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  1. He's awful.... no precense at the position... he's another bad 2 Quaters away from getting yanked. that Defense is far too sexy to be held back by that mess... no anticipation or awareness.
  2. stacked... Most of my rosters are loaded with these names. If think we differ on B. Hall expectations this year.... i think the whole fantasy/NFL community has inflated his year 1 impact signicantly... if you weren't aiming to keep Hall, i would have taken D. Pierce 7/7 days a week a head of Hall. Carter will still 45-60% of the snaps, especially early on with PP.. i also don't trust Cook's useage this year. we're talking depth now, but that's me looking for holes to poke. Gainwell is a better in 2022 imo. Like Collins Pickens more to... Also the second McGuire or Wilson (*hearts*) gets hurt, and they will, you jump on TDP and never look back.
  3. The future is Cade Klubnik. Reeks of a top 5 pick already.
  4. Jordan Travis' ball placement has been sick tonight. Should be closer to 21-3 And just now, Killer throw to wilson
  5. Sean Tucker woulda been RB1 this past April. Guy is a playmaker.
  6. My wildest fantasies aren’t as erotic as UGA’s Tight End room.
  7. Apparently this McCarthy kid in Michigan
  8. Dunno what to make of this. In theory its a well deserved opportunity for programs who aren’t OSU and Bama to play.. but what does this mean the value in winning your conference? What if we lose pac12 and big12 over the next 10 years. I love the idea of UCF getting a playoff appearance but history says they get snuffed out in cupcake fashion by top 5s
  9. Pitt looks.. ok. Maybe a touch overrated in the top 15. Virginia tech is probably worse off though lol
  10. That was mental error, he got caught looking over his shoulder before securing the ball... i think he flashes enough natural talent at the position i wouldn't worry about that one mistake
  11. now over to the next rollercoaster -- Purdue swinging back. What a thursday--
  12. This true freshman Donaldson... yeesh. He's gonna be a name.
  13. Big 10 blue collar brand all over this Purdue PSU game.
  14. Couple of fun games tonight -- I believe WV vs PITT is the co headliner along with PSU at Purdue. couple players to watch -- PITT WR Jared Wayne (haaaamilton!) and this Nicholas Singleton RB for PSU is got some hype coming off the summer.
  15. lol i think his role as a heavy hitting COP back is well established... He's a punishing back, just wish he wasn't so injury prone. The true ascending name is T Davis-Price...Don't know anyone else who had as high a grade on him as I did, besides SF obviously. Seem to surprise a lot of people in round 3. He'll be a thing. Speaking of Jeff Wilson, his clone Nate McCrary didn't make the Ravens. There'd be a name i would gush to bring in.
  16. If project Wilson is a hot mess this year, he'll get a chance to figure it out, though likely not at the expense of another top 5 draft pick QB... Not sure what kind of FA QB would be enough though... We'd have to be one of the unlikely suitors of a Rus Wilson type situation. Not sure who that would be in '23... Kyler Murray? The NFC is wildly devoid of FQBs. Lamar situation goes nowhere in BAL maybe this year?... Carr.... eh.
  17. either that's an indication that our team has turned a corner in the level of talent we have currently, so much so that our trash is someone else's treasure -- or we're cutting the wrong guys lol... I wanna say the former is true?
  18. because as aging men, being right on JN is all we have left.
  19. yea yea, i understand... I think this conversation is more about who's brain/decision making is, or ought to be, relied on. We don't want to create a sense of "Part of the QBs job is to be engineer the offense..." They're there to execute. Consistently, and efficiency do what's asked of them. Not when they feel like it, or if they like it, or if it meshes with what you want to do. If the OC calls for the flanker to run a 5 yard skinny post... then, throw the fcking 5 yard skinny post. That relationship in their roles places a huge emphasis on the OC to know "what's the right call"... not to check in the QB and say "what do you think?"
  20. It's an interesting thought, although slightly erroneous, or maybe incomplete... The majority of Coaches ascend from Coordinators, and for most teams (minus outliers), poor coaching will cap your team's success. No matter the QB... I also think Stafford's winning a SB actually is an argument against your statement. The OC is the user with the joystick calling plays. But if your QB player is rated 71 with accuracy issues and no arm -- then he's not able to execute the buttons you're mashing. I think what I'm saying is -- its not the QB up game-planning all night. Culturally speaking, we've become QB worshippers, because, to your point -- no other player can so dramatically impact a team's chance to win consistently. They're an invaluable commodity... but ideally.... IDEALLY... they're the Lamborghini your OC is driving. The driver is still the one who ultimately decides where this offense is headed.
  21. Still don't always know what the fck Lafleur is doing out there calling 47 draws a game, but I'm loving what glimpses i'm getting of our front 7 getting pressure. We may surprise some teams early on. Michael Clemons's worst enemy is Michael Clemons. He's going to be murder someone for when his buger shows up -- "I said NO tomatoes..."
  22. Whether you're rooting for Mims to burn in hell, or a burn a DB on sunday... Facts: Corey Davis has been injury prone his whole career Moore was out for a bunch of games Wilson is a Rookie Put it into perspective would I personally find room for him and Cager... 17 games is a looooooooong season You F*CKING bet i kept Strefoski!!
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