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  1. So you think a small, weak armed, most conservative qb in the league who in 2 years could not even average 1 td a game is going to bring excitement? Think about what you are saying.
  2. If Terrible Teddy starts we will take the crown from the ravens as the most boring offense in the league. Robbie Anderson will become irrelevant and the fans will be asleep. What a nightmare. It will never happen anyways because McCown, though old and crappy, is still 10 times better then Terrible Teddy.
  3. Sorry, those stats were from his 2nd year.
  4. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA. Yes, we will franchise him and be on the hook for $23 million dollars. I have to get out of this thread. This is the stupiest sh!t I have ever heard.
  5. His best season was 2015. He failed to throw a td pass in 6 of those games. That's pathetic. In 7 of those games, he threw more interceptions then tds. He has a weak arm, he has poor mobility and he is more conservative then if Alex Smith and Chad Pennington had a love child. I get it though. You are all excited because he was a 1st round pick and at one point in college, he was supposed to be the second coming. But he had the worst pro day in the history of pro days, he fell like a rock in the draft and was pedestrian at best the 2 seasons he played.
  6. This makes no sense. The year McCown had last year is better then any season Bridgewater had. Teddy Bridgewater is a bad nfl qb. Anyone who has watched him knows this. And the stats prove it.
  7. Its not a rush to play him in the final 5 or 6 games of the year.
  8. Darnold needs to play at some point this year and start next year. McCown is starting week 1. Teddy doesnt fit here unless McCown gets hurt.
  9. Joe W. Namath

    Jets OTA’s Day 2

    what about the bushes?
  10. Joe W. Namath

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Bridgewater is not a good qb. Bridgewater has a bum knee that will not hold up. Thinking you are getting any type of draft pick for bridgewater is lunacy. Get real.
  11. Have good qbs and be good in the trenches. Just genius.
  12. When you are an addict and tolerance builds, you have to take more and more to get high. Taking tons of opiods is quite common for addicts.
  13. Joe W. Namath

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    This tells me they have no intention of playing Darnold this year. He will be the number 3 qb and probably not even dress on gameday.
  14. Correct. If he was a 4th round pick hed be ok. But the 6th pick in the draft? He should be dominating every game. As the 6th pick int he draft, he is a terrible player and a huge disappointment.
  15. Guys who need to get better: 1- Leonard Williams 2- Jamal Adams Both taken in the top of the draft. Start playing like it.