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  1. Jets must be salivating about getting bell. This would complete the playbook. We can alternate btwn the behind the line of scrimmage pass to enunwa and now the dump off to bell. We can now technically never throw the ball beyond the line of scrimmage. Its a bowles dream scenario.
  2. Joe W. Namath

    2019 IS THE YEAR

    We are a minimum of 2 years away.
  3. Joe W. Namath

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    Love how personal some of you take this. Sports is entertainment. Have some fun w/ it buddy.
  4. Joe W. Namath

    Tannehill CBPOY?

    Dolphins remind me of our 2006 team that went 10-6. We made the playoffs that year but we werent a very good football team. I could see the fins going 10-6 and getting knocked out in rnd 1 of the playoffs. I guess thats a nice season but they are not a serious contrnder.
  5. Joe W. Namath

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    Samchez. Hahahahaha. Classic. Darnold needs to play more like josh allen and start hurdling guys to give the offense a spark. Or play more like mayfield who outdueled him on thursday. With rosen starting now, Sam could fall to 4th best qb out of this draft. Ugh.
  6. I think they like beathered. They will stick w/ him. Maybe he wally pips garrapolo who was looking pedestrian this year anyways.
  7. Joe W. Namath

    Any given Sunday

    Josh allen looking nice. Bills with an inspired effort today.
  8. Joe W. Namath

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    When you draft a guy at that position at 6, you want aron donald, jk watt, warren sapp type production. Williams is a JAG. Hes an absolute bust for the 6th pick in the draft. Id offer him the average nfl salary for his position. If he wants more then that, i let him walk. He wont be missed.
  9. Joe W. Namath

    College Football Gameday Thread

    Kentucky having a great year. Fun to watch. The running back Snell Jr is related to jet great matt snell. Had 4 tds tonight. I hope we draft this guy if he comes out.
  10. Joe W. Namath

    Bowles, or Bates, or both?

    This is what Bowles wants. We actually had a coordinatir last year who liked to attack down the field and bowles dumped him. Bowles is pathetic and has scammed the jets for millions of dollars. Hes laughing all the way to the bank. And we are stupid enough to fall for this.
  11. I agree w/ you. How many times have the jets been successfully doing the trendy thing? Never. Young hotshot guy is good if your ahead of the curve on it. The jets would just be copying the current trend and it will blow up in there face. Ken Wisenhunt is an experienced, offensive mind who was a hair away from a super bowl win. He has to be the guy.
  12. How about Ken Wisehunt? He has experience. Took a team to a super bowl. Is an offensive guy. Understands you need blue chip skill position players on offense to win games and has San Diegos offense humming every year. I know everyone wants these young, hotshot coaches but Id stay away from that. I like Wisenhunt.
  13. Joe W. Namath

    This Game Broke Me

    Sam as last year. We knocked cutler out and moore came in and car ed us up. Its pathetic. Last night was one of the worst loses we have had in years. It was an utter embarassment.

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