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  1. I can see why the raiders passed on him for Cooper, I can't see how the skins did thou.
  2. WTF are you talking about, Richardson screamed 3 tech coming out of Mizzou. And they were very few people who though that he would not transfer well to a 5 tech. The only "concern" on Richardson was where he was going to play with Coples/Ellis/Mo already in place and drafting a guy in the middle of the first to be a rotational player concerned some fans. These are the same concerns that are being expressed now by jet fans regarding Williams. You draft the best players and let them sort it out on the field. I do however think that 2015 spells the end of Wilk with the Jets
  3. I thought you were a jet fan? At the very least I would want Mettenberger and the 2nd rd choice this year and something extra next if they sign Wilk long term before he becomes a FA/Tagged.
  4. great pick, shows that the new FO that best player available is not just lip service.
  5. I just wish they spent the 15 min split between the player and team that just selected and the next team and potential player after 4 months of Marriota/Winston for two more days. It will be pick 8 and they still they will be talking about pick 1 or two. What would be nice if CBS Sports did a better show aimed at guys who are more in tuned with the draft. A couple of ex GMs like Dominik and Savage, some colorful ex coaches like Dennis Green and Parcells, a couple of Draft guys like Rang and DeThomas with Jim Nantz being the host.
  6. If they are not going to commit to him long term, (as I would) they should trade him. Keeping him for the next two years at about a 10mil per average to see him walk and get a 97th pick in the draft will be a travesty. l peg his value at bout where they drafted him, a late first - If he is willing to sign long term at around 12-13 a year. If he is not willing to sign long term with the new team, I don't see his then diminished trade value being worth not keeping him for the two more years. Dallas may be a nice spot for a trade, pick 27 and the freed up Money can be earmarked for a extension for snacks, and will put a little downward pressure on Richardson's extension. Best scenario for the Jets would be Cooper/white at 6 then Shane Ray/Gregory at 27, Collins the OT at 38, Then DT Bennett or Cooper with the third.
  7. Sorry, the trade would need to be contingent on Rivers signing a long term deal - 4 years+, Rivers on a one year rental, I would pass.
  8. You don't think Rivers is one of the top 10 qbs in the game? I do. They had no running game and no #1 WR last year and the oline was no great shakes either. Rivers would make the Jets, Bills, Texans a playoff team. At 22 mill that is 5 mill more than what Revis is getting, Rivers will make a bigger than 25% more improvement in the jets 2016 performance than a Revis would.
  9. Tagged players get traded, The tag is no hindrance to the new team signing him long term, it just limits the teams you can trade him too. He has to want to go there and they need to have 22 mill of cap room when the trade is made.
  10. And she photo shopped the bruises too- I suppose. Look the guy hit her, whether she is money hungry or not and then used the situation to her financial advantage is of no consequence. I rather have the money than him serve 6 months in jail any day. The guy was convicted at trial by an experienced judge and Hardy was represented by a very expensive and competent lawyer. he knew that to overturn the decision all he would need to do way pay her off and it went away.
  11. Adrian Amos is one of my Binkies, Clemings as a RT is a good pick, Davis fills in for Knighton, Grayson fits nice if Peyton stays on Oswiller like Mallet will move on. Desmin Lewis will be a fine 3, but they no longer have a slot. I rather have sanders on the outside, I think Manning will kill him on crossing routes. But there were no slots where you were picking. A little early for Bell, Garcia in the 7th is great.
  12. I do't understand that line of reasoning, do you not think that the titans also had a couple of games that turned out bad due to 1 play, or the failure to make a play. The only time I buy that "we should have a better record" is when they are significant injuries like a year a QB went down,
  13. I don't see it happening this year. The team is still unsure of moving, now this time next year the situation is changed. This year they are still in SD, where he is happy. Next year 2016 however he will need to be tagged and will most likely play for the 22 mill if the team stays in SD for the 2016 season, but if they move to the Rose bowl or Colosseum, He will sit out the first ten games and join the team for the last 6 games and only be away from his family for those 6 weeks while pulling down 10 mill and make it almost impossible for the Chargers to tag a 35 YO again. I think the chargers will pounce on Hundley in the 2nd. Let him sit for a year and B/U - then trade Rivers next year with a qb in place that likes playing in LA.
  14. Patriots Draft: Went heavy on CB that can play Zone and DT that have some Pass rush and lateral quickness. Don't know if the pats want Connolly back so I went heavy on interior oline both of who are superior run blockers but need some work in pass blocking. Marcus Peters and Josh Shaw are both 6-1 and 200 lbs and have played man off zone and press Jarret and Hardison and play the 1 and the 3 in pass rush, Ryan, Fua and Rush are 3 Lbs that can play the pass as well as the run, With losing Casslias and Ayers I had to dip a few times. With SF I went heavy on the dline, they lost Sapapoga, Francuois,Justin Smith and McDonald since they went to the SB Malcom Brown and Walton I see as 3-4 DEs and Williams as a nose. Anthony I think will be a good fit to replace Willis/Borland in the middle I can see Mitch Morse starting in place of Iupati Lippett is a tough WR that will be a good #3 and can step in when Boldin hangs it up Darby, will replace one of the departed Cox and Culliver
  15. I never said spygate was not cheating, never once. The pats broke the rule on filming from the sideline and got punished. It does not bother me at all when fans of other teams bring it up or I would not be here.
  16. SF picks Dominique Brown RB -- PM sent
  17. A couple of weeks ago everyone hear thought they were going to announce it during the final four so it would not get pub, now they are going to announce it during a slow period to get pub?
  18. Please haters will just say it is a whitewash no matter what or when.
  19. What about chucking the wr after the 5 yard mark?
  20. Jet fan, is was just a sales rep and when he stated that the balls will not deflate, it was in the context that the ball will not lose air. Not that a Wet leather ball will prevent a change in PSI due eto weather conditions. This is the conversation. He took exception to the statement that BB made that rubbing the balls briskly will incerease the PSI, He did not refer to the rest of BB's argument regarding the change in atmosphericconditions representative for Wilson, the NFL's official football manufacturer, says New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's explanation for why his team's footballs were under-inflated doesn't hold water. At a press conference Saturday, Belichick posited that rubbing the footballs to break them in could temporarily raise the air pressure level by one pound per square inch. "That's b.s.," Wilson rep Jim Jenkins told Boston.com at a Super Bowl fan convention. "That's b.s., man."
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