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  1. NFL teams do use them for snap count info. not for player evaluations
  2. They are very good for snap count type info, how many times a team was 3-4 vs 4-3, vs run vs pass, what personnel was on the field in what down and distance. Now their analysis of games and players has been improved over the last couple of years do to the availability of all 22 film. But the grade players and they don't know what was the line call, Def call, or even if the route was run correctly, they don't know. They don't have any idea what the read cues are. The two worse examples of this was twice mankins was asked to pull, the Dlineman stunted in that vacated gap and two days later they had Mankins giving up two sacks? The other one is that their rating system did not have either manning or Brady in the top 10 one year.
  3. There wasn't replays in the 80s, I am talking about actual replays by the refs. I like the rule, but hate the stoppages in the flow of the game. All the stoppages are offensive killers. The D gets to huddle up, and get their feet under them. In the 80s yu used to hear the saying "the defense is reeling" you never hear that now, every few plays there is a stoppage of some sort.
  4. 80s less stoppages in in play, this is the main culprit, Man on man pass defense was eliminated in the late 70s now, TV viewing experience, replay, more passing
  5. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/2/2/7964459/julian-edelman-passed-concussion-test-super-bowl-2015
  6. You better get used to it, only at most 25% of college teams run a pro set and less and less do every year.
  7. And if the jets get punished it will be fun reading your Godell is a stooge even though the ex jet director of footballs ops is in charge of the investigation and not godell
  8. Nothing for Wilfork, his comp gets canceled out by signing Sherard,. The will get a 6th for Browner and a 7th each for Vereen and Ayers, Cassias and Connolly are canceled by fletcher and McClain Unless both of those fall under the threshold of the comp contract value,. both only signed for 1.5 mill. While Cassias got 3 from the giants and Connoly will get that from the seahawks.
  9. Donte Stalworth, the pats declined his option after the super bowl, pats got a 5th rounder. http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/patriots_nfl/new_england_patriots/2008/02/stallworth_free_go FIFTH ROUND San Francisco (Kwame Harris, $4.6667 million, 14/11) New England (Donte Stallworth, $4.5393 million, 11/7) Dallas (Jacques Reeves, $4 million, 16/16) – possibly a sixth-round pick Tennessee (Travis LaBoy, $4.4 million, 13/12) – possibly a sixth-round pick The pats Drafted George Bussey with the pick
  10. He is the HC of the football team I follow, I don't care if people may feel he is morally corrupt, he coaches millionaires for a billionaire for one of the most powerful corporations in the world. I loved Hagler as a boxer, if he lost a point for giving a guy a late hit, never fazed me. He is not coaching my kids or grand kids. I don't care if he cheated on his wife, or he looks for an edge. I applaud him for it. Am I supposed to be embarrassed, that he ran plays where a player who is normally eligible was not. When Rex, called the ref over and told him the Spikes Had his hand on the guy in front of him on a field goal kick, which was disallowed earlier that year in the rule commitee, and was never enforced before or since, BB did not call foul, he complimented Rex on knowing the rule in his press conference. Even though it gave the jets a first down and to eventually score.
  11. Never mind KC, What about Denver, They signed Talib and still got a forth
  12. Play nice kids. Well OK , it is not like you cited this as another example of the pats cheating and skirting the rules.
  13. It is a two year contract but the 2nd year is a team option. BB plays chess, other teams play checkers.
  14. Yes the deal was structured this way, It protected the pats not getting a comp pick, while it eliminated the possibility of Revis playing for the tag About 13 mill this year. Same thing with Wilfork and Browner, it is the way the pats structure deals. Neither were cut, thier options were just not exercised.
  15. No the jets hired parcells to be the coach. He then began the scheme when the pats complained. If the pats did not complain, he would have remained as HC, Tag ruled that he could not be the coach. The jets then pulled the sham of making BB the coach. Tags then ruled no way and if Parcells wanted to remain, comp will have to be given and he awarded the pats a 1st for the tampering. With BB, Kraft called the jets and wanted to sign BB, Parcels then resigned as HC, became the GM triggering the clause that BB signed with Hess to prevent him from going to KC. Gutman then told Kraft that BB was not in play. BB resigned, Tags ruled that BB would have to sit out a year from football entirely. A couple of weeks later Parcells called Kraft and brokered the deal to release BB from the one year non compete. The league approved the trade, but there was no punishment with BB moving to the pats. I was pissed that Kraft did not let BB sit out the year, Weis and Crennel had already cut ties with Parcells as they testified on BB behalf telling the League that they heard conversations that Parcells never wanted to be a GM and that him moving up was a sham. Kraft could have hired Crennel and Weis cut all the dead wood that BB was forced to that first year and put to offense and defense into effect. Kraft sh*t the bed and did not want to get out bid for BB the next year. and caved to Parcells.
  16. I am not whining, if nothing comes of it, nothing comes from it. I do enjoy arguing a point.
  17. Woody was warned last year and the policy was explained to him, The pats charged him with tampering in the Branch case, and I am sure he became familiar with the rule then. The Jets lost a 1st and moe for tampering with Parcells, so please with the jets dont push rules, and only the pats do. Woody is not an idiot and pleading he is one is not going to be received well. If it was anybody but kensil leading the investigation jet fans would be more concerned.
  18. It would have been nice to sign him, but he got hurt for the 2 years he played for the pats in the playoffs, goes to the broncos and does not miss a game all year. The pats lucked out with that signing, they traded a forth and got him for two years for 6mill total and then got a 3rd comp for the guy.
  19. Talib - 6 years 57 mill with the broncos
  20. It is either that or you don't know anything about the draft.
  21. Why Robinson in the 3rd for the pats, he is the same player that the pats picked in the 4th last year in White from Wisconsin, just not as good. (Stats 1,444 YDS, 13 TD, 300 REC YDS, 2 REC TD). He is the reason Vereen was let go. With Bolden, Gray, Blount, White, and Gaffney already on the roster, a 3rd is a few rounds high for where I think they would be looking at sombody later in the5 or 6th Like Brown from Florida or Brown from louisville- big punishing guys as this is Blounts last year. Eric Rowe would be a good pick at the top of the 4th.
  22. The article has Browner at over 5 mill, his contract ended up being a one year deal at 2.5 mill.
  23. You can say you want a great player on your team, while it may be tampering to the letter of the law, I heard 1/2 the coaches in the NFL say they wished they had brady or manning at some time in the last 10 years. Including Rex, I think if Woody just said he would like to have Revis back and just that, Kensil would have told the pats to take a chill pill. But when he went beyond that saying it was a mistake and that he would have signed revis for the same money that he signed for with the pats is what made it blatant
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