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  1. Really feeling the No Breece Hall factor today. We’re too one dimensional. Easy to defend inside the 15.
  2. Has he been his best? No. Is he playing like trash? Please. He’s getting his timing down with WR, no running game to speak of and honestly the TEs are letting him down all over the place.
  3. Give me a break and Take a walk. Ball is being put on the hands of NFL receivers. Fck atta here with this nonsense.
  4. I’m ok with it. Defense is beating them up. It’ll catch up to them the deeper we go. No getting fair treatment in the PIs tho
  5. You’re not wrong, but you’ve also been a broken record with him.
  6. This thread is full of vagina. Act like you been there before boys. Game is sixty mins, not six. put on some pants and settle in.
  7. Davis needs to be at best the 5th read. Wilson, Moore, TE, RB - then Corey. I don’t like how vulnerable he is to contact
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