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  1. No, a sales rep for wilson commented that the balls will not lose air, On that I think all fans agree. The balls do no deflate due to the valve leaking just that the air pressure is reduced. If you don't mean to be a wise guy, but you understand how items grow in size when heated, the opposite is true the spacing between the molecules gets smaller as air is cooled so the expansion pressure is reduced. The balls do not lose air, for which the Wilson sales rep is correct, it is the air pressure. If you weigh a cold ball and a warm ball they will both weigh the same, although the warm ball wi
  2. I would think Cox would be off their draft board. I though I read that Biscotti will not draft domestic violence offenders.
  3. Well without written results a general statement can be made that all the balls were checked and that they were at least 12.5 and not over 13.5 and maybe a statement like they were all on the low, or high or varied within that range. Anything more definitive than that would be questionable without something being written. As far as the manner for the patriot footballs were stored the pats are on record as saying the balls are stored in the locker room and prepared at 12.5 PSI in the locker room. BB said this in his press conference. What the pats have not released is the type of gage and
  4. I'm retired and the boat is not in the water, and please does math hurt your head?
  5. SF picks Leterius Walton DE PM sent to DCAT and Beerfish
  6. Dcat, please change the spreadsheet to reflect Jake Ryan, Zach hodges from harvard was placed in the field.
  7. I thought the actual work was going to be done by post docs and grad students anyway. But, when the guy who is paying the bills says take your time, everyone gets new toys.
  8. Matt Moore, but what does that mean? He is not 26 YO anymore either. And Geno can't make any throws- what games are you watching. He has a strong arm, but he does not get the ball to where his guys can catch it. Now Fitz is closer to Matt Moore. And don't bring up Miami as when he was working with sub par qbs is when he was a distraction to the team. Marshall requires everyone to play to his level, when that does not happen, he gets upset with his teammates.
  9. Yeah, he will get the #1 corner from teams that have corners that are assigned players and not a side of the field. I just said that he will not be doubled, which I believe he won't be as a matter of game planning. And you have to remember he is not having Cutler tossing him the ball, while Cutler makes some horrible decisions, he can throw the ball with the best of them.
  10. You don't even need a preponderance, unless the punishment is a draft pick or something significant. I don't get while it is taking so long unless they are having Columbia build a test specific atmospheric chamber.
  11. Marshal is still a very good WR, but neither he or Decker commands doubling. Gailey used Chandler between the seams a lot in Buffalo and both Decker and marshal like the sidelines so my guess is Amaro.
  12. I was going to make a trade with Boozer but he did not respond. SF selects Xavier williams
  13. You understand that that will cut their share of the revenue by about 25 mill per year. sh*t teams get higher draft choices and the good teams don't complain.
  14. My take also, 20 years and more when you moved you lost track of your home team and it was more likely that you took up with the local team. Now except for the 75,000 STH in every NFL city, everyone else has the same amount of "contact" with the team, does not matter where you live, you can watch them, read about them, converse about them, no reason to switch to the local team. When I was in the Navy during the 70s you lost track of whole seasons. Now you watch the games live where ever in the world you are. Up here in the Boston area with it being such a big college town and students st
  15. Because the networks want teams with a bigger national draw to have the Thursday, & Monday games. What the nfl has to eliminate is playing on the road the week after the other team has a bye, Teams that come off byes should have to play on the road.
  16. The only way to even it out is for all teams to get an equal amount of non sunday games. The networks are not going to go for that, they want the Pats to be nationally televised more than the Bills.
  17. Pats select Shaq Mason SF selects Lippett PM sent
  18. I am not comparing hernadez committing murder to anything. I am talking to both teams drafting a player with a violent and drug riddled past. You made a point that the the pats should be ashamed of drafting hernadez as if they suspected that he would commit a murder but just wanted the production. Look I understand that the other student has the bat first, But ellis did hit him with it.
  19. I am comparing the pats drafting Hernandez after his college record to the jets drafting Ellis after his record of getting kicked out of South Carolina for drug use and then taking a bat to a 140 lb guy that hit on his girlfriend. He outweighed the guy by 200 lbs and hit him with a bat.
  20. His knees are what scare everyone. I know linemen can play with a brace, but that is the reason I went with Mateus for the pats, that and Dante Scarnecia and Trickett are tight.
  21. While I believed he was guilty, I also thought it was very unlikely that they were going to get a murder 1 conviction, No weapon, no witness and no motive. Props to the prosecutors office on a great job.
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