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  1. Joe Douglas is going to trade premium draft picks to make davante adams the highest paid wr in the league. That would be the dumbest thing Joe D could possibly do.
  2. Gut wrenching. I cant believe this. So much good stuff about this guy from steve young, coach saleh, zach wilson etc. What a real sh!tty way to start the season. RIP greg knapp.
  3. Joe Douglas is top 10 after what he pulled off the last calendar year. The absolute hosing of the seahawks for Adams is probably the best trade value in the league in years. Combine that with the A plus draft he just had, hes top 10 easy.
  4. If these 3 arent in by the start of camp, we bring back the “Joe Must Go!!!” chant from the 80s.
  5. Outside of the Darnold lovers, is there a jet fan out there not in the zach wilson fanboy club?
  6. Mims stands out from our other wideouts as he has size and speed to get deep. I was down on him after otas but i think he is going to come back focused and win that #2 wr opposite davis.
  7. We are facing Sam Darnold and an old, crappy Cam Newton the first 2 weeks. Were not getting off to a rocky start. We are getting off to a 2-0 start.
  8. Lets be serious. No one is going to trade draft picks for a safety that they would have to sign long term around 14 mil a year. Maye is playing for us this year and he will like it!
  9. Its simple. The Bills will win the division this year. QB play will determine the rest. If Zach is better then Tua and Cam, the jets will finish in 2nd. And vice versa. All these def will be good. The qb play will determine who finishes where in the division. I think Zach will be the 2nd best qb in the division so i have the Jets finishing 2nd.
  10. Correct. Zach is a gunslinger. If you dont think he is going to throw for more then 235 yards a game, go watch more of his college tape. He is going to be slinging it all over the field.
  11. I have to agree. I have the 2 biggest stars of camp as Denzel Mims and Lamichel Perine. Get it done boys!
  12. We are getting the Pats week 2 at home. Saleh will make Cam Newton look foolish. Dare I say 11-6?
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