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  1. Why would Tampa do that? Now you want to trade a future pick and make it conditional. You have to look at it from Tamps perspective, Next year picks are devalued by 1 round. so you want to assure that they only get the value of a 5th this year, and the jets could end up going .500 and next year pick could be #20 in the round. All the while tampa has to get a another QB that will get paid 3X what Glennon is and offers less performance value than Glennon. If you want to give the the 4th this year and another one next year, that is somewhat value.
  2. All he has to be is average and consistant. Which is a huge upgrade at qb over what the jets have had over the last 4 years. Any incremental upgrade at the most important position on the field is worth the draft choice. There is nobody in this draft that the jets are going to draft at #70 that will improve the team's performance as much as Glennon will. Then throw in the possibilty that he may grow to be better than average a trade for a 3rd is a no brainer ifthe jets are looking to improve the QB position in 2015. Now the jets may be willing to finish in the bottom of the division again
  3. But what has that got to do with where or not Jason Licht will trade Glennon or what value does he place on Winston? The GM does not name the starter but the HC. Glennon was not tied to either so why would the GM overule the HC. You act like moving on from Glennon to go with McNown was something out of right field.
  4. No something more important to a team success. You trade up for a qb, the guy better pan out as the team will give him 3 years before moving on, so yes 3-4 years.
  5. please let me know what UCLA offensive players were drafted this year or last. He is a developmental qb like Garoppolo, he has to sit for a couple of years, just like Smith should have.
  6. And what do those gm that made those trades have to do with jason licht? And since those three movew were made the bucs did win the bowl.
  7. No there job is not to develop nfl qbs but to win college games.
  8. Well, I am saying you have to out bid the browns. And Jason Licht will keep him for the year rather than get a 5th. He can still get a 5th for him next off season. They guy is making 650,000, if they dump him a backup to replace him will probably cost 2-3mil and the BU won't have any experience in the system to help bring along Winston. To lose that much value as a BU for a 5th rd pick is ludicrous. And since when are fans of a team one to place a value on a player. Here is a discussion on his value from a forum that has good discussions. http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.ph
  9. First Rivers wants to stay in SD, If the team stays, he wants to stay. If the team moves to LA, Rivers does not want to move his family into that big city environment, that rules out NYC. He pretty much decides where he goes as if they trade him somewhere they have an unhappy guy making 22 mill next year. Rivers is an upper level qb, Him and Glennon should not even be compared other than they are both bipedal. Pointing out that he has not won championships, does not invalidate who and what he is. He is just the most important player of the 53, not the team itself. Besides Brady he is my
  10. I think he is doing ok down there, but in 2016 if Tannihill is there his fifth year hit will be about 11 mill. He got out of the Wallace and Hartline contracts. Lets see if he can pull off a miracle and unload Jordan
  11. White is not just a deep threat, did you see how many bubble screens he had? He does not have to run 9s like Wallace he has a much more all around game. He is fearless going over the middle and working the seams. A perfect compliment to Landry, Stills and Cameron. Parker to me is just as good in that system that Miami uses. Ireland was all about collecting talent not building a team.
  12. I disagree strongly on Dupree being maxed out. His story reads the same as Collins from the pats. the kid never played the same position 2 years in a row. Then throw in in the fact that Stoops and Elliot play read and react and not an aggressive upfield game I think Dupree and Gregory are the two with the greatest up side. Gregory is Jason Taylor and to me Dupree is Suggs for comparisons. Not saying that they both will be in the hall, but that thier game is similar.
  13. I like the guy, I thought he was the best guy we had there since Dillon. And he can catch, that was not what he was asked to do, but he looks good catching the ball away from his body and he can catch going away on a wheel route, he is not a rb that has to go to a spot, he can catch on the move. I go to camp 4 or 5 times per year, you see players do routes etc that you don't see them asked to do during the games. With Boldin, Blount, Gray and Gaffney between the tackles, White and Cadet handling the 3rd down duties, BB must have thought that he rather give the snaps to one of those guys.
  14. then what about Snacks, Coples and Davis? To me Idzik was afraid to pull the trigger and these guys think they have a machine gun with auto fire on. Marshal was well worth the 140th pick or whatever, twice the player Harvin is and a great pickup. Revis needed to be signed for the fan's sake. Fitzpatrick was a great value. Henderson is very much worth the effort. Asa matter of fact all these small dollar moves the jets made IMO have been good value. But Carpenter, Gilcrist, and Skrine are all vastly overpaid. I think Gilcrist got more than Rahim Moore! I like Skrine but he is only on
  15. Guys I like are Marcus Hardison, Derrek Lott and Xavier Williams on the Dline Shaw, Carter and Rowe, although Rowe has been "climbing on draft boards" and probably will be taken in the 2nd Shaq Mason, Glominski and Donavan Smith on the oline Corey Grant as a 3rd down back to replace verreen
  16. the great qbs always say your mechanics can always be improved and that will carry over to his accuracy. Good for him that he is at least making the effort. I think jet fans would have been happier if he spent 2 months working with a Def-cood doing film review.
  17. Ridley should be ready to go by the start of the season. It was reported that he should start running in late may and will be able to cut in July. He will have a red jersey on, but he should be there for camp. Worse thing is that he gets PUP-d for the first 6 games.
  18. I don't understand SD not getting in on him.
  19. Maybe because Bell admitted the pot was his and he was driving the car. You do understand that warrants another 1 game day check.
  20. And that contract was signed 3 years ago when the cap was 119mil. if your looking at a 150 cap your looking at about a 20% increase. So Wilk getting paid 11 mill on a 150 cap would be like Atkins getting 14 mill on a 150 cap. If you think he is going to sign for the same as Odrick at 8.5, I don't know what to say.
  21. Sorry, Odrick - Miami dt 1 sack and 29 tackles signed a 5 year 42mil contract this offseason.
  22. I don't know what you mean by plenty of money, Jason ha the jets at 130mill already for next year. and that does not include the 4 mill for this years draft choices that will be on the team next year. even if the cap goes up by 6 mill next year that will be 150-134 or 16 mill and that does not include contracts for Snacks, Coples, Davis or Wilkenson, Just tagging Wilk you will eat up about 15mill of it.
  23. Why would you do it after the draft? What if Wilk wants 15 and snacks wants 8? You would want to change your draft to reflect that. And I agree that both can certainly be done in the current cap structure. The jets have about 6 mill after "obligations" . Together Wilk and Snacks eat up 9 mill. using Oldrick and Atkins as comps for them . Oldrick got 5 years 8 mill and Atkins is around 11 mill . 9mill (current salary) + 6 mill in capspace = 15 mill , Snacks 1st year cap hit will be about 5 and Wilk about 8 so about 13 mill for both.
  24. I understand that he can be tagged in 2016 for 15mill. And do you understand that he only has to play the last 6 games of the 2016 year and then his hit is over 18mill in 2017 when Sheldon is also due. So that means that in 2017 you will have 3 def players all making 18 mill. I don't think his demands will be anywhere near quinn's or Suh's. I expect he will be looking at 5 years and 55-60mill with 1/2 up front. The jets do not want to go into next off season With Coples at a 8 mill 5th year option, with Snacks and Wilkenson as a FA. I don't understand the jets thought process this last of
  25. And this assumes that Sheldon wants to re-sign with the jets. What if the jets suck for two more years will he want to move on? What if he doesn't like the new scheme or staff? It is not like basketball where the home team can pay him 20% more than the other teams. And a new GM that Wilk don't know from a hole in the wall or his agent ever had experiences working with, your asking the player to trust him. The new GM saying they will talk after the draft means squat, the talk could be "ok 5 years 35 mill" all right we talked and the team kicks it down the road a year. He sees Snacks
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