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  1. When Richardson was drafted, the reason it raised so many questions was that Coples was already there and playing OK. He does not play to Richardson's level at DE but not many do. Coples has been sorely miscast as a WOLB, If the new coach runs a 4-3 as a base, Coples play will be on a uptick. A line of Wilk, Coples, Richardson and Harrison wil have the rare ability to get pressure from only the front four, allowing the team to flood the passing zones with 7.
  2. This does not usually work out as the HC cares about winning the next game and the GM cares about the next 5 years. I am amazed the BB can do it. He trades away guys that can help him the upcoming year for potential future benefit. For a guy that is "on to cincinati" this is out of character.
  3. Pete Carrol is a very good coach, He failed in NE because Kraft let Bobby Grier interfere in player matters too much. Bledose was constantly going to the owner and the players were constantly going to Grier to undermine him. Like Rex he belived football players were men and not in most cases overgrown boys. Then throw in playing under the shadow cast by Parcells, positoned him for failure.
  4. Marty Schotenhimer Director of football ops Gamble GM Shaw HC, if not then Hue Jackson Dunbar DC
  5. The pats can't afford him. And he is not going to go to the pats for 5mill a year, he already has a ring and was not happy in seattle being the 3rd guy. And he is totally useless in the backfield in blitz pickup.
  6. many influences, this is not baseball where you can draw inferences much more from stats. Winning teams are ahead, the other team needs to pass to catch up. They are solid against the run, if the opposstion can not run they must take chances and pass. The secondary pretty much cover deep patterns or throws to the Wide outs, the Lbs cover the backs and TEs, who is catching the ball and where are they catching it?
  7. What the new GM/personnel guru has to do is review all the scouting reports on file. what if the scout said not to draft pryor, but Idsik overrulled him. Plus you paid those guys all year and now they take the knowledge they gained to the next team. NFL teams do not normally release scouts and FO personnel to another team prior to the draft.
  8. Kiper has been doing this for 30 years, if you want to cherry pick comments and then take those comments out of context you can make anyone in the nfl a fool. I don't think he is the best at what he does but to discard everything he says because of being totally wrong at times does not make any sense. This guy has many contacts in NFL FO (specially the ravens) and with Accorsi. And what is a Franchise QB anyway? I hate that term. Does it mean he is not a Brady/Manning/Brees/Rogers/Luck, yeah well good luck getting one of those. But there is no reason not to think that he can't become a F
  9. he can't get along with Baalke and you think he will get along with the Brown family?
  10. SF will be lucky to get a 3rd. And after this season he may just be let go anyway. What is stopping and killing Baalke and York is that he may go across the bay to Oakland. He wants out and my guess is that they let him go anywhere but Oakland with no comp.
  11. Woody should address the fanbase publicly and not thru a writer. I don't mean him standing up there and getting grillled by some blog writer or hack, but maybe have a dozen questions submitted before hand.
  12. It was just a very stupid thing to say, You would think that he would work with a PR person on how to project himself. He is a qb in the NFl in NYC. He is ultimaltely responsible for his speech and how he projects himself, but where is his agent and the jets support staff in getting this kid prepared for NY? But who knows, this is the kid that fired his agent on the eve of the draft and showed up for job interviews with headphones on and kept them on during introductions with a coach. Maybe a new HC coach can get him to focus and improve. The kid has skills that should allow him to play a
  13. I agree with Young that it can take 5 years for a qb to finally mature into being all that he can be. But that this increase in skill set is not just a result of osmosis, but that the qb himself has to put in the work to get better. Did the QB come from Eastern kentucky or a program like Alabama/Louisville. Who is his QB/OC coach? Is there consistancy there? I don't think Geno has reached his peak as a qb, the question should revolve his maturity and work ethic, (and I don't mean lifting weights or looking at film) but actually working with coaches and listening to what they saw and taking
  14. never mind that he did not draft him, But Baalke (who got his start on Parcell's jets team)
  15. JI refugee, been posting there since 99 and remember the great schism when you guys split.
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