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  1. Your mechanics breakdown when: 1- Things are moving too fast for you out there which leads to lack of confidence. Lack of confidence leads to anxiety. When the anxiety kicks in, you start overthinking. When you overthink your mechanics break down. Solution: 1- more reps. The more reps you get, the game slows down. When the game slows down your confidence returns. When you confidence returns, you mechanics straighten out. The kid just needs more reps. And he is going to get more and more of those every single week. The concern meter is at 0 for zach wilson.
  2. We are going to double, maybe triple our win total from last year. All with a rookie coaching staff and the youngest roster in the league. We also have tons of draft picks next year. We have a young qb who is getting the opportunity to work out the kinks in the process. This is best case scenario for this team and Jet fans are miserable. Its hilarious.
  3. Cousins is an mvp candidate this year. Hes having one of the best seasons of anyone in the league.
  4. You cant be pro or anti zach. Hes played 6 full games. People have completely lost their minds. Has he looked good? No, not even close. Does that mean anything? No, not all all. Hes got 6 more games this year and 17 next year. Then we can come to some conclusions. But making a decision on him after 6 games is just dumb. But we are talking jet fans here so not surprising. Good thing we have an extremely patient GM and HC who will see this through for at minimum another 23 games.
  5. Saleh announced in his press conference today. Anyone excited?
  6. JD has a full 6 years. He aint going anywhere. I believe he will kill it in this upcoming draft so he will be even more safe regardless of what Zach does.
  7. At minimum, he gets all 17 games next year.
  8. At minimum, Zach Wilson is getting all 17 games next year to prove his is the qb this team has been looking for. To discuss any other alternative is pointless cause it has 0 shot of happening.
  9. Its 100% mental. Even on his completions he is off. The big play to berrios was a bad, low throw and he hit cole 1 time and it was way behind him. We now know why John Beck is here. Its not to help him w/ his mechanics. Its to have a guy around him who hes close with to help him mentally. This is very concerning. The last thing i thought wilson would be struggling w/ was his mind.
  10. Im more concerned with his knee. He cant move out there. They need to discuss putting him on the shelf and not doing any further damage to the knee. The last thing we want is this kid having surgery in the offseason.
  11. Kirk Cousins needs to be in the MVP discussion this year. The guy is having a phenomenal season.
  12. Zach Wilson has a long way to go. Its the perfect season for him to take his lumps and learn out there.
  13. Zach settling down a bit. We have no other choice but to play him the next 7 games so we have to hope he mentally comes around.
  14. Zach went browning nagle there. Firing rockets on a 3 yard pass. This is worst then I could have ever imagined. Zach is mentally shot.
  15. Yup. Its all mental. I dont get it. Get him a therapist or some xanax.
  16. Its all mental with Zach. He cant even complete the easiest of passes. What is going on with him? We were told his mind was the strongest part of him. Mental horsepower we were told.
  17. Has Wilson had a game where he didnt have a 1st quarter pick?
  18. Very excited for todays game. I think we see a much improved Zach and a Jets win.
  19. Are we still blaming the food poisoning? I mean, has anyone got more out of a food poising excuse then Mims? We are still blaming 3 days of food poisoning from 6 months ago for his poor play. HAHAHAHAHAA
  20. Love the Jets green color. The kid really loves being a jet. I look forward to a really nice performance tomorrow.
  21. Mosley has been great in the locker room, is a leader on the field snd I think is trying really hard out there. The problem is he has been awful this year. Quincy Williams is 10xs the player Mosley is. We cant cut him so he will be here for 1 more year. But he is playing some awful football out there.
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