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  1. The pro darnolders are so over the top because deep down they are more concerned about him then most. Its basic psychology and hysterically funny they think we dont know how they truely feel. Hahahaha.
  2. Jets needed to lose yesterday and come back and win. Giants needed to lose today and blow the lead and lose. It never ends.....
  3. Yup. Hostile environment, aggressive defense etc. He doesnt have to win the game, but show me you can play well in a big game against a good defense. If he has a pick or two because he is being aggressive, that is ok. We are 2 years in. Its time for Sam Darnold to shut up the naysayers like myself and have a good game in a big spot.
  4. The fact this thread even exists shows that we are no closer to knowing if Sam is the guy then we were on draft day 2 years ago. Thursday night is a huge game for this young man. Will we see a calm, confident darnold stepping up in the pocket and delivering the ball? Or are we going to see Scaredy Sam throwing off his back foot and feeling pressure when its not even there? 3 more days and we will have a much better idea of where Sam Darnold is as a qb.
  5. Pat Mahomes is to blame here. He sits his girlfriend in the general population at a road game?????
  6. The truth hurts but this is 100% correct. If he is as inaccurate as he was Sunday combined with panic and throwing off the back foot????? My goodness. Its national tv embarrassment all over again.
  7. The browns can still make the playoffs at 9-7. They are probably waiting to be eliminated before they shut him down.
  8. Correct. Thursday night is about Sam Darnold showing us that he has grown and improved as a qb.
  9. Correct. You are confusing the term athletic and athlete. You can say he might not be as athletic as his peers, but being an athlete is far more then just athletics. Athletics is about 50% of what constitutes ad athlete. The other 50% is mental(anticipation, understanding, smarts, ability to diagnose whats going on, how fast you process information) etc. He is an elite athlete, he just might not have elite athleticism.
  10. The true jet fan isnt going to the games, watching on tv or posting on a site like this. They have moved on until the product deserves to be watched and followed again. The real fan has stepped away and will not come back until it is worth there time. Only glutton for punishments are still around. Boasting that you were at the game is embarrassing. You are better off going in disguise and not telling anyone you went.
  11. He is an elite athlete for a safety. But no elite safety is containing lamar jackson. He would shake jamal adams out of his boots. That being said, jamal adams would be insane to play another snap of football until he is the highest paid safety in the league.
  12. That game plan is an absolute joke. Any good qb would salivate at that. Just get the ball out qucik and let robby, crowder, smith and thomas make plays. We have the receivers to absolutely crush an all out blitz. The question is do we have the qb to do it?
  13. No one said that about leo. he was a finished product coming into the league. he didnt have near the athleticism Quinnen does. I have never said that Sam Darnold is the worst qb in the league. i like Sam and hope he turns into Joe Namath. Please do not misconstrue my posts.

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