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  1. Small program, limited starting time - came from Ontario rules football... i'd argue he's met the challenge every step of the way. His game has, and continues to evolve.
  2. Round 1-- Parker is the only one worth taking there, considering we would (hopefully) have a shot at S. Ray... I rewatched a bunch of Missouri tape of him, disgustingly good. Round 2-- If by some miracle... DGB J. Strong J. Hardy round 3-- N. Agholor T. McBride R. Greene round 4-- D. Lewis R. Hall Round 5-7-- A. Goodley that's all that comes to mind off the top of my head. Guys like Crowder, Coates, Lockett, will be over drafted IMO
  3. Also, what did you see to separate strong ahead of Parker?
  4. ^^ did you watch anything on Dezmin Lewis by chance?
  5. I've been eluding in many posts to just how interested I am in Brandon aka Air Canada, but I want to make it official. He's my #1 QB down the stretch. Understand I don't mean he's the best QB in the draft class, but he's where value meets value. A mid round prospect who defines upside. It's gonna take a couple years of development, but no one outside of the potentially overrated top 2 guys, possesses anything remotely close to the potential Bridge has. He's flown under the radar for the most part (outside of draft forum junkies), but i think the combine is going to spotlight this kid and see his name thrown around in a lot discussions moving forward. Here;s a few news bits if you've never heard or read anything on him:
  6. Paradis

    Kevin White

    I can't be serious? You're talking about two RND 1 WRs... the fck would I not be serious? if I was throwing Dezmin Lewis from Central Arkansas in the argument, then you could run your mouth all you want. I watched both guys. White is not a complete receiver...yet. He may turn into one, but he struggles in a couple of areas. Parker plays like Brandon Marshall and Dez Bryant.
  7. Hardy can play more than the slot. He's the next Antonio Brown IMO
  8. tyler lockett? cmon dude... And it's Maxx, not Matt Interesting list. i appreciate originality... some reaches in there, but also some smart ones too.
  9. i'm sorry, but only a retard would think for a second that the NEW YORK Jets would draft a QB with Mariota's profile with the 6th pick in hte draft - and think he'll be anywhere but under center (if he knows what that means) week 1... The Jets drafting Mariota would be the worst thing for both parties involved.
  10. only at a jets-friendly deal... but me thinks it's pretty certain Rex is going to bring him in to help establish his system and culture in BUF
  11. He definitely caught my attention at the senior bowl - or was that the east-west game? Either way, he's on the radar. Don't think he has the measurables to be much more than a number 3/4 though. We'll see. Loose Stevie Johnson comparisons came to mind. Both UCF guys (Brashad Perriman, or I like to call him Kevin White - Lite) should be productive in the NFL.
  12. such a stretch to speculate right now... the pendulum will swing back in Mariota's favor and he'll be the en vogue name in April. TEN could still fall in love with him, as could WSH. As long as we don't draft him, I'll be happy.
  13. He's been the "underdog of the week" it seems... I watched a couple games - kid's legit, he's got moves. A poor man's Kevin White is where i'd peg him as of today. Did a lot of the same as captain WV, but not quite as impressive.
  14. TE MyCole Pruitt... but we're talking real deep in the draft. of the more household names, i think Nelson Agholor has easily slipped through cracks, largely because of the top flash and flair of the big WR. He's (to me) a better prospect than some of the other 2nd tier receivers after the famed top 4
  15. We don't have the fortitude. I'd happily wager my newborn on it... its not just the jets, its every team. The Jags had no reason to start Bortles last year. Heck they even promised to sit him a year and look how long that lasted. Hopefully a decade of failed prospects at the quarter back position will shed some light on the need to develop these guys before throwing them into the thunderdome against NFL defenses.
  16. Tinstar.... Tin baby... Old ten ton tinny... In what universe are you living in? There is zero chance that the NEW YORK jets draft a QB with Mariota's profile with the 6th pick and sit on him for a few years. Not even 1 year. Have you seen the Jets over the last couple years?! Sorry, but you're out to lunch on Mars. The Jets should pass on Mariota without blinking an eye. It's the right thing for this franchise.
  17. I didn't mean me and you were odds necessarily, just speaking at large about individuals pointing to the outliers to make a case for why someone isn't a risk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Point made - but that's a load of sh*t.... You (the figuratively "you") can't point to the exceptions and apply them to the standards. Yes, Aaron Rodgers was one of many many system QBs who had some questions, and he just happened to be the one that worked out, wonderfully too. All you can take from that is - you never know with 100% certainly. But Aaron spend years on the bench developing his game. Had he started year 1, there's no telling where his career might be now. Since Stafford was taken with the first pick in the 2009 draft, virtually every QB taken in the first (with the obvious exception of Andrew Luck), has been thrusted into action too early - and struggled mightily. Cam Newton might be one that you could say has had moderate success. Bridgewater might prove to be another for list, we'll see. ...But the reality is, the chances of Mariota being successful out of the gate in any offense not named Kelly's is bleak. If New York drafts him, there's no way in hell he sits on the bench... and thus we'll do this whole song and dance again with a rookie QB struggle to score and turning the ball over. No thanks.
  19. Paradis

    Kevin White

    I'm presently doing my homework on Strong, whom i had as the #4 WR in January.... I'm not done with all of the games yet, but he's trending upwards. All that said, he couldn't touch Parker.
  20. Paradis

    Kevin White

    So i finally committed a morning to watching what I could find on White... impressive, but i'm not putting him over Parker. I can't say for sure that he'd be anything more than a mid to late RND 1 prospect on my board. -Good to great jump ball artist -played his best against tight man coverage. often gets decisive separation. When he gets behind his man, it's over. -tracks the ball OK, but not elite in that department. -contested catches were 50/50, especially when a DBs hands were all over him. drew a lot flags, but also dropped balls when a DB attacked the catch like NFL corners will. -great first step, doesn't let the corner dictate his positioning. finds space. -better outside than in. Decker clone in that area at times. Missed a number of throws between zones though. seemed to lose track of ball between LBs and Safeties. -YAC production was noteable but nothing jaw dropping -didn't look all world against an off man/zone scheme. doesn't play through coverage over the top well. Watch the Texas game. -willing and capable blocker -At times, i felt like i was watching Deandre Hopkins on steriods, once in a while though, I wondered if he'll be the next Reggie Williams. Final thoughts; an A-list WR prospect who has the ability to take the top off a defense and force teams to account for him every play. I don't however see the kind of domination you'd like from a franchise WR like Julio or AJ who possess the ability to take over a game. He does a lot things that we already get from Decker. His ceiling may be someone like Jordy Nelson, but his floor could also be a glorified Donte Stallworth.
  21. 5 ways to achieve the same (if not better) results without trading.... 1 - Draft Brandon Bridge.... he's 100x the prospect Dysert was. 2 - Draft Shane Ray....or sign Worilds, Graham, Hughes. etc etc 3 - Sign Maxwell 4 - Sign Jimmy Wilson and let him work with Pryor and Jarrett. 5 - Sign Crabtree, we need to upgrade at the Z position and he'll come at relative bargain for his talent.
  22. i change my mind, i'm back on the ray train over fowler.
  23. Sorry Tin, it's a pipe dream. When you possess the kind of talent DGB and Gurley do, everything else eventually becomes white noise. The closer to draft day, the more teams start to say - Why not? Behavior and Injuries aside, Gurley and Beckham are the #1 and #2 talents in the whole draft class... obviously, those are pretty serious "asides" but, nonetheless. Once in a blue moon talent.
  24. Well, I mocked Dante to us in my pre-combine mock, and I moved Fowler into the #1 OLB spot... so either of those two. If I was going to pull a total shocker out of the hat, I'd say Danny Shelton becomes our 3-4 NT and makes snacks and Ellis an afterthought.
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