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  1. Nonsense. Zach isnt trying to impress anyone with off platform plays. The reason he is successful with these plays is becasue he is not thinking on those plays. He is just playing football. Thats all instinct. Zach's problem is he is thinking too much on the standard plays. Thats what rookies do. All the kid needs is time to settle down and get used to the speed of the game. Its not rocket science. But to suggest he is struggling becasue he is trying to make highlight plays for youtube has to be the dumbest article I have read in some time.
  2. Its crazy how few people understand this. It not Lafleur, its not Moore, its not saleh etc, The qb has been dreadful. All of this is solely on Zach Wilson. And that is ok becasue he is learning on the fly. Hopefully he will come around soon and then we can talk about how great lafleur and moore are.
  3. Jamal doesnt realize ur supposed to fake an injury right after u screw up a play. Not after the next play.
  4. The hope is that Zach will settle down and get his mind right over the bye. The kid has all the tools but the game is moving too fast for him and hes letting that rattle him. This was expected his rookie year so there is nothing to worry about. But it would be real encouraging if he would pick up his play starting this Sunday in NE.
  5. U can say this all u want but the defense and coaching have played a major role in them losing games. The poor guy had to win the game twice today just to get the W. He had to do it last week too after his defense let the lions score at the end of the 4th. Because stefan diggs is a clown does not mean “his teammates think hes trash”.
  6. Dak stats this year: 13 tds, 3 ints - 1,368 yards Cousins stats this year: 13 tds, 2 ints - 1,769 yards Narrative- Dak is an mvp candidate. Kirk Cousins is a terrible qb.
  7. Extra football for New England and we will be well rested off a bye. Love it!
  8. Cousins won that game twice. Does he get credit for 2 come from behind victories for that?
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