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  1. Bryce Petty really stinks

    Petty is not an nfl caliber qb and hackenberg is worse.
  2. Saturday games

    He has a much higher ceing then marvin jones.
  3. Leo is a jag but hes our jag and we will overpay him for his jagadious production.
  4. Where has Austin Seferian-Jenkins gone?

    He so slow after the catch. Id offer him a low contract that reflects what hes done in this league which is nothing. If he thinks he can get more elsewhere, good luck to him.
  5. Even if he does amazing, you still draft a qb in round 1. Petty's performance has no bearing on how we attack the draft next year. 2 qbs with potential is a great situation for us.
  6. Another reckoning

    Sadly, this is true.
  7. Kirk Cousins is trash

    Im thinking we are taking baker mayfield in round 1.
  8. Its scary. We take these guys high in rnd 1 and none of them make game changing defensive plays.
  9. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Petty is awful. We all know this.
  10. Marrone

    Our d is all high picks and it sucks.
  11. Eli or josh McCown next yr ?

    Hahahahaha. Too funny. Our qb that year had 12tds and 20 picks. Hahahahahaha. Thanks. I needed that laugh.
  12. Eli or josh McCown next yr ?

    Josh McCown is a much better qb then Eli at this point in theie careers.
  13. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    Smart move by Giants. Eli is washed up and they made mcadoo be the fall guy. Brilliant move by the organization. Now next year they have a new gm, new coach and new qb.
  14. Bring him back for another yesr and he competes w/ a rookie draft pick. If the rook isnt ready, start mccown until the rook is ready. This is an easy decision for any gm.
  15. How Do You Feel...

    We actually have improved on offense. The def is the problem. No one can get the the qb and we can never get a stop when we really need it. Same crap w this d year in and year out. Get ready for the corner we pick in rnd 1 this year.