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  1. It was never fun. We just happened to play one good game.
  2. It is accurate. If he is retained and allowed to pick his own coach, you have to give that 3-4 years. You cant let him pick his coach and then not give them a few years to build the roster together.
  3. If mac is retained, he is not on a short leash. He gets another 3-4 years with the new coach. Its a scary thiught.
  4. That is a bad example. The Colts ended up w/ frank reich who is an awesome coach. Better then that weasel josh mcdaniels will ever be.
  5. We are a few years away. Thats ok though. Be patient and dont do something stupid like sign leveon bell.
  6. Its actually a great idea. It guarantees we wont win another game this year and get a top 3 picks. Keep it going Todd!!!!
  7. This is actually the worst thing we could do. You can get stud backs in the second and 3rd round. No way in hell would a smart organization do this. You want to win like the steelers do? Then you stay away from players they are smart enough to let walk away.
  8. Joe W. Namath

    Man blames Jets for DWI arrest...

    Jets should at least pay his lawyer fees. They did this to him.
  9. Joe W. Namath

    John Harbaugh

    We already have a coach who is clueless on offense and coaches like its still 1985. Why in the world would anyone want harbaugh as coach?
  10. Joe W. Namath

    Props to Herm Edwards

    Their stud wr should be the jets #1 pick next year. Hes 6'4, fast and catches everything.
  11. Joe W. Namath

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    Mayfield is progressing nicely. He will be a superstar in this league.
  12. Joe W. Namath

    Damien Woody on fire.

    Bowles is so bad you guys miss the rex days. Hahahahaha.
  13. Smart move by the Johnsons. Dont want someone else creating a spark and we win a game or 2 here down the stretch. Let bowles run this into the ground and we get a top 3 pick. Its the right move. Love it!!!
  14. Joe W. Namath

    Back up the brinks truck for McDaniels

    What does your act have to do w/ your coaching?
  15. Id hire him on his last name alone. Id love to say were are coached by a lombardi.

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