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  1. Harrison Jr might be one the best total package WRs I’ve seen in a decade.
  2. Just feels like Georgia is letting their own game get away from them. No quick and easy throws, no Bowers, no hard runs… fallen into relying on a big plays to survive
  3. Feels like Ohio might put some distance on this one if UGA can’t figure out how to start putting together some long drives
  4. If stroud’s stock was truly cooling, it’s heating back up. Having a Fields/Clemson like performance.
  5. Massive throw for a guy who’s taken a lot of heat for making plays under pressure lately.
  6. This game…. Out for a day with the partner before watching the “big” game tonight and I can not believe how badly Michigan wants to give this one away. Wild.
  7. We're in dire need of a boundary guy. GW is versatile enough to provide relief often, but if its 1st and goal from the 5, or you have a go route against a bigger DB like Woolen on 3rd and 8 and they've taken away the inside... QJ (bit scared of him) is way out of reach. there's not a lot of height in size in this class tbh. The more i've looked, the more i've cooled on the group as "special"... Admittedly I have not spend time on Rice, but AT Perry and Jared Wayne have some potential. I'm not sure Wayne has the game speed to be a dynamo, but he has good hands and natural feel for attacking the ball. If he's your boundary guy in 3 sets with GW and EM, that's nice... Perry is... interesting. He flashes big play potential and seems to have no problem with contested catches, but he's also wildly undisciplined. Hands/arms all all over the place, sloppy footwork, "tops" of the route need a lot of work. But the intrigue is there.
  8. If I'm being honest, I haven't watched a combined 10 mins of NOS this year... I expected Olave to be a high end #2, kind of an Elijah Moore if that makes sense. You're right about Watson; in that he's stacked enough big games together now that i have to give him his due... I have seen some bad drops, sloppy routes and he's been nicked up -- but the fact remains that he keeps making big plays. So maybe there's something real there. We'll see. I would have bet on him to be one that "busted" out of the top tier, and he's proved me wrong thus far.
  9. /End thread... & Forum We're on to Cincinnati
  10. lol I was referring to the part about “why do players play so much better without ZW”.. I have been vocal about the same topic; the psychological impact of players that want to win and yet feel like they’re having make do with subpar play at QB
  11. Mike White is better than the average QB drafted annually. He'll be a NYJ in 2023
  12. i don't believe for a NY minute that Saleh & JD are in any way hot water/dog house in any capacity... ZW was a huge bust, but that feels like they got fell for some clickbait -- and i trust will be better for it moving forward. To many other things have been going well.
  13. Ehh…. He is a dynamic weapon, so i am splitting hairs I guess. Anyway, to your OP; no. I don’t think so. Not yet. Sky Moore hasn’t lived up to the hype, Doubs and Pierce have been predictably inconsistent (albeit as rookies), and Watson has been as advertised - boom or bust and injury prone. That’s my jaded view anyway. Burks has been better than I expected from a “hit the ground running perspective, I will say tho. Ultimately I only see (at present) Wilson, Drake and Pickens also long term WR1… tho Dotson has a chance to tip the scales and turns this good class into a great class
  14. Little off topic, but Ceedee Lamb might be the most overrated WR since Michael Thomas... He's good, definitely a playmaker, but he's no Alpha and depends too much on being schemed open. It's why he's found his home the slot. Still stand on the take-- Tee Higgins >>> Lamb
  15. Don't you have a grid to ignorantly shut off somewhere
  16. I hated ZW as a 1st rnd pick (Fields4life)... but even I'm not going to crucify JD for the pick... Not saying he's getting off free,, but it's not as though he picked EJ Manuel, or Christian Ponder... He got caught up in the off-platform hype train.. What I do expect however, is to learn from his mistakes. Lots of positives in the last 2 years... ZW? Be better than that moving forward.
  17. If we go 2-0 vs Geno-gate and the Phish, we have a 92% chance of getting in... I'll take it.
  18. So over the Jets & Zach Wilson relationship. Adios, good luck etc, just get out of my headlines.
  19. @JiFields also dude, didn’t you just have a kid? Congrats if so. Wishes and kisses to you and the fam
  20. Numbers and scheme arguments aside-- CHI (as a result of changing regimes) expunged the roster, gathered picks and salary capital for 2023... basically put Justin Fields in a sink or swim situation; "Show us you're the guy.."... He's has won over the brass, the fans and the lockerroom -- all with a walmart team. Zach Wilson on the other hand was given ALL of the running backs, receivers, TEs, and a stout defense to put him in a position to be successful... The difference is ZW won no one over, deteriorated, and didn't display the grit of a leader. This narrative of blaming the jets and MLF for Zach's struggles is a fcking joke IMO.
  21. *Was i think you're lumping "talent" in with potential and prospect... he had rare potential (apparently). Zach Wilson is not currently a rare talent. that's not a statement that would be shared currently by Front Offices. Sauce is a rare talent. Zach is bust with *possibly* untapped potential. I hope you stick around Post-Wilson... It will be nice to gauge our rapport with that eyesore between us... you sort of appeared on JN when ZW did on our radar, and let's be honest.. you've been in his corner since day 1 and that's put a wedge between our conversations. I don't agree with any of your "ZW's demise is on the Jets"... i think he is who he is. Overrated and scheme dependent.
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