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  1. So to review; Zach Wilson is mostly hot air until proven otherwise. T-Law was overhyped. And right now Justin Fields Just dunked on Tray Lance. so Justin fields is who I thought he was
  2. Jets are the same team they’ve always been. scared.
  3. Flacco is the worst. What did I do to deserve this? Can’t believe I came out for this
  4. Yea he stood out. Only made it till half time. see ya down there.
  5. GA southern ballin' rn against nebraska... Quietly good QB play from the Sunbelt lately, in fact, they're becoming the best of G5 conference to play competitive football.. or at least it feels that way lately.
  6. I was just talking about senorGato tonight. Miss him
  7. I just feel like his athleticism and improving have kept him in games but when it comes to the nuances of the position and ability to dictate the offense, it’s sluggish, late and there’s no feel. Thought the gators were gonna turn a corner this season. Disappointed
  8. Richardson is dead to me. He makes everything look difficult
  9. Marshall hanging that L on the Irish with a pick six. They look lost.
  10. Btw, outside of a couple splash plays, Bijon looked pretty ordinary for a “generational” running back today. id take Gibbs over him in a heartbeat
  11. I was until that beast w/WVU CJ Donaldson stole my heart last week.
  12. We're off and running with UL at UCF (7-7 already) Malik Cunningham is on stage... not sure the NFL is in his sights the way it was for Malik Willis... John Plumlee is fun -- but keep your eye on UL WR Tyler Hudson who dominated at Central Arkansas, transferring now to the Cardinals... He has NFL chops
  13. Ok, if we’re playing the honesty game — he’ll get blown up. I like the mojo he displayed, but we also saw a propensity to turn the ball over under pressure - alongside his scrambling yards. Flacco first… then, we’ll see
  14. Come tailgate with me.. I’ll make it better. We’re gonna pull this off, together
  15. Yea!! We’re gonna will a Double-U my friend
  16. I flew across the damn continent to be here on sunday.... if we show up flat and it's a blow out, i'm never coming back.
  17. Is it possible the fanbase is higher on the BYU product than the rest of the world?
  18. I'm not surprised -- they're not governed by the same sportsmanlike rules of engagement -- you have a chance for Cade to get some live rounds (considering he's gonna hear his name called eventually) -- you take that chance. He's probably gonna get 1 quarters of play vs Furman, LATech is after... quiet for a couple weeks till WF.
  19. He's awful.... no precense at the position... he's another bad 2 Quaters away from getting yanked. that Defense is far too sexy to be held back by that mess... no anticipation or awareness.
  20. stacked... Most of my rosters are loaded with these names. If think we differ on B. Hall expectations this year.... i think the whole fantasy/NFL community has inflated his year 1 impact signicantly... if you weren't aiming to keep Hall, i would have taken D. Pierce 7/7 days a week a head of Hall. Carter will still 45-60% of the snaps, especially early on with PP.. i also don't trust Cook's useage this year. we're talking depth now, but that's me looking for holes to poke. Gainwell is a better in 2022 imo. Like Collins Pickens more to... Also the second McGuire or Wilson (*hearts*) gets hurt, and they will, you jump on TDP and never look back.
  21. The future is Cade Klubnik. Reeks of a top 5 pick already.
  22. Jordan Travis' ball placement has been sick tonight. Should be closer to 21-3 And just now, Killer throw to wilson
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