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  1. Collinsworth sees the forest for the trees. Its obviously at this point where this team is going. Get ready Jet fans!! Its happening!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If he stays healthy for 17 games he will be the 2nd leading receiver on this team behind Moore. Corey Davis is very talented when he is on the field and Zach has great chemistry with him. The only question is can he stay on the field this year.
  3. Zachs leap has a name. Its called breece hall, elijah moore, corey davis, braxton berrios, breece hall, michael carter, cj uzamah, conky, laken tomlinson, AVT, Mechi Becton. This Jets offense is more talented then the bengals offense last year.
  4. Completely agree. Corey Davis is the number 1 receiver on this team. That doesnt mean anything regarding how good garrett wilson is. It just means we have a year to ease him into the lineup and he can learn from the vet. Now Wilson is still going to play a ton as we will go 3 and 4 wide often. But make no mistake. Corey davis is still our number 1 for 1 more year.
  5. Mimsy has this year to prove that he can replace Corey Davis as our tall, outside receiver. That is what Joe Douglas and this staff are evaluating this year w/ him. If he does, Davis will be cut with no penalty after this season. If not, we have to address receiver in next years draft or let Corey finish out his 3 year deal and address receiver w/ size in the following draft.
  6. He might of been the best player on our D last year. He was everywhere and hit like a mack truck. Could he be more disciplined? Sure. But that will come as he becomes more comfortable in this defense. He is a stud. What a find by Joe Douglas!
  7. I have the Jets at 9-8 this year. Very realistic. But.................. if the ball bounces our way in a game or two or if Zach takes a Joe Burrow like leap, then yes this can be a playoff team this year.
  8. You are afflicted w/ the disease most jet fans have. The Jets fans who can see the forest for the trees will accept you with open arms when by week 5 you are shouting from the rooftops about this team. Enjoy your last few months of misery. But there is no place for it here anymore.
  9. Totally possible ... and best part is... Moore might be even better if he can stay on the field. The offensive skill position talent btwn moore, garrett wilson, zach, breece, mc, ruckert, berrios, conky etc is just ridiculous. This is going to be so fun to watch. Offensive fireworks baby!!!!
  10. You got a disease. And the only prescription is more Joe Douglas.
  11. there is no comparison betwwwn Wilson and Mims. Wilson is 100 times the prospect coming out that mims was. How do I know? I watched the tape dude. Do some research and ull see it. This kid is special.
  12. Garrett Wilson is a number 1 wr and within a year or 2 will be a top level wr1. This kid is special and has it all.
  13. I just watched film on Wilson last night. My goodness. He has it all. Speed, toughness, hands, route running, jet sweeps, elusiveness etc. This kid is going to be a flat out superstar. If there was any truth to the extent of our interest in tyreke hill, that will go down as the greatest non-trade we ever made.
  14. Safety is not a pressing need this year. Especially not trading for one and then having to give him a big contract. Joe D would never do this. Deon Jones......maybe. I think if Ulbrich hammers the table for the guy, then Joe D will highly consider it. Sounds like Jones might be a cut candidate so Joe D will wait till the very end regarding him. There is no rush anyways. Larry O will be here if he wants to play for what Joe D thinks hes worth. If hes looking for big bucks and can get it from another team, he wont be here. Again Joe D will wait this out as there is no rush.
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