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  1. I doubt both will be gone. Cooper's stock isn't nearly as red hot as it was 2 months ago, and Mariota has a good chance to be the pick TEN settles on after workouts and prodays are said and done. 1 - TB, QB 2 - TEN, QB or Williams 3 - Defense 4 - OAK possible spot for WR 5 - WSH, you're talking oline and pass rushers 6... us. *on top of that, there's no one directly behind us with obvious need at WR. The closes is MIN at 10, who would be wise to wait and hope they can pair up Parker with his old bff Bridgewater. For the record i prefer Parker over these two, but if management wants a WR, they'll have a chance.
  2. Short term memory loss? They're getting Blackmon back it looks like, and spend two second round picks on two very talented WRs last year in M. Lee and A. Robinson. They're not taking a WR.
  3. Still think Parker works his way into this conversation later. He's as good a deep redzone threat as White, and as lethal as cooper was at moving the chains. I see a more complete game.
  4. The knock isn't that he's got not touch and terrible footwork. The knock is that he's raw... he hasn't developed his footwork. He say it like omg this kid's got all these issues... That's what you're gonna get from a Ontario transfer who played at 2 small programs. I'd argue that all the things he's done to get where he is today, suggests HE WILL develop. He's had 100 reasons to walk away, or convert to WR like he was initially asked to... But he didn't. And worked his ass off. And here he is... and yes, I love him. He needs to be developed. 2 years on the pine being coached up, and he may end up being a tour-de-force I started a thread a while ago about him in our draft forum:
  5. There's a few mid round guys who are worth peeking at, but no corner is going to offer the impact of those two WRs at the top of the second. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Lol, I'm tapped out for long posts. I started a thread for him. That's enough from me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I'm full on hard for Hardy. Never wavered on the love for that guy. I personally think 5 years from now he'll out perform everyone in this group not named parker and DGB (if he doesn't self-destruct). Strong and Agholor have also flown under the radar someone in the wake of the Kevin White epidemic. The thing that bothers me the most about Hardy, is that ppl keep trying to peg him as a slot WR. He makes plays all over the field. It reminds me of when I was banging the table for Antonio Brown years ago when all I read about him was a ST/possession guy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. FA is the place to address our secondary. We already have a litany of young unproven guys, we need some veteran leadership back there. No way am I ok with a corner in the second. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. You're something else buddy. I know i'm brash, but mouthing off a known draft expert...about the draft - and having tunnel vision about a guy everyone knows doesn't have the highest ceiling, is really putting you in the column of guys who not take seriously. Maybe you should take a break?
  10. All my late round sleepers showed up so far, David Johnson, MyCole Pruitt, Wes Saxton... I thought Dezmin Lewis would run faster. Hopefully my prediction of TEN taking Mariota gets some heat, that would put us out of firing range to have to make that decision. The way this group looked, I think we can get Hardy/DGB later and take Shane Ray with the first. I hope we don't get baited into taking White. I'm counting the raiders to do their thing. 1st - Ray/Parker 2nd - DGB/Hardy 3rd - D Johnson 4th - T. Jones. One can dream..
  11. You know that's Tony Pauline right?
  12. Watch them again. You're missing it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Well I'm pretty sure the guy you originally said "false" to - IS a draft expert; Tony Pauline. (How's your foot taste?)... So if you follow the draft as closely as you act in here, i'm assuming you know him. I can tell it's Tony because he doesn't respond to my posts. Anyway, contrary to what you may think you know, there are circles that believe Funchess would be wise to consider a move to TE. It's not insanity. The label of "Tight End" is somewhat loose though, as you're talking about lining up as move tight end.
  14. You're basing this on what? Tin this is not accurate statement, and it reflect poorly on you. I'd wager a reasonable sum of money with you that he's selected before Mannion.
  15. Paradis

    Kevin White

    Oh please, Mayock had C. Patterson above Keenan Allen and Deandre Hopkins. He's a draft wizard no doubt, but his word is not law. You're the one who said "You can't be serious".. not me. So spare the tough guy remarks. Watch White in the Texas game then talk to me. That's just one example. Some evaluators are looking at the upside and going all in, ignoring the cause for concern. You could point to any of the top 4 WRs and make a case for that particular individual ought to be #1. All things being equal, DGB is clearly the best prospect, but all things aren't equal, and therefore in my books, Parker is at the top.
  16. double false. have you watched Funchess? He doesn't play nearly fast or dominant enough to be a full time X wide receiver. He's bound for a role as a move TE or he's not going to make it.
  17. What are u even talking about? Eli looks bridge? First it was that garbage about Hardy and now this? Isn't there a playground you can go play in? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Kind of but not really. I'm pretty sure Logan Thomas was a TE and was asked to convert to QB, Brandon turned down the request to convert to WR and as always been about being a QB. It's not really a gamble, i mean i know what you're saying, but if you draft him in the 4th, theres worse ways to spend that pick (Saunders anyone?). I read today that Nassib was being touted as a future starter. At some point WE have to work on someone too... granted the obvious rebuttle is that we don't have someone to man the fort management is sold on at the moment.
  19. Small program, limited starting time - came from Ontario rules football... i'd argue he's met the challenge every step of the way. His game has, and continues to evolve.
  20. Round 1-- Parker is the only one worth taking there, considering we would (hopefully) have a shot at S. Ray... I rewatched a bunch of Missouri tape of him, disgustingly good. Round 2-- If by some miracle... DGB J. Strong J. Hardy round 3-- N. Agholor T. McBride R. Greene round 4-- D. Lewis R. Hall Round 5-7-- A. Goodley that's all that comes to mind off the top of my head. Guys like Crowder, Coates, Lockett, will be over drafted IMO
  21. Also, what did you see to separate strong ahead of Parker?
  22. ^^ did you watch anything on Dezmin Lewis by chance?
  23. I've been eluding in many posts to just how interested I am in Brandon aka Air Canada, but I want to make it official. He's my #1 QB down the stretch. Understand I don't mean he's the best QB in the draft class, but he's where value meets value. A mid round prospect who defines upside. It's gonna take a couple years of development, but no one outside of the potentially overrated top 2 guys, possesses anything remotely close to the potential Bridge has. He's flown under the radar for the most part (outside of draft forum junkies), but i think the combine is going to spotlight this kid and see his name thrown around in a lot discussions moving forward. Here;s a few news bits if you've never heard or read anything on him:
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