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  1. Joe W. Namath

    My Thoughts on Leonard WIlliams

    Thank goodness!!!!!
  2. Joe W. Namath

    RIP Bart Starr

    An absolute legend. RIP!
  3. Joe W. Namath

    My Thoughts on Leonard WIlliams

    I dont think anyone is even offering a 3rd. Youd get a 4th or 5th at best. JAGs are a dime a dozen and Leo is a total JAG.
  4. Joe W. Namath

    Who is the best Jets beat reporter?

    Manish is the best. Hes got every jet fan eating out of the palm of his hand. Jet fans hang on every word this guy says. He wins.
  5. Joe W. Namath

    Brady’s steroids

    Edelman is a nice posession reciever w/ his God given talent. He is unstoppable in the super bowl and blowing past guys winning mvp because of PEDs. They dont make you great. They take you to a level u cant get to w/o them.
  6. Joe W. Namath

    Brady’s steroids

    Every nfl player has elite talent. Steriods and PEDs can take u from being a 4th or 5th teciever to a super bowl mvp reciever.
  7. Joe W. Namath

    Jets officially request interviews

    Even a rooney rule interview helps Champ tremendously. Until this jets fiasco started the only champ i knew was bailey.
  8. I like manish more and more each day. His plan is working to perfect. Even dopes on the radio are giving him a bigger playform. Manish is slick. Love it!
  9. You wont have to worry about that. He doesnt have the talent or ability to get 12 sacks. He is what he is. A JAG.
  10. Joe W. Namath

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    As manish smiles and you fools keep talking about him. Hes got you eating out of the palm of his hand. Good job manish. Keep it up. You’re getting the exact response you want from these fools.
  11. Hahahahahaha. Agreed. He had his chance. Hes done nothing here. Time to go.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/23/nfl-players-will-compete-in-40-yard-dash-tournament/
  13. Joe W. Namath

    OTA Thread

    Correct. Gase is going to dial it up early and often this year for robby.
  14. Joe W. Namath

    OTA Thread

    Robby is going to get a monster contract after this season. I hope we do everything we can to keep him. He is by far out best offensive weapon.
  15. Adam gase had to prepare for leo twice a year for 3 years. He knows exacly what he can and cant do. I think if someone offered a 3rd, leo would be gone in a heartbrat.

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