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  1. I beautiful Defense. Simply beautiful. gotta deliver now O
  2. For Mims’ sake can you just give the guy one layup ffs
  3. Stage is set mr Wilson. Jets have a chance to make a big statement here.
  4. Can’t tell if I’m suppose to love this game or be angry.
  5. I wish the same parallel existed for being on this board
  6. You’re somehow more insufferable than your hero.
  7. Cmon dude, Peddle that down the street. there’s zero reason to put that ball 6 feet above the WR there.
  8. that's not what you said though. You said it's strange that ppl can't get over 3 plays. That's not the hang up. Let's get through the tomorrow
  9. I think you're willfully ignoring the glutton of posts that have nothing to do with the 3 plays, but more his lack intuitive/progressive play. It sucks that he threw 3 picks vs NE... but who cares. There's a line a mile long of QBs who have gone through the same thing... It's not what he's doing on the field, it's what he's not doing. Would love to be wrong, but there's warranted skepticism.
  10. I don't want to put too much on one game (it is after all, one game) but i'm very curious to see how the CS/ZW respond w/ Buffalo. Do they play conservative to "preserve" Zach's psyche - score be damned? Do they make significant play calling adjustments?... Do they open it up to more simple RPO-type read and react stuff... All will be revealed tomorrow
  11. I feel like Dabo waited too late this year to do the obvious
  12. I’ve been out, how close is DJ to getting yanked.
  13. and just like that Tennessee's grip is slipping
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