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  1. Leveon bell was made aware that his carries will be significantly cut down the rest of the season. This sickness crap is nonsense. He will not take another snap for us and will be traded for pennies on the dollar in the offseason.
  2. Its going to be a combo of powell, monty and adams. Which is more of what gase likes anyway. He doesnt really use a bellcow back. We will have our best rushing game of the season tomorrow because bell is trash.
  3. Bell doest want to face the ravens or pitt in the next 2 weeks. So hes calling it a season now. Publicly he has said all the right things but wait till it comes out whats going on behind the scenes. There is waaaaay more to this then the “bell is sick” lie.
  4. Yup. Hes not taking another snap for this team.
  5. I want a win. We are not beating balt, pitt or buff so this is the last chance we have at a win. not a big diff btwn 4-12 and 5-11. I want a win.
  6. Its because of his gross comments. Cause its definately not his play on the field. He always makes big plays and never misses a game.
  7. The venom jet fans have for robby anderson is bizarre. I guess the comments he had for the cops really irked people and they cant let it go. Being toung and drunk and being belligerent I can forgive. Hes been a choir boy since that incident. I am happy hes turned things around. It will be a chance for us to celebtrate when we give him a nice contract this offseason.
  8. Hahahahaha. Exactly, hes going no where near the one in canton unless he buys a ticket.
  9. No worries. Douglas is no dummy. We will bring back robby with a nice contract. Hes a guy we build around.
  10. We need to build the o line. Reciever will be addressed w/ one of our 2 third rounds picks. Taking a reciever in round 1 would be the dumbest pick we could possibly make.
  11. The coaching staff should have told him weeks ago: this isnt pittsburgh. You are not going to be able to dance for two seconds after recieving the handoff. Run like a bat out of hell when u get the ball or powell is getting the carries!
  12. What a minute..... Did joe say we should have never fired rex and tennenbaum?? Im going to forget I heard that part.
  13. Thats for posting. He represents the true jet fan. Im glad more of us are listening nowadays. Hes the best!
  14. We have 5 picks in the first 4 rounds. We need to come out of that w: 2 olineman, 1 wr, 1 rb, 1 qb

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