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  1. SI notoriously hates the Jets... You fell for the click bait
  2. Projecting who the Jets can beat and who they can't is the issue here... You either can compete and win or you end up at the bottom... This year I think they can compete with any team.... They should have beat TB superbowl champs at the time and this team's talent has only significantly improved since then. It's whether they have the ability to close the games now... They also beat Cin who won the SB. So projecting is a dumb game in my opinion. If they can compete its gonna be a fun year. Can they win 10+, why not... Where is the hole... Can they win 13 why not.. because Wilson looked like crap as a rookie and all the talent around him was hurt with no depth. Poor excuse. They should be close in every game this year, no excuses. Every year there is 1 dark horse team that comes out of the cellar.... the way that JD has built this team, why can't we be SF with Kaepernik in his 2nd year and make a SB run. Who cares about the other talent ...
  3. Everyone is so trained by pessimism that they forget what it was like to have hope... And the old timers are so beaten that they yell at the young and stupid for thinking they have a chance... If Wilson takes a step in year 2 like most QBs do... not saying allstar... just better... and the added veteran and young talent around they are going to surprise a lot of people here. 2018 Bears with Trubisky 5-11 to 12-4.... 2004 chargers behind Brees 4-12 to 12-4 2017 Jaguars 3-13 to 10-6 behind Bortles I would say 2012 Colts 2-14 to 11-5 but Luck was a rookie 2016 Cowboys 4-12 to 13-3 with Prescotts first year starting 1999 Colts 3-13 to 13-3 after Mannings horrific rookie year 2003 Panthers 7-9 to 11-5 in john Fox second year coaching 2013 chiefs maybe 4-12 to 13-3 but Alex smith and Reid a veterans so different scenario 2006 Saints 3-13 to 10-6 not the same Many other teams have done it ... but no need to list them all... All I am saying is the setup for a big jump is there
  4. This guy was all over the place at A&M... When he went out the defense couldn't stop anything but when he was in there it felt like his name was being called on every play... Underrated draft pick
  5. Kwon signed with someone else I thought and plus he is a shell of himself... Hard pass... Wait for roster cuts like Deon Jones... Or something... There will be something...
  6. I guess they passed on cine because of positional value?
  7. I got it at +15000 on bovada... Before draft... $100 wins $15k
  8. I thought this was widely known... Hardee came out and defended him about it.
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