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  1. Nothing would please me more than to have a Gator lead the Jets to the promised land… AR15 is not that guy. Day 3 QB.
  2. This is the single most significant and direct cause for the deterioration of the team's performance. Everything else is in some capacity, symptomatic of this problem.. reverberations of this issue that compound over time.
  3. you've shown your cards with this post. Until you come to terms with how bad he is, you're not gonna be able to move forward. His ineptitude is not solely and completely correlated to the competency of MLF... Second overall. Number 2. A rare Talent... That guy needs to be better than a bad OC. We can draft 6th round QBs from New Mexico State if that's how simple the recipe is.
  4. I see what you did there; dressing up an excuse for Zach's implosion by passing off blame to the CS... you said it in 1556 words, but that's the Logline. Sure there's blame to be laid at MLF's inflexibility, but that is a distant 2nd issue to the 3rd eyelid we drafted. 2 biggest problems with all of this for what it's worth-- You're wildly underplaying the gravity of having the "ELITE" talent you took at 2 going down as an unmitigated bust. Hall of Shame stuff. It starts with him, not the other way around. These are grown men who've been playing for 10+ years. The offense consistently showed signs of life with ZW out (when they weren't selling us Father Time Flacco). He wasn't just a bust like Darnold, he was epically incapable. You're assessing/treating the team in inert or mechanical fashion. A room of 53 men is a complex psychological machine, and every year, again, again and again, and again -- we see examples of teams (same players) performing in dramatically different fashion for no other reason than "Culture". The whole thing changes when they're NOT shouldering the dead weight of Zach. That is a real thing, with real measurable/tanglible outcomes. You can not convince a group of professionals, face to face, to walk the green mile over and over and not expect to see the erosion we have. "We want the most competitive players...but we want them to compete knowing we're sending them out there with a lame-leg... just because... and we need you smile and carry the company line while you're at it. Again, the MOST competitive players, please" I don't mean to be overtly combative, but you were unwaveringly adamant that ZW was a rare/top shelf talent and this reads like you're still coming to terms with reality. It's just not that complicated. He was disturbingly bad, and having to play him based on draft pedigree would be the kiss of death for most CS/lockerrooms. Coaches have to look in the mirror, no doubt, but the players had enough. The point of Saturation happened about 8 weeks ago.
  5. What’s even worse; knowing as it happened we’d be where we are right now.
  6. Zero fcks were given the moment they called ZW’s name back in… goes to show you that contracts and the like don’t translate psychologically. No one wants to play in rigged game.
  7. This is such a bad look for a team that had the playoffs in sight, and in good position. rookie of the years all over the place, and DPOY candidate with QW.. and yet total carnage… a Cannibal Corpse song incarnate.
  8. Pretty sure when the boss blows his load on the BYU kid at 2 overall because he’s hemorrhaging FOMO, you don’t have a choice on whether to play him.
  9. Imagine being #2 overall and getting waxed by Streveler loooooooool
  10. *insert meme of guy looking over his shoulder at other girl: “Gase and Darnold days”
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