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  1. Hahahahahaha. So true. Hopefully, he can become a better playing in the secondary. He is young w/ lots of room for improvement.
  2. Joe W. Namath

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    So we are all in agreement that revis had 4 elite seasons. He played 10 years. isnt the hall of fame for players that were elite for the majority of their career? Revis wasnt even elite for half his career.
  3. Joe W. Namath

    Revis officially retires

    Strange career. His first few year he was good, was great for about 3 years, was ok for a year or 2, then stunk for 2 years. To bad he didnt have a few more great years or he would be a HOFer.
  4. Joe W. Namath

    By The Way ...

    Why did Darnold participate in OTAs? What happened if he blew a knee out or something? Why would you participate w/o a contract?
  5. Joe W. Namath

    Is Robby Anderson a One Trick Pony?

    Ive seen robbie catch all kinds of passes. He can do it all.
  6. Joe W. Namath

    Albert Breer: Top 25 Cornerbacks In NFL History

    Revis was dominant but it was only for a few seasons. Good player but waaay overated on this board. A few season does not make a career.
  7. We havent had a qb in ages but really, when was the last time we had a game breaking offensive star? Curtis Martin was good but was a compiler. Keyshawn was good but also more of a possesion type guy. When is the last time we had a leveon bell? A julio jones? A travis kelce? Its mindboggling that we cant find an elite offensive playmaker.
  8. Name a team that has worse offensive skill postion players then we do. Ill listen to the crickets.
  9. There are no 3 down backs anymore. Its not because guys cant do it, its just that the game has changed. On 3rd and nine guys like ezekial elliot and leonard fournette arent in the game. It just doesnt happen anymore.
  10. We all know about darnolds throwing motion. He just needs to shorten it a bit. Hes not byron leftwich bad, but it needs to be worked on. im sure the coaching staff has addressed it already.
  11. Joe W. Namath

    KRL Camp Notes Are Coming

    KRL = Kamp Reporting Legend
  12. According to this board, 3. Reality, he will be cut b4 the season starts.
  13. He has 0 chance to start and 0 chance to be traded. He stinks. Enough w/ this guy already.
  14. Nonsense. Kotite had 2 really good seasons with the eagles winning 10 games one year and 11 the next. He was bad for the jets but overall, he was ok. When there are guys like cam cameron and jim tomsula out there, kotite is nowhere close to one of the worst coaches of all time.