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  1. 1.@Tampa (W) - This team is in Bad Shape only 2nd to the Giants... Jets Role... 32 - 16 Bye Week 2. Panthers (W) Tight game ASJ has a career game... 17 - 13 3. Chiefs (L) Andy Reid is just better 24 -33 4. @Broncos (W) Disaster of a Team 15 - 9 5. @Saints (L) Peyton is just Better 45 - 22 6. Chargers (W) Chargers run all over the Jets in the first half to score 24 and get shut out the whole second half. 27 - 24 7. @Patriots (W) Hoyer just can't get it done as a fill in while Brady is nursing his shoulder after his week 15 hit from Harrison... Finish 9-7 whhaaaaa.....
  2. JN FanDuel League; $900 in Prize $

    Riveron cost me $150 ... ******* jackass
  3. I'd rather Bowman, Garcon, Dumerville
  4. 3 and 2

    Miami's Jay Cutler is way better QB then anything the Jets have put out there in recent years and they actually have talent at both WR and RB positions... Although it won't be a drubbing like the Raiders... How do the Jets win this game... Hope the Defense can hold ajayi to 80 yards and only 1 TD? What CB is going to stop Parker when cutler throws it 60 yards? What LB is going to stop JT or Landry from coming across the middle on slants? 27-16 Miami wins Jags actually have a Defense... How do the Jets score... Because they did so well against Buffalo. Again without good middle LBs how do they stop Fournette? Sell out to stop the run and get beat on a quick slant by Hurns... Jags crush the Jets.... 18-3 Browns defense and QB are better then the Jets... They have better RBs and WRs... So how are the Jets going to beat them... Kizer is a running QB... Historically the Jets cannot stop running QBs... They just can't. You just have to look at week 1 for a perfect example. ... 10-6 Browns
  5. JetNation Week 2 FanDuel League

    They cancelled the contest
  6. Next season...

    So glad we drafted Jace Amaro instead of this loser....
  7. Mass Evacuations

    damn its like twice the size
  8. Mass Evacuations

    Now its going directly through the middle of the state... Unuasl and will be extremely devasting if the predicted path stays true... we could see much worse then Andrew... (which was a cat 4 on the coast) They are currently predicted a Cat 5 through the middle.
  9. We did trade one away for a Long snapper.... So I think we need a replacement
  10. JetNation FanDuel League

    I am interested
  11. So who are we going to steal from other teams after roster cuts...
  12. 2017 vs 2016 Position Groups

    Given how Buffalo has managed their team in the offseason... The Jets should beat them twice... Miami has Jay Cutler... I could easily see two wins against that jackass and the Jets D.... and they could sneak out a win versus the Browns, Broncos, and Jags given their QB situation against a better Jets D... So 5-8 wins is possible
  13. But the biggest problem was Hack couldn't throw a screen play... That should prove something... sure you can grade as incomplete but this has proven MOST of the fanbase that there might be something there... For what I saw... I think he deserves a B/ B- ... I like that he did not fear the closing pocket... he stepped up and threw some passes... yes he missed on a few downfield... but all the necessary ones were on target and most were in great position for the receiver... He looked better then Most QBs the Jets have lined up in preseason the past...
  14. Just the ones where you aren't making good enough points to support your argument...