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  1. This narrative has been a constant blemish on this regime, offensively anyway. Mims, Moore, Zach Wilson, our Oline; they’ve all had issues with the heavy handed “must adapt/learn the scheme”. Which is the dumbest thing ever to see at the nfl level. You match scheme to your talent, not the other way around.
  2. I’m not doing this with you. By the numbers, competition matters.
  3. insert "If this is true, how do you explain this outlier i found that's the exception to your statement" -Well, Steve... it's just that, an outlier... An exception. Obviously.
  4. it is, actually. Yea, the way he's played down the stretch probably has the front office changing their tune. He's 7th in the NFL in rushing if you can believe it.
  5. i don't know if i trust MFL to have a job here next fall. Word back stage is that he's on thin ice.
  6. There's a least a possible, albeit small, chance that the Bears' new regime will complete the roster blow up in Feb-April and trade Fields... who they really don't appear to be making efforts to support. So there's a scenario out there where the bears picking in the top 3/5 picks take a QB and reset -- trading Fields MW and Fields next year? We pass Wilson off to LAR and McVay's ego? Why not dream (i know, the optics of trading for the guy you passed on are prohibitive)
  7. "If you're redrafting today, it's Justin Fields at 2 right?" ".....No question"
  8. There's blood in the water.....this game has the potential to be full on implosion
  9. Granular nitpicking like this doesn’t shed any greater light. ZW clearly isn’t currently capable of playing at an NFL level. Draft aside and merit alone, he’s bottom 30-40 QB. The problem now is - it’s that much harder to asses anything from Moore’s effort to MLF’s suckage. It’s genuinely hard to gauge the effectiveness of most of the offense when you’re QB is incapable of giving you a baseline to work with
  10. I don’t have the appetite to argue like I used to. We’re on to Cincinnati!
  11. I find your perspective on this to be too myopic/acute. I know @slimjasi is painting me with a broad brush, but it's accurate in this case, which is ironic because half the site is looking for blood from JD/Rob, which i think is in fact, ridiculous. We're in such a better place now than we've been for a decade, injuries notwithstanding. The only consistent/redundant theme over the course of the season has been poor QB play... with some MFL and porous Oline play further polarizing that covalent bond. Yesterday was more of the same.
  12. I'm over that sh*t though... you're never gonna play a perfect game. KC just about lost to HOU yesterday. There's always going to be a couple of bad plays and busted coverages. Good teams limits those, but you'll never eliminate them. Of course there's a lot areas we could have played better, including [lack thereof] a pass rush. Better QB play is the only one to me that, if improved, i could say - "We win that game" I take back what i said though, STs is also a reason. After reflecting on that, it's been a legit liability.
  13. actually... ok point made. i'll eat some crow there. STs have fcked us too often to ignore at this point.
  14. take out the word entirely then. ZW is the reason we lost. Its the only one that matters. Getting burnt on a well designed 4th and 1 happened... but a foolish team would be the one to write off the L because of that play.
  15. No.... not even close. Really? You really believe that he played well enough to be talked about like that? Is that why GW was so thrilled about being overthrown.
  16. what other area? It never felt like we just needed to use a time out. And defenses sell out to stop the run on a 4th and 1 virtually every time. Hitting the TE on a flat route was ballsy and it worked. It's not like our approach to the play was a calamity. QB play is the reason the team was not able to take advantage of their porous defense. They stacked the box on Knight and forced us to pass. I highly doubt the lockerroom narrative wasn't "Jesus D! you really blew it on that 4th down..." or -- "Cmon Rob!... use your head"
  17. This your first season as fans? If the proverbial "you guys" want to live in a space where you chalk this one up to a couple of timeouts - knock yourself out. Meanwhile, i'll stay over here in the tempered universe of honesty. Yesterday loss wasn't because of botched time out, or a well played 4th and 1...the reason we lost was because our QB (repeatedly) took crippling sacks and missed WRs downfield. That's why we lost. Game is decided over 4 quarters...you don't lose because of 1 play.
  18. Cmon dude. You’ve been around too long for this take. It was entirely on Zach Wilson. Players will make plays, and Zach Wilson didn’t make enough.
  19. I dunno. I don’t relate with a lot of you guys this time around. Clock management at the end was meh. Not criminal, but meh. Taking 12 yard sacks and overthrowing ppl is why we lost. Not b/c of timeouts. …and yes that blown 4 and 1 was crippling but it was not some coaching circus moment. We sold out to stop the run on a 4th/1 and they called TE cross in the flat… it was a ballsy call and they pulled it off. …lessons learned but nothing I would crucify the coach over. ZW is unequivocally not capable of putting the team on his shoulders. Ppl are hurt, OLINE is in tatters - he needed to make plays that he didn’t. That’s all that happened
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