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  1. I’m ok with it. Defense is beating them up. It’ll catch up to them the deeper we go. No getting fair treatment in the PIs tho
  2. You’re not wrong, but you’ve also been a broken record with him.
  3. This thread is full of vagina. Act like you been there before boys. Game is sixty mins, not six. put on some pants and settle in.
  4. Davis needs to be at best the 5th read. Wilson, Moore, TE, RB - then Corey. I don’t like how vulnerable he is to contact
  5. How is this Wilson related? Maybe I’ll guilty of passing on watching another trite Disney film more than once in 1993 - what’s the reference
  6. That’s my understanding (another year of eligibility). And yes they can practice in D1. ..there’s medical redshirts too and old transfer rules. It’s how you get these 25 year seniors sometimes. That K. Thompson (RB/WR) for UVA has been playing college ball since 2017 lol
  7. The Mike White experience over there rn lol
  8. I think the Ravens are gonna slide down the stretch.
  9. You're channeling far too much frustration and disappointment into the Jets (& Jets fanbase) current situation/decisions. Ask yourself, what am i doing on any given day that I derive pleasure/enjoyment from. Increase the opportunity for catharsis in your life.
  10. lol somehow Zach's sh*tty attitude is CJ's fault?! What kind of Bs... You could hire 200 mentors, but all they can do lead a horse to water... ridiculous to associate their competence with Zach's character. if 25 other guys in the locker room say - "Hey, i like that Uzomah guy -- i think i'll take a page from his book", but the 1 who doesn't - is a reflection of CJ's mentorship ability? I don't think so bud. It's a reflection of ZW and only ZW
  11. if only god hadn't invented the Xbox... apparently he was more concerned about logging in the hours there than he was in the film room. #RIP P. Lynch.
  12. Nice list. Lot of a names/faces in there... lol Cade McNown. No statistician would be able to draw a significant correlation coefficient from this... all it tells me is that coaches matter. they know when to hit the gas and when to pull the plug.
  13. Correct. But somehow they’ll wind up in first. You’ll see. 6 teams will tie or something galactically suspicious
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