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  1. I cant believe you guys read into any of this. My plan is to win the lottery in the next few months. We make plans, God laughs.
  2. He is going to throw for 350 yards and 3 tds vs vikings.
  3. What is w/ the obsession to flex games? These threads come up every other day.
  4. Saleh is a generational head coach. We have know this for years Johnny Come Lately.
  5. Hughes is very unlikeable. There is nothing worse then being arrogant when you have nothing to be arrogant about.
  6. We will be road dogs the next 2 weeks so a split would be a great outcome.
  7. He doesnt have trade value. What team would trade for him? He can barely compete passes. Yes, you develop him now and give him a chance to earn the job next year. If he doesnt earn the starting job, maybe he earns a backup job. You then keep developing him and if the starter gets hurt, Zach gets another shot. Who cares what his camp says. We have been through this with Denzel and Elijah. We dont give 2 sh!ts about anyones camp. We drafted you and you are ours until we say so.
  8. 20 games in at 23 years old and the book is written. It is impossible for this kid to improve. Just a great take here.
  9. Great post. Becton will also be back and be given a chance to compete for the LT or RT position next year. You dont cut or trade talented players that you draft. You give them time to develop, let them compete and see if they can win a job. This is what a good organization does. Some jet fans just want to run guys out of town the minute things dont go well. The good news is, i have noticed jet fans are really starting to understand what it takes to win and these awful takes are becoming less and less. Love it jet fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. This is just an awful take. Congrats!
  11. Some really good stuff here from Jet fans. Love that most of us are on the same page. Take the next 2 1/2 years to develop this kid. He doesnt get handed any more jobs, but if he improves, competes and earns it, then good for him.
  12. He is under contract for another 2 years. We will keep him for at least that long and try to develop him. You dont just cut players with Zach Wilsons talent because they are struggling. This is what a good team does. You take the time to develop your players. You dont cut them just because they arent good early in their careers. That is not what we are about. We invested in Zach Wilson and we have 2 1/2 more years to get a return on that.
  13. Zach Wilson will be on this team a minimum of 2 more years. There is 0 reason to let him go. He young and you try to develop him over the next 2 years and see if he turns into anything.
  14. Astute observation. I noticed the same thing listening to the press conference. Zach is the future here. They still need to navigate through this without burning that bridge.
  15. Jets D will swallowing the Siemen. Wait what……..
  16. Streveler will get wildcat snaps starting this Sunday. He is going to be part of the offense moving forward.
  17. There is 0 comparison btwn a qb who has a 240 td to 100int ratio. That is a hall of fame caliber ratio.
  18. Reich floor is an OC position. Hes not taking a lesser role then that.
  19. HEs only 23. He is getting one more chance at this. He will sit for the rest of the year barring injuries or ineffectiveness and he will be competing for the starting qb job next year. And I think he will win it.
  20. Joe didnt miss. Has zach come along as quickly as they would have liked? No. But he is the future here snd will get another opportunity later this year or next year to prove that. This organization loves zach wilson. He is their guy. He is under contract for 2 more years and we be here that long minimum.
  21. When you are pressing mentally the fundamentals go. Lafluer is telling the truth but ignoring why the footwork has gone to hell.
  22. No. I am saying that its way to early to deem Zach Wilson a bust. Kid is 22 years old. A baby.
  23. Jet fans: demand instant success and bail on anyone that doesnt achieve it. My goodness.
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