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  1. Totally wrong. Ross is a checkbook, nothing more. Tanny was gases puppet.
  2. Correct. He was a total disaster in miami. Ran that franchise into the ground. But other have been successful in their second stop so you hope that happens here.
  3. His “take no sh*t” approach led him to jettison very talented players and left him with one of the worst rosters in football. Having a “take no sh*t” approach doesnt work. You have to know who you are dealing w/ and treat that player appropriately. Gase has alot to learn about coaching grown men.
  4. This is where we disagree. You cant say Gase wont win enough in NY. None of us know that. We will find that out soon enough. Im giving him the benefit of the doubt because.........well, i have no other choice. Im hopeful he will turn it around he.
  5. He won the heisman. The spotlight has been directly on him for years.
  6. Correct. Brees was terrible early in his career. He couldnt hold bakers jock after year 1.
  7. Hahahahahaha. The jet fan base is totally clueless. Execpt for me and a few others on this board. And its getting worse.
  8. Record setting rookie season. The guy can say anything he wants about Giant fans. He is awesome!
  9. You obviously dont know about his time down here. I live down here and am plugged in. He ran the whole show. Had total power. He ran the team into the ground. His coaching stunk too. Will any of this have any bearing on how he does here, i do not know. But you look foolish saying he wasnt an utter failure in miami. He was awful and was fired because of it.
  10. In building a winning roster which was what he was brought there to do. He ran the whole show and after 3 years of gase, miami is now the worst franchise in football. He ran them into the ground. He was a total, utter, collosal failure in miami.
  11. Stuff like this is why you guys post these embarassing threads. Sam Darnold has shown us nothing. He stunk for the majority of the year. And dont give me the last few games crap as in the final game he stunk too. And gase was awful in miami. Thats not debateable. There is a reason that he is not the coach there anymore. Just simmer down and watch the games and let this unfold. Then you wont have to start threads about how your leaving the fanbase if this doesnt work out. We hope gase and darnold turn it around but its far from a given.
  12. Why are you more excited then when we had a young chad pennington? A young sanchez? Parcells and vinny? We have a head coach that was an utter failure at his last job and a qb we have no clue if hes good or not. Simmer down dude. My goodness.
  13. He is a gm. If something comes up during the coarse of training camp or the season that he likes he will make a move.
  14. ESPN is 100% correct here. Until we can put consecutive winning seasons in place we should be at the bottom of any list.

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