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  1. Mariota four interceptions last night

    Its year 3 for him. Its concerning that he is regressing as year 3 should be a huge jump forward.
  2. Putting hansen out there is like playing 10 in 11. He stinks. or maybe he has just had real bad luck and never gets the ball thrown to him.
  3. Forte out this week?

    Forte ruled out for Sunday.
  4. Forte out this week?

    Im hearing he missed wed and thursday practice and w the bye coming up, they might put him on the shelf to get him ready for after the bye. He has been playing well but i dont think we miss a beat w powell/mcguire.
  5. Would Eli To The Jets Be A Possibiity?

    McCown is better then Eli. We would just keep him if that is the case.
  6. Brisset - Luck

  7. Tampa game HUGE test

    Tampa stinks. We should have no problem beating them and it would be a huge disappointment if we didnt.
  8. Are the Jets good

    Yes, they are good. And they are also fun to watch. If the D can step up the second half of the season, we could finish 9-7 and a shot at the playoffs. I think 9-7 gets u in this year.
  9. Phins Trade Ajayi

    Ajayi is hurt. Great trade for the phins. They know he will never be healthy again.
  10. Barring an absolute disaster, the niners are out of the qb market. He does not have to play lights out to be the qb there next year.
  11. If u can get cousins at the right price, its a no brainer for the jets.
  12. All those draft picks browns 0-8

    Watson has 3 tds and over 30 yards in his 6th nfl game on the road in seattle. He will not only win rookie of the year but might get mvp as well.
  13. Petty / Hack Timing

    Petty will start against the bucs if they lose the next 2.