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    2022 — Geno out there being a million times more entertaining than the Jets you can’t make this stuff up. I want to die.
  2. Or both? At this point, if you can afford the roster space i would grab him and Jordan Mason. Wilson will be a bidding war, but as i love him, he has a farts chance of playing 16 more games.
  3. He's a odd cat., i'll give him that.... it's almost like, he wanted to come back NY I dunno... think year after year in the last decade, history speaks for itself. Jets aren't considered a great place to go -- player/coach.
  4. I've to be wrong about this kind of thing. Would i love to be? Absolutely. I would 10000000% go get Sean if i could... but why would a guy who could lands 8 jobs without farting pick this place. Think about it like it's your job. How long have you worked for your current employer.... imagine have the reputation we have
  5. Dude. Sean Payton is never, ever coming here. Would you take a job with a total dumpster fire company? .....Or one OF THE MANY OFFERS he'll get from lucrative well established organizations where he can enjoy some more career longevity. A commodity like Sean Payton, will never, ever.... never never never never never never never never... EVER... EVER-EVER... never never never never never ... ever come here. You work at McDonalds or you're trust fund baby if you think someone like SP would take a job here.
  6. That's the problem, and precisely why myself and others are like - NOPE.... not gonna stomach this one... This is not a talent issue, which as been (historically) an anchor for expectations.... the roster on is the brink of being flush. They're coaching scared; calling plays not to lose on offense. Let the players play
  7. Jets and "deserve credit" is a laughable attempt to self-medicate. I'll give them credit when they earn it, cause ain't no one throwing respect our way anymore. Bullsh*t and excuses; pick your poison.
  8. It’s not though. I concede it’s certainly a part of the problem, but teams all over the nfl in that time span have managed to do way more with less.
  9. One year, where a decent offense put up points on a mediocre team - smashed Jets records across the board. That's how low the bar was.
  10. Doesn't matter how you slice it; QB play, Coordinators, talent etc... they just never show up to play. First downs are always pulling fcking teeth... Yet, annually, names like Jacoby Brisett, Carson "Zepplin" Wentz, David Mills ,etc all put up points and move the ball. It's not just "one" issue. we suck multiple levels. Jets are unlikeable... I still love my middle brother, but he's a p.o.s... same thing.
  11. Mostly accurate, except the playcalling was dainty as well... tough to know for sure when that fcking statue was back shtting bricks the whole time.
  12. Really. Exactly how am I the fkc wrong. I’ll wait.
  13. So to review; Zach Wilson is mostly hot air until proven otherwise. T-Law was overhyped. And right now Justin Fields Just dunked on Tray Lance. so Justin fields is who I thought he was
  14. Jets are the same team they’ve always been. scared.
  15. Flacco is the worst. What did I do to deserve this? Can’t believe I came out for this
  16. Yea he stood out. Only made it till half time. see ya down there.
  17. GA southern ballin' rn against nebraska... Quietly good QB play from the Sunbelt lately, in fact, they're becoming the best of G5 conference to play competitive football.. or at least it feels that way lately.
  18. I was just talking about senorGato tonight. Miss him
  19. I just feel like his athleticism and improving have kept him in games but when it comes to the nuances of the position and ability to dictate the offense, it’s sluggish, late and there’s no feel. Thought the gators were gonna turn a corner this season. Disappointed
  20. Richardson is dead to me. He makes everything look difficult
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