zeus, how about we look at "What's needed to win with White".... If he continues to play the he has, you can win on any given sunday with him. I love this WR class. Big time.... though i do see some overvalued guys (in december) at the top. We'll see where this is in 4-6 weeks.
  12. I think we've already learned a lot... I'm not sure "1 game" is the measure of White's effectiveness anymore. It's going to be where we are in January.
  13. That's already happened behind closed doors to the people that need to hear it... what you're seeing is what Zach needs to hear to stay engaged. "keep working...you never know"... The analysis of his behavior as best as we know it, suggests that he is also the kind of kid that being told "best luck next summer in camp" will likely lead to complete disengagement and pouting. They'll attack that in the offseason, but for now, they're telling him what he needs to hear - not what Rob wants to say.
  14. No, that's what he's putting out there because that's what Zach/PR need to hear. That's what Rob needs to do at the moment... it's for optics only. The players know. Rob knows. It's White's team now, and Zach is not coming back, barring some calamity of injuries and errors that would be far outside the realm of "losing a couple of games".
  15. true, but he's played what, 5 NFL games? He should get ALL the leash given how well he's developed with such limited "live rounds" time. If he continues down this path, the trajectory is very high for him... The "meh" tone about some of the missed opportunities on sunday needs to be put in temporal context.
  16. He was recovering from an injury that cost him the majority of the offseason... so, not shocking he wasn't out there over Cager. Agree to disagree, on Conklin and Uzomah being people the staff would love nothing more than to see leapfrogged by your rookie TE. Why did we even sign them if we can't wait for them to be overtaken. Makes no sense. I'm not saying Ruckert has set anything on fire... just that any narrative about Jeremy "struggling" to assert himself is garbage. "oh he had a drop!" Well, i guess we should throw in the towel and burn him at the stake then.
  17. disagree. If Rob is worth half his weight in salted meat, then Zach only dresses again when/if he ACTUALLY resets. MW hurt -- > Flacco/Streveler. You risk wrecking the whole "reset process" by letting him play again before he cleans up his whole shtick.
  18. go with Streveler at that point. Wilson is done for '22
  19. ahhh no, on the "clearly Ruckert" end of this post. You just paid 2 TEs... clearly, they're going to play over the rookie, barring bad games like this. Personally, i think they're a bit redundant, and neither is really adding wrinkles to the offense. Conklin has been OK to good, but I want more from the position. our TEs should have at least 2-3 TDs in a game like yesterday. Neither moved off the line with a ton of nimbleness tbh when I paid attention.
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