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  1. 5-8 wins this year. Double digit wins and a wildcard spot next year. Division title and a Super Bowl run in 2023.
  2. That was ur fault then. Nagle was nowhere near the talent that zach wilson is. You seem to struggle w/ the qb thing.
  3. Michael Carter sees the greatness already. Its happening jets fans. Enjoy!
  4. Yup. Rhule is digging his own grave. His answer to qb has been Bridgewater and Darnold. Completely clueless coach. Justin Fields will tear it up and Rhule will be sent packing.
  5. Yeboah will 10% make the roster and I believe the other kid will as well.
  6. or we can focus on Zach working with sick kids today and not pay attention to his mom.
  7. Sam was traded 2 months ago. How is that any comparison to stalking someone 5 years later on facebook? Do better.
  8. You can tell the character of the kids Joe D is bringing in here. Culture matters. Both kids seem highly intelligent and good kids. Love it!
  9. over under is set at 1. He will throw 2 so take the over.
  10. The master strikes again. Thank you Joe Douglas. Thank you!!
  11. Darnold was 35? I thought hed be lower then that. I had him at 42 and I thought that was being generous.
  12. They are waiting to see if Mullins is healthy come July. If not, maybe driskell, hoyer or barkley.
  13. Glad we avoided Rhule as coach. This guy's answer to the qb position is to sign Bridgewater to a 3 year deal and after that blew up in his face, trade a 2nd for Darnold and commit to him for a 5th year? What a dope!
  14. What is with the Hurst and Ertz stuff? Both stink! Herndon and yeboah are fine for this year and if they are not, we will address tight end with one of our 11 draft picks next year. We are not trading for Hurst. My goodness. These draft picks are gold and we are not wasting them on scrubs like hurst.
  15. The good news is when Coach Saleh sends the dogs and breaks Darnold not only physically but mentally, the Darnold brigade will be gone for good. Darnold will get sacked multiple times, lose a fumble or 2 and also throw a few picks. He will crumble like he always does and it will be glorious for us Jet fans.
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