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  1. Nothings changed… and it Won’t without a serious coming to Jesus moment in the off-season for Zach see what I did there
  2. Zach’s balls have the touch of a tinder account at 1:00am
  3. Gotta love the commitment to the strong side toss on 2nd and 10
  4. i just don’t like watching Zach and the Jets. Don’t care about the why’s and reasons. It’s simply not a fun experience as a fan for me.
  5. I don’t know if MLF has ever demonstrated a good grasp of how to call running plays. Better stated, he’s shown a disturbing lack competence in that area. Breece Hall was living off of natural talent
  6. Lions are legit. Jets gonna get blown out if they don’t match the effort put on the field. Don’t worry, the #2 overall Zach Wilson with his rare arm talent and ability make off platform throws will dig us out
  7. If Kylian coulda ripped that one off at the end he would have ascended into godhood
  8. This will be the finish they’ll talk about for the next decade.
  9. Yea no. Objectively the tape disagrees with you. He’s a good QB with NFL touch and accuracy. He’s a winner.
  10. I can’t watch Tua with thinking about how many Jets fans inexplicably ragged on him. Not for being a Dolphin, just being a bust/bad QB/etc. messed up animosity.
  11. I hope you’re right.. but that’s a legit offense over there. Ppl keep writing them off and windup getting clowned as result
  12. Honestly the lions and Jags are red hot. They could easily walk over the jets if Wilson is as bad as he was vs NE… be hard to not move on at least in principle.
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