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  1. Yup. He lied and made up a story about police brutality that was covered ad nausem by the press. Then it was proved that every word out of his mouth was a lie and that got zero coverage. Media is pathetic as is Michael Bennett.
  2. JETS SIGN WR/KR Andre Roberts

    Just draft a guy in the 4th or 5th round that can do this. Stupid signing unless he is a camp cut.
  3. Pathetic. Spend all these drafts picks on dline and we need dline help. Embarrassing. I dont want to root for this assh@le. I hope this doesnt happen.
  4. Jets Sign Pryor

    He was not drunk.
  5. The Dolphins are not comittrd to Tannehill at all. His contract is structured where they can get out if they want. I dont see them having the ammunition to move up to 2. They have one of the least talented rosters in football. They cant give away the picks it would take to get to 2. Now if a guy like mayfield slides, maybe they come up to 7 or 8 to get him. But going to 2 would cripple and already crippled organization.
  6. You are the Browns GM

    Offloading leonard williams to stockpile more offensive talent would be genius. But a dlimeman who doesnt get to the qb doesnt have much value.
  7. You are the Browns GM

    Barkley is going to slide on draft day. Hes not a top 5 pick. Cleveland spent $15 million on carlos hyde and have a great number 2 in duke johnson. They are taking darnold at 1 and they will fill their biggest need at 4. Thats not barkley.
  8. Jets Sign Pryor

    Bridgewater will be cut. Wont even make the opening day roster.
  9. Jets Sign Pryor

    Agreed, he has no trade value. We are not paying him much so theres no reason to cut him. Let him play out this upcoming season and see how he responds.
  10. Jets Sign Pryor

    Agreed. His job to lose in the preseason. Cant draft guys and sit them on the bench. Let him get tons of reps this year and see what hes got.
  11. Report: Jets Attend Manziel Workout

    It wont be with us. I think he is taking meds for bi polar. Mental illness is no joke. He comes off as an entitled jerk but deep down, hes struggling with a demon you cant see. It would be a cool story if he could get a job in the league and have a doug flutie like career. And if his story helps people with mental illness, even better.
  12. Jets Sign Pryor

    Showcasing him in the preseason?? What are you talking about? HAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. Report: Jets Attend Manziel Workout

    Hes 25 years old struggling w/ mental health issues. If he is serious and can get his life in order, good for him. I hope someone gives him a shot. It wont be us but if the circumstances were different, Id would of loved to have brought him to camp and let him compete.
  14. Breer's Mock Draft

    I wonder if Denver would trade up w/ the Giants. Giants get some more picks and can still take barkley or nelson at 5.
  15. Jets Sign Pryor

    Correct. Its a low risk signing so I am sure he will not be guaranteed much. He was awful last year. They couldnt get rid of him fast enough in Washington after 1 year. My expectations are low but no issues w/ kicking the tires and seeing if the 2016 version is still in there somewhere.