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  1. cut and paste below. The first two Weeks the players can only be at the facility for 90 mins per day and only strength and conditioning coaches can be with the players. The players can be at the facility longer if they undergo treatment. I don't have a link to the rule book, it was mentioned on the nfl network yesterday. Film work can start during the 2nd rd of OTAs when all teams can begin film work. And why does't it make sense? By having film work you are pretty much putting all the players who do not attend these voluntary workouts at a disadvantage which makes them almost mandatory and the union does not want that. Organized team activities, commonly abbreviated as OTAs, are exactly what they sound like--an organized training program to help prepare the team for the coming season. The parameters for these practices are defined very specifically in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and teams are required to film all practices during this timeframe and will face stiff penalties if they violate the rules. These are not padded practices and no contact beyond what would be considered incidental is permitted. The amount of time players can be required to be at the facility and the amount of time the team is permitted to work on the practice field each day is carefully regulated per the current CBA. There are three phases to OTAs. The Falcons began the first phase today, which will last for two weeks and emphasizes strength and conditioning. Only strength and conditioning coaches are permitted on the field during this phase, and players can spend 90 minutes maximum on the field. Phase two will last for three weeks, and will see the team expand the types of drills they can do. No helmets are permitted, and no one-on-one drills and no drills pitting the offense against the defense are allowed during this phase. Phase three will expand the time the team can request players to be at the facility to six hours per day. The kinds of drills the players can participate in is expanded to include 7 on 7, 9 on 7, and 11 on 11 drills, but no live contact is permitted, and these are not padded practices. Teams can have 10 total OTA practices in the first three weeks of phase three, and the fourth week of this phase is reserved for minicamp, which has its own rules, and we'll address those closer to minicamp.
  2. Your not going to get much for Dbrick after this year. Not counting his signing bonus his cost to his new team will be 11mill, That is going to put him out of reach to most teams.
  3. Bit, how much of that do you attribute to other teams "letting" him throw? I know the pats very rarely blitzed him and played zone and tried to confuse him and let him kill himself. I think teams were confident playing 6 or 7 in pass D and not worrying about applying pressure.
  4. Wilkenson has little leverage this year, a hold out will cost him money, the league tightened up the fines and pretty much took it out of the teams hands. Next year he can hold out the first 8 games and get credit for the full year if they attempt to tag him. These new rule now punish the team for not working on a long term deal as the tag was originally designed for. Once the player is tagged, all 15 mill will hit the cap, regardless of whether the player is holding out. So if he holds out the first 8 games the jets have that money tied up as if he was on the roster, while he is at home. They will get a credit for it in 2017 but that will hinder them when they try to compete in 2016
  5. The coach can be at the facility, he can not be on the field or in the lockerroom or weight room. He can have a voluntary team meeting, but no training films or such can be presented or schemes explained. The extra time is just meet and greet. Later on during the spring, the NFL allows team with new HC to have an extra mini-camp where his participation is not limited
  6. The Jets did not go the extra mile for him and this is just his way of saying he is not going to go the extra mile himself. He has to put the bug in the ear of the team that next year if he is tagged, he will hold out the first ten games. I;m pretty sure Darius won't be in Bills OTAs either. If the jets did not have so much cap room this off season I think it would have been less an issue with him.
  7. No one is saying otherwise, Ridley would be a great fit in NY or Miami, I have no idea why Dallas or SD have not kicked the tires. Ivory is in his last year of his contract also.
  8. I could do any of the NFC West teams
  9. It is just when I see traded picks where the value is no where in line with the value of the pick. I mean Tenn would do that for the #2, Jacksonville for the 3rd and oakland and the skins for the 4th and 5th. picks. Oakland could probably get Devante Parker and Macolm Brown at 12 + 19. That and i don't see Marriota as much more than Locker. And I would not be surprised at all to see him do a Brady Quinn impersonation.
  10. Dcat, I could take a 2nd team, Being semi-retired has its benefits.
  11. If i can jump in, I would like to do the pats. edit, after reviewing the patriot picks on the hampur draft for that version, If I am not picked I will believe It is another anti-pats conspiracy by kensil
  12. Ridley got more TDs 22-17 with abut the same amount of carries. But again it is not if he is better than Ivory just that he is not a jag with a fumbling problem. He is a very good back and is much better than Ivory in blitz pickup.
  13. But the team knows that if your interested in trading out, the jets are not interested in him. Then the only other team they will be concerned with is Philly looking to trade up. And Chip already said that going up that high is something the eagles can't due. I can see The browns taking him at 12 but not both #1s. He is not a guy that is going to help them next year and they might as well wait one more year and See what Manziel can do it before discarding him.
  14. I thought it was more Hogan's heroes " I know nothing!"
  15. Yeah, it was something real stupid. I remember cringing, but cut the guy some slack, he has a BA in Economics and like us he learned on a slide rule.
  16. Well I am very confident that as a result of this episode. Balls will be inflated and checked on the field at game time next year or Ill buy you a coffee at Custom House.
  17. You have to feel for the guy, every time for the next few years he is going to be asked if he knows what the atmospheric pressure is.
  18. No he did not, he took exception to the statement that BB said that by rubbing and bouncing the balls against the walls and floor, excited the air and increased the PSI. Which while theoretically possible as your hands are 98 degrees and that increased temp would result in a PSI increase that would abate after the surface cooled down. But even if you had huge hands and you hold on to the ball with both hands the contact area on the ball probably won't be more than 25 percent of the surface of the ball. The NFl even allows the use of hand warmers for use by the ballboys and sideline attendants during cold games.
  19. My point is that lacking any evidence other than a 55 year old man taking a piss break before having to be outside on a rainy 50 degree day and the balls do deflate. But Please with Wilson as some sort of expert on this post facto. How come they never told the nfl that +/- .5 psi is not a spec that can ever be held in outside game conditons played in the winter in the north over a period of 4 hours. There are examples of 30 degree drop in field temps never mind the temp drop from inside the stadium lockerooms etc. If the pats filled the footballs up in a 72 degree lockerroom and played the game at 10 degrees the balls would have deflated about 3psi.
  20. What does restructure Dbrick mean and why are you doing it and why is he agreeing to do it? And why does Cleveland wait past Washington to make that deal. if the jets are willing to trade Marriotta what team between 7 and 11 will leapfrog Cleveland?
  21. Again, the patriot balls were not the only balls that lost pressure, there ball were the only ones that fell below the 12.5min threshold. If you can't follow the argument, please ask and one of the adults will help.
  22. No, just that the colts balls only suffered the loss of PSi due to that one condition. If their balls were inflated to 13 lbs and lost 1/2lb psi due to conditions other than the temp only, They still will be playable. if they were inflated even higher towards the upper end of the spec even more could have been lost. If your paranoid like me and believe the colts knew the balls were going to be checked you can be pretty damm sure that they were not going to inflate the balls to the min, which the pats admitted that they did and what they requested.
  23. No it does not. The colts football were on a box truck for a full day before being brought to be checked. The Truck and the busses arrived at Foxboro at 3:20 in the afternoon, the balls had to be in the officals lockeroom by 4:00PM. Those balls were already cold. The patriot balls were taken from the locker room where guy were getting dressed, taped and examined. I estimate that the locker room was at 72-75 degrees. Almost a 25 degree delta to the 50 degrees game time temp. You are correct in that the colts balls will also deflate but only due to the rain
  24. Regardless of whether the pats are found guilty, of culpable or whatever, to me this is a much bigger clusterbuck than the Ray Rice case. 2 months to duplicate what some labs have done in 2 days. This should have been completed 1 week after the superbowl. 1. you either believe that the refs checked the balls before the game or not. 2. does the physics explain the drop in PSI.
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