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  1. Every qb has flaws including Brady, manning and Rogers. Rivers does not have many more than those three. SD does not want to trade him. SD has asked the nfl to relocate to LA in two years, Rivers has said he won't resign long term with a team in LA.
  2. I can see SD moving on from Rivers, but I don't see Rivers thinking NYC is an option for his family values tour, if LA isn't. Rivers volatile personality would also not be a fit for north east media market. Houston and Tenn are the two teams that have a qb need and both may well need a qb next year. Tenn may pass or trade Marriota and I like Mallet but I don't see him progressing to Rivers status during his career. Both teams offer a location where fundamentalist Christian values are welcomed. Both head coaches are known for being qb friendly. If Rivers was ok with the move the trade of Wilk and a #2 this year and next years 1 would be equal value in my eyes. Wilk would have to go to fit Rivers 14 mill salary under the cap. The number 38 would position them for both Hundley in the 2nd and maybe Grayson in the 4th. Then in two years when the stadium is built hopefully they will have a young qb to build around.
  3. I think the issue with him is that he is not disciplined in his responsibilities, he has great instincts but all he wants to do is make interceptions. he will guess where the qb wants to go and jump the route. Now reading the qb may work in college but the pros are just going to look you off and make you pay.
  4. You are not a very nice person!
  5. Why did you go with humphries for the Chargers, they just re-signed Dunlop at LT long term and Fluker is a beast at RT
  6. Why is Goodell in a "pickle" ? Are you saying that if the balls were deflated that somehow that affected the outcome of the INDY game? When the pats played better in the 2nd half when the balls were to spec. When even the colts have said the same. Goodell has already said that just because the pats blew them out with balls that were to spec and that it did not affect the outcome, the breaking of the rule in itself is cause for punishment. The only thing the league is going to be embarrassed about is Grigson saying he told the league in November that he suspected the pats were deflating the footballs, and 3 days before the AFCC he again said he told the league that he was concerned about the patriots deflating the balls, and the league allowed the game to start without checking the balls. Now Grigson said this complaint twice, Goodell said he never heard of any complaints. Somebody is lying. Troy Vincent and Blandino said they never heard of any complaints. Who made the leaks to the media that there was an investigation? Who told the media that 11 balls were 2lbs under and then leaked 1 week later that only one ball was 2lbs under and the other were 1PSI or less. Who leaked the story that the patriot ball boy sold balls earmarked for charity when it ended up being a NFL official from the leagues office, and they knew he was doing it for a year. The league is going to be embarrassed that they have a spec on a football of +/-.5 psi that is impossible to be held the way they have the guidelines in place. What idiot did not think that if you take a football out of a locker room and play it in zero degree game that it was going to remain at 12.5 PSI?
  7. Then why would he mention it? I mean he is going to get 20 mill anyway for as long as he wants to play. You don't risk alienating your teammates, on a whim or the future LA fanbase. The diff would be he does not want his kids growing up in Beverly Hills, His personal beliefs are strong and he wants to limit his kids exposure much easier to do in SD than LA. The new stadium will take 2 years and Rivers will then be 36, SD should look to move him now or in 2016, It doesn't matter, Don't be surprised if they spend thier 2nd on a QB for sure if Hundley is still there. It is the right spot in the draft for him, he sits for a year behind Rivers, then his 1st year starting is in another city while he learns the ropes. We know he likes playing in LA and he has a built in fanbase in the new city.
  8. Patriots take Peters - CB PM sent to outtasight
  9. Please tell me what he could have filmed? they filmed the other team making signals, in an attempt to decipher those signals. It was against the rules to film from the sidelines, he knew it and did it anyway. And the pats got punished.
  10. Are you serious? Specter was on the payroll of comcast, once the league settled on a figure for the nfl network with comcast, specter dropped the whole thing. What the hell do you tihnk was on those tapes? BB taped the opposing sidelines
  11. Again, the Pats are willing to trade down up to 12 spots in the 2nd
  12. They were not proven guilty. BB admitted that he filmed the sidelines. there was nothing to "proove"
  13. yes, bettors take that into consideration. Home teams are known to get more favorable treatment from refs and good teams get better treatment than poor teams. This is in every sport, more pronounced in Basketball than football, but it does exist and most bettors assign a 3 point edge to the home team. Of course the pats knew it would confuse the ravens or at least they hoped it would. What do you think the first defensive player that saw a double reverse say. You think he was confused becasue it was something that was never done before? I am happy that "my" coach knows the rules better than the refs. They used it against the colts and just the threat of it made the Seahawks prepare for it. And believe me BB could give a rat's ass if it would cause a controversy, he wants to win- controversy be dammed. As far as the punishment goes, I think the punishment would be fair if they were caught to tamper with the balls. If the pats measured the balls at 12.5 like they said they did when they turned them in and the ref can proove that they did check them ( which I believe they did) and that when Kensil checked them there was an official in the room to verify the measurements and the resultant physics don't allow for the deviation. theyshould be punished. Now if Kensil checked the balls himself and gave them to the refs to fill, then all bets are off. I also don;t believe that the one ball that the colts had in thier hands for 1/2 should be used as evidence. Patriot fans are upset with the league and mainly Kensil, as they blame him for the leaks that happened during the first week. Now when I run the numbers in the formula I get that the balls should lose almost 1lb going from a 72 degree locker room to a 52 degree field. Now the wet conditions can account for another .5 PSI (Headstrong labs) The khan academy gets 2lbs https://www.khanacademy.org/science/chemistry/gases-and-kinetic-molecular-theory/ideal-gas-laws/v/deflategate-ideal-gas-law Now all the talking heads say how come the colts balls were not deflated. Well they most certainly did deflate. but they did not deflate enough to go beyond the 12.5 min, Why. Because 24 hours before the game they were in a jet in a unheated baggage compartment, then for the next 18 hours they were in a box truck along with the rest of the uniforms, pads, gear and game day supplies. They stood on this truck until at least 3:20 in the afternoon When the colts teams busses and gear arrived at Gillette. Now NFL reqs require the colts to bring the game balls that they will use to the refs 2 hours and 15 min prior to the start of the game. (6:20 PM) that means they had to get the balls off the truck and to the refs in about 1/2 hour. By the time the balls were delivered the refs, the temp of those balls were already at the outside game temp. So there would be no deflation just due to temp variation. Now the ball would deflate as much as 1/2lb due to the wet condtions, but al long as the colts balls were inflated to 13PSI they would still be in spec 2 hours later at halftime.
  14. pats will also look to trade back no father than pick 45,
  15. Well all we know is that the colts balls were at least 12.5 as the nfl said that.
  16. Now I don't know if your kidding regarding a patriot employe stealing a ball and charity, but if you are not 1. It was a league office employee that stole the balls designated for charity. The stolen ball was not a "K" ball but a regular game ball. When the other NFl official noted that a "K" ball was placed in the bag, the thief attempted to switch. Please see http://nypost.com/2015/02/18/nfls-circus-deflategate-probe-turns-up-black-market-ball-thief/
  17. There is no paradox, if there is video of the pats deflating the balls, or if Columbia determines that game time atmospheric conditions can not account for the change in pressure the pats will be punished severely. At least a #1 and BB suspended for a year, regardless of whether he knew what occurred. . There is nothing circumstantial in play, It is physics, it either can or can not. As far as vegas goes, that is bullsh*t. Gambling on NBA games increased even after the NBA official betting scandal. They go by past results, to determine the opening line, the line is then adjusted to maintain a balance of wagers. Now the NFL will in the future most likely check the balls before the game and during 1/2 time. The pats found a fault in the rule and took advantage of it, the nfl did what they always do, they closed it the next year. Dave Casper fumbling the ball forward, fake injury time outs, etc. there is nothing "illegal" about the play. The only thing "illegal" about the play was the Ref telling the Ravens "don't cover #34" that is bullsh*t, it is the ravens responsibility of who to cover, the ref is just supposed to say who is eligible. So you believe that Columbia say that footballs "lose" pressure other NFL fans are just going to think that the fix was in?
  18. None, league income is going thru the roof and that is all the owners care about.
  19. This is totally ridiculous that it has taken this long and there is still no resolution.
  20. Devante Parker for the 49ers, message sent to nyjetsvet91
  21. SF is willing to go back in the first, value per chart
  22. Villian, how the hell do you sell that pick to the fanbase? You just picked Bortles last year and the team needs are huge.
  23. You don't get a "difference maker" at QB for the value of a 3rd rd pick. But if you think the Glennon won't be a improvement over Geno, I think most would think you wrong
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