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  1. Marlon mack?????????? we are going to draft a rb with one of our 1st couple picks.
  2. Jeff Wilson, james connor.......................these dudes suck. We are going to draft a big time rb within the 1st 3 rounds this year. I am hoping its harris at 23 but if not, we will get someone in the second or 3rd round.
  3. Because not every can be rehabilitated. Sometimes a change of scenery is the only thing that might work.
  4. If they jets take a qb at 2 and he has a promising rookie season but it only equates to 4 wins, that would be the best case scenario for this team. If we have high picks in every round of the 2022 draft, watch out!
  5. They were right though. Probably not the best example to use.
  6. I can see stafford in Denver. Fangio knows him well from coaching against him for years. And denver has a ton of talent at receiver with Sutton, Jeudy, patrick and fant. He would put up crazy numbers in Denver.
  7. They have 5 years but need to win now???????? This makes zero sense. Having 5 means means they can be super patient and do this the right way.
  8. Tampa bay had a super talented roster. They went all in to be good the next few years. Then arians/brady will retire and that team will be awful again. I am talking about long term success. The bucs have 0 plan for that.
  9. No because you cant win big games w/ him. They can have good regular seasons and a playoff win or 2 but ur not winning a super bowl w a qb who can pass the ball.
  10. The absolute best thing for this franchise is to not spend big in free agency, build through the draft and have a very scrappy, hard playing team next year that goes 4-12. We then get another year of high draft picks and then in the 2022-2023 season we start to win some games.
  11. No. Build through the draft. Winning games isnt the goal next year. Being patient and building this roster for long term success is the goal.
  12. There is going to be a bidding war if Watson does get traded. Joe D really values draft picks and is not going to outbid the other teams. Hes conservative when it comes to that and probably multiple teams will outbid the jets.
  13. This is so silly. I dont know. maybe the texans like murray. Just because AZ doesnt think they can win w/ murray doesnt mean they are right. Come on guys......................
  14. The only way Houston is going to get fair value is by getting a quality qb in return. lets say behind the scence, AZ sees kyler Murrays limitations and do not think they can win a super bowl with him. Maybe they offer kyler murray, a 1st and a 2nd round pick for watson.

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