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  1. I don't know why there's so much confusion , I put both their first initial and position. DGB is a personal fave, but he's obviously a question mark. I was referring to the top 3 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Landon Collins. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I didn't mean to intimate that any of these were Gholstonesque OLBs. I was pointing toward the last time we picked at 6. Of course there's examples at every position, it's about mitigated risk as always. Really have a hard time seeing Cooper, Gurley or Parker flunk out. White will probably beast, but easily the biggest concern of the fabled WR group. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I don't want Hundley either, but my gut says we;re gonna blow a pick on one of those pricks (Petty/Hundley)... I really hope not. I understand the concern about RB's and longevity (not worried about his knee at all)... but what are we gonna do? Take some overrrated edge rusher? Grab the "guard" of the year in Scherff and pass on a talent like Gurley? or white or Parker? C'mon man... We've all bitched and moaned about the lack dynamic plays on offense over the last 3-4 years. We need to reach for the stars here, make a statement pick with the #6. Not another Gholston. We need a face of the franchise kind of selection here - the new regime's prince.
  5. you noticed that hey lol... it actually was more of function of watching a lot of hardy tape. I noticed Worth, and he's definitely a undervalued late round receiver. Same with Williams. He's not in my first round.
  6. **This is an account of what I think will happen, not necessarily what I want to happen** TB: J. Winston, QB TEN: M. Mariota, QB... whether it's TEN or a trade (90% PHI), he's going #2 JAX: D. Fowler OLB/DE OAK: A. Cooper, WR... Carr's new bff is the agenda here. Its the move any F.O. would make. WSH: L. Williams, DT NYJ: T. Gurley, RB.... I DO think they prefer Cooper or Mariota, but two things have become apparent: 1 - Jets are looking to trade back. 2 - The Mac seems set on taking the BPA. There's no one else even remotely worth talking about on defense as BPA. Girlie's knee is improving everyday (google his treadmill video) and if not for that injury, he would be gone by pick 3... I think they take the next Adrian Peterson, and baby him for a year (Ivory and Ridley are FA in 2016). If it was me, the conversation would be Parker vs Girlie. CHI: K. White, WR ATL: V. Beasley, DE/OLB NYG: B. Scherff, OT/G STL: D. Parker, WR MIN: L. Collins, OT/G CLE: D. Shelton, NT NOS: B. Dupree, DE/OLB MIA: D. Green-Beckham, WR ...we should all hate this, and could very well happen. DGB visited MIA, and Parker will be gone. SF: T. Waynes, CB HOU: C. Erving, C...This may surprise some people, but not GMs. SD: M. Gordon, RB KC: A. Peat, OT... KC kicks fisher over to RT and Peat at LT CLE: E. Flowers, OT PHI: N. Agholor, WR ...Ultimately i think they trade up for Mariota, and return TEN might take Gregory here. CIN: M. Brown, DT PIT: K. Johnson, CB DET: DJ Humphries, OT ARZ: A. Armstead, DT CAR: P. Dorsett, WR BAL: M. Peters, CB DAL: S. Ray, DE ...the injury slide stops here. If Ray gets out of the top 15, he could fall a ways before finding a home on DE needy team. DEN: E. Goldman, NT IND: L. Collins, S GB: E. Kendricks, LB NOS: R. Gregory, DE/OLB NE: B. Jones, CB ****rest of the Jets draft 2 - E. Harold, OLB (Virginia)... We haven't brought in any of the tier 2 talent at WR. I suspects they'll look OLB or OT here. 3 - B. Hundley, QB (UCLA)... Not a fan, but their agenda seems to read "QB" based on all the visits. I suspect Petty and Grayson go rnd 2. 4 - A. Marpet OT (Hobart)... Jets like this guy. 7 - T. Smith, CB (Towson)... great corner prospect who the Jets worked out. Insurance for Milliner/McKnees 7 - C. Worth, WR (ECU) *****Now, what I would have picked 1 - T. Gurley, RB... tempted to put Parker here, but I have faith in Girlie's health and he is the BPA on offense. 2 - E. Harold, OLB... so far, we're on the same page. Tempted to take Strong here, but i think the lack OLB moves in FA makes this a must. 3 - Justin Hardy, WR (ECU)... Hardy can take over the slot and become a dynamo in Gailey's system. 4 - S. Mason, OG/OT (GT)... Its a stretch he makes it this long, but he'd be homerun for the Jets 5 - Trade a 4th next year B. Bridge, QB (South Alabama)... Jets get a developmental QB they can mold for Gailey 7 - T. Williams, NT (ECU)... Beast of a man 7 - Z. Wagenmann, OLB (Montana)... project pass rusher
  7. i think it's a ruse to get a team to trade up for OLB if they want them. I read the title, then i considered the offseason moves, and I'm far from sold that we're taking an edge rusher at #6
  8. To me, it's not even a discussion. Parker is best WR in the draft when you account for DGBs off-field circus, though i can't fault someone for wanting to go with the pure-bred in Cooper... but I would be severely disappointed to see the Jets select White over Parker.
  9. Yes, but PIT hasn't (in recent years) spent 1st round picks at the position outside the now busty Jones. Harrison, Worilds, Porter, Woodley... none of them were 1st round picks.
  10. I'd like the think The Mac isn't going to be that transparent... but we didn't even pursue any of the free agent OLBs this past FA period... and there were a number of them available. Smells like he's planning on getting one here at some point in the draft. I just can't imagine a scenario where Beasley, Fowler or Dupree would be rated higher than Cooper, or Gurley (or in my eyes, Parker)
  11. Where to start? Unimpressive between the tackles. Isn't overly physical, needs a running lane to work with. Fumbles a lot. Basically isn't anything more than a COP back when facing anything resembling a stout run defense. YAC were none existent unless he's on the outside in 3rd gear. His pass-pro is average, but nothing to write home about.... I don't know what else to say? I'll give him props for being an accomplished receiver out of the back field, and probably will rip off big plays on 3rd and long on a screen now and then. I see a young and less physical Ahmad Bradshaw. 5th round grade in my books. Ultimately, I'm not interesting in spending a pick on glorified third down back - in a draft with David Johnson, David Cobb, TJ Yeldon. Even Buck Allen. btw; Jones was a horse in the game against Mich St... love that man.
  12. Mr. Durden! So, this is where you ended up. Guess I can assume the same for all the ol' JI exodus crew
  13. Hard to complain about landing that many players. I'm not a big supporter of Dupree that early (at this point he's riding the wave of potential, not production).. but the abdullah pick hurts. Of all the running back talent available, he's the one the I like the least.
  14. Not a terrible haul. Based on the offensive talent available, I'd be disappointed by Collins, whom i like, but not more than say Gurley, or Gordon, or Parker... DGB more than makes up for that, but we'd have no way of knowing he'll be there in the 2nd... Coleman in the 3rd is good value, but i prefer David Johnson. Harold and Smith is overkill though... but we do need some developmental talent.
  15. All i was getting at really, is that it's erroneous to point to rnd 1 RB flubs like there's a higher propensity for that to happen in Round 1 (as a reason to stay away from drafting RBs early).. it happens in every round, at the same volume. rnd is obviously higher profile names, so it's more memorable. Bigger risk, bigger reward.
  16. This is a classic sh*tty argument... is it true? kind of... but you can say that about virtually any round. List all the running backs taken in round 2, or 3 or 4 and you can make the same assessment. It doesn't matter what round you're talking about. Yes, there's a handful of a Arian Fosters out there who remind us that gems exist in the UDFA world... but the bulk of the major players today and yesterday, and tomorrow, are RBs taken in rounds 1-2
  17. Have a look: Even I'm a little surprised he's now a top 10 selection... but then again, that's sort of the extreme version of what i was thinking all a long, in that Gurley a year from now has the potential to be the best RB in the NFL... he's worth overlooking the immediate limitation.
  18. It's why I said it. And yes. I got your msg the first time. Didn't think I've been overly crude. Appreciate you calling for a mod tho. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Effective and efficient. That's how I roll. You're assessment is not accurate. Case dismissed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Sorry. Incorrect assessment. You're done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Couple things; 1 being that i think in this system with this cast, Geno has a punchers chance to be more than liability. we're about to find out unequivocally if he's worth being on an NFL roster. 2 - in regards to all the FA activity and infusion of talent... Look, of course the goal is to get into the playoffs, and it should be. Ultimately tho, I think priority 1 for Mac and his team was -- lets make the New York Jets a competitive football team again - first and foremost. There's no room for mailing it in in today's NFL. Whether we can be the darling team of 2015 is to be seen, but there's no excuse for not fielding a professional football team every week. That's the expectation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Im not a geno acolyte, but the willingfuly ignorant remark stands. In all your diatribe replies, you've yet to actually address the point I made; that management won't risk the rise of Geno in December. If Smith faceplants in training camp/preseason - then of course. All bets are off.... But if it's anywhere near close, there is no chance fitz starts. The New York Jets want to move into 2016 with no questions about what they got or need at QB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Are you dense or just that ignorant? It doesn't matter what you or I think of Fitz, cause it has nothing to do with Fitz. There is ZERO chance management risks putting themselves in a fcked up situation by having Geno look like the saviour in December. Get over it. They're going to let him play himself in or out of NY in sept... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Guess it was a stretch to think you two scientists could figure this one out, hey? 1) It's an understatement to say Fitz is a known commodity. He's an above-average bandaide. If he wasn't, he'd still be on one of the other 31 teams he's played for. 2) The WORST nightmare for Mac & co. is having to turn to Geno in december and watching Smith light it up. Do you have any idea the clusterfck that brings going into the 2016 offseason? Dust your head off. 3) If you start Geno in sept and he sucks, you can bench him after a couple weeks and never look back. Ride the bandaide consequence free and look at going after a franchise QB next year WITHOUT the scorn and curiosity of a red hot geno I apologize for thinking you'd be able to put that together yourself.
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