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  1. Who cares if it leaves you vulnerable. Brady is going to pick you apart regardless. You are acting like rushing 4 and dropping into coverage actually worked. I understand brady will beat the blitz. But there will be a few times that he cant get the ball off right away and you can take shots at him. that should have been the number 1 priority. Get him on the ground. Then maybe he starts thinking twice about what going on or you knock his ass out of the game. The weak, passive defense we ran last night had 0 chance of working and provided 0 hits on the qb. The game was over before it began with that defensive gameplan. And when tough guy williams changes his stripes in fear, the players followed suit. Embarrassing.
  2. I agree. Darnold was awful. But on other side of the ball, williams coached scared and the players followed suit and played scared.
  3. Greg Williams called a scared, sissy game last night. This game was lost after the 1st snap when brady realized we were only going to rush 4 all night. Thats not who greg williams is. He is a mad blitzing mastermind. Send the house and deal with the consequences later. But last night he totally changed his philosophy. I know you will say, "but its tom brady. You cant do that to him blah blah blah." You cant play the other way either. You blitz the hell out of the guy, play press coverage if if by chance he has to double clutch cause no one is open, you bury him in the ground. He is going to shred you anyway, might as well go down guns blazing and smack him around while doing it. Greg Williams lost this game from the 1st snap by living in fear of tom brady. The players followed suit and played scared too. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Its really sad that we have a deer in the headlights qb. Boy needs to toughen up and be ready to step up in the pocket, take hits and deliver the ball. My goodness he is terrified to get touched out there. This is football Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A cover zero with corners on an island is a qbs dream. Any halfway decent qb should be able to shred that. Why do u think its never run? Cause it only works against qbs who play like scared little boys.
  5. Dont slink away and hide now SAR. This is your baby. Go down guns blazing. Tells us how we beat the Jags on Sunday to start the playoff run.
  6. Its a defense mechanism that is better then crying.
  7. HHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Yup. We have a scared little boy at qb. needs to man up and be willing to take some hits. This is football not a knitting class Sam!
  8. Honestly though, 2 days after he says this offense is unstoppable we go and get shutout???? Is there anything more jetsy than that?
  9. Then go out and proceed to score zero points.. Sam is not good at this. Oh the pain...................
  10. He was miced up because that is what you do. This obsessive coddling Jet fans think darnold needs is pathetic. You think jags fans care if gardner minshew is micd up? no, cause minshew is a boss. Sam tried to be a boss by yapping how this offense is unstoppable and it blew up in his face.
  11. SAR. The voice of reason. Calm down everyone. Last night was a small bump in the playoff road. SAR has laid it out for us. SR has us winning 8 of the next 10. Im with him.
  12. We lose Sunday and its on to 2020. This is it for this team. SAR could be going down in flames here. We dont want that. Jets have to win this one. Can they win this one?
  13. Good news is hewitt is a beast and there is not much of a drop off when he is in.
  14. What is confusing about one on one coverage on the outside wrs and no safety in the middle? Most qbs would salivate at that kind of defense. Just hang in the pocket and deliver a throw. its cream cheese. Darnold was too scared to hang in there. Bellicheks defense wasnt creative or even remotely confusing. it was as basic as you get. Im blitzing everyone and leaving my corners on an island because I know your are scared and wont hang in the pocket. You will back up, throw off your back and have 0 chance to complete an easy pass. It was embarrassing to watch. You have to be willing to take a hit to play qb in this league. Look no further then deshawn watson who is tough as nails. Darnold is a scared little boy back there. he needs to toughen up or hes done in this league.

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