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  1. *insert meme of guy looking over his shoulder at other girl: “Gase and Darnold days”
  2. As good as Bam’s been, he has to be better than that. That was bush league. Keep your head up and your feet moving. He just ran straight into the center. Need more vision.
  3. This 7th level hell stuff…. Hating ZW the prospect, watching your team take said player, then he winds up being worse than you can imagine and then having to endure this weekly Leng T’Che. It’s like watching your wife sleep with your boss
  4. I actually don’t know if I can survive another 3 quarters of offensive ineptitude from NY It shouldn’t be this hard
  5. Jets are the kings of giving up 8 min drives of 3rd and longs via screens and flat routes
  6. they need to approach this game as "whatever it takes to win"... like fck QB politics and all that jazz. Come right out in the first series with a Streveler package. sprinkle him in so that if you DO need to lean him in the 2nd half, it doesn't feel so "abrupt"
  7. imagine if we hadn't beaten the Jags that year with a throwaway tank game -- and had TL right now We'd be talking January rn
  8. Yea Demus fell off the radar... There's quite a bit of star power at the top of the WR class (little less with Boutte returning), not sure how much i love the depth yet... will depend on a few more Juniors -- whether they declare or not.
  9. Well, again -- that's of function of not having a stable/long-term HC with history of winning AND still searching for a QB... it goes without saying those leashes are shorter and open to scrutiny. I don't think we've disproportionately hung QBs out to dry -- that's confirmation bias re: NY sports media playing into perception IMO
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