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  1. Hockenson at 3 would take balls but id love it.
  2. We need more picks. This would be great. And their #1 next year will be a top 5 pick. It will be qb heavy draft too. We could get A top 3 pick next year and trade back again to a qb needy team. This could be amazing.
  3. Run bell into the ground the next two years then dump him.
  4. Joe W. Namath

    Sterling Sheppard

    We could stay at 3 and then draft a reciever in the 3rd round who can do what shepard can do.
  5. Keyshawn Johnson was the best offensive player ive ever seen play for the jets.
  6. Joe W. Namath

    Two Tight Ends

    The dream scenario would be to trade back w/ den, cincy or miami and draft hockenson.
  7. Joe W. Namath

    Bell Reality Check

    Run him into the ground for 2 years and move on.
  8. Joe W. Namath

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Dolphin's QB

    Great move for the fins. Need a veteran leader to hold the fort until they draft a qb. He will be great in that role.
  9. David Fales is Gase’s boy. Id be shocked if he wasnt the 3rd string qb here.
  10. The qbs on this team will be darnold, mccown and fales.
  11. Joe W. Namath

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    Gase soured on Tannehill towards the end of last year. He was never an option on coming here. Yes, getting a 4th for him is a steal.
  12. Joe W. Namath

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    If you take a look at what the Dolphins are doing throughout the organization, a trade up for dwayne haskins would be consistant with that.
  13. Joe W. Namath

    Johnny Lam Jones passes away.

    RIP Johnny. Part of the Jets legacy. Good or bad hes one of us.
  14. Joe W. Namath

    NFL suspends Hunt for 8 games

    I dont see him playing much anyway. Bradley chubb is a better rb.
  15. Joe W. Namath

    AJ MacCarron released

    The qbs in camp will be darnold, mccown, david fales and webb.

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