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  1. Skeptable

    The Unsung Hero Of The Pats-Chiefs Game

    its very easy to protect Brady when he doesn't move in the pocket so you know where to protect and he gets rid of it in 1.8 Secs... No edge rusher even with a free release could get to Brady in less then 1.8 secs
  2. Ranking of defense doesn't necessarily have any correlation to roster, its a better reflection of the coaching and how well they played together as a team... To each their own...
  3. Glad that you agree your comment is ridiculous and has no basis in reality.
  4. Bad coaching made the roster look worse... You are being overly biased against the team... I understand, you are pissed that they are in this position but I am talking for a real look at rosters... What makes cardinals better? Denver? Etc... You start to realize that they are better then they played and coaching was a huge issue.
  5. I was trying to have a real discussion but comments like this make me realize that there isn't enough intelligence out of some of the posters to have that kind of discussion
  6. Huh?... Are you saying you think those teams have better rosters? Because that's insane
  7. Skeptable

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    Grady Jarrett is the guy to get for Gregg Williams scheme Clowny is not going to be worth the money someone pays him
  8. I would argue that Raiders, Arizona, Redskins, Miami, Buffalo, Titans, Broncos, and Bucs all have much worse rosters then the Jets. The Jets have under-performed due to horrendous coaching and still have a bad roster but they are closer to middle of the road then the bottom. The are also a team that has plenty of room to improve through free agency where most of the teams listed above will get worse because of the situation they are stuck in. The biggest pluses the Mac has done, is never putting the organization in bad position with long term bad contracts and dead money. Has Mac signed bad Free agents... yes... of course but most of them can be replaced with no actual impact on the team.
  9. Not if the first 2 years end up being outliers. Statistics can prove whatever you want depending on how you manipulate the questions or the parameters... Put enough qualifiers in and you can make Mac look like a genius. Again, I wish the Jets went a different direction with the GM as the last 4 years have been a disaster but I am encouraged that each year it seems like he has improved in drafting and in free agency. Hopefully, that trend continues and this year his draft is even better then last year which is his most successful draft so far.
  10. Compare the last two years versus the rest of the league versus all 4 years for a better study
  11. I will first state I want Mac gone too... And I don't think he has been a good GM. BUT.... Point By Point... - Draft record is poor but it has improved from the first 2 years, and this past draft looks to have a lot of actually good players. - Again you are making the mistake that his past failure as a first time GM in his first 2 years of failure proves that he will fail in the future. - Marcus Maye is not a failure and when healthy is one of the best players on the Jets, last year they didn't have a second round. - He has gotten better every year with contracts and most of the mid-level contracts he has given out have turned into successes. He has also removed almost all dead money off the books and many players can be cut with no future cap hits. He has done an excellent job of not causing larger financial problems that would impede the building of the organization - Because he has improved year over year... Hopefully that doesn't plateau. - Umm Ok - And the 3rd time is the charm... Was his first 2 drafts absolute disasters... It seems that way... have the last 2 been vast improvements,... Absolutely. The point here is that he wasn't great at anything his first 2 years in the office, but there has been improvement in each year every year. Another factor to point out is that Bowles had a say in certain personnel decisions, which may have caused problems and indecision ending up in bad drafts... There were multiple reports that stated as much and there was even a report 2 years ago about how Mac was going to have more control over who was going to be drafted.
  12. Adam Gase simply appears uncomfortable in certain situations Jets head coach Adam Gase speaks during a news conference where he was formally introduced. Social media was quickly abuzz. (Seth Wenig / AP) ProFootballDocContact ReporterSports Medical Analyst Adam Gase had "bug eyes" and appeared distracted/crazed with his eyes darting around the room and staring off into space during the press conference introducing him as Jets head coach. Some have asked if he were on medication or on drugs. Being the center of attention, especially on a big stage, can elicit unique reactions, but this is not Gase’s first time in the spotlight. He was head coach of the Dolphins for three years. Is the glare of the New York spotlight that much brighter? A review of video and reports recently in New York and previously in Miami appears to show Gase’s behavior simply is a manifestation of being uncomfortable in a position and nothing to do with drugs or his mental status being altered. The medical term for "bug eyes" is exopthalmos. There are medical conditions that cause this, including thyroid issues. Ticks or involuntary muscle contractions can be caused by metabolic (sometimes calcium) abnormalities. I am sure Gase has been/will be checked for all of these conditions, as every player and coach are checked in their annual physicals, but it is my impression that there should be no medical issues. The wide open and darting eyes seem to be part of a hypervigilant, autonomic nerve response, which is not something that is voluntarily controlled. At a time of stress, our pupils dilate, our eyelids open to expose the white sclera and eye muscles contract to cause the eyes to jump around. This "fight or flight" response is controlled by our autonomic system and not directly controlled by Gase's intention. This is the reaction of someone who is uncomfortable and looking for potential danger. In fact, the American Revolutionary War phrase "don't fire until you see the white's of the eyes" is rooted in this response, as certainly the whites of ones eyes are easier to see in a combatant who is on full alert. The accentuated lateral gaze can be classified as a tic. When Gase is speaking or engaged, it seems to disappear. But when he is sitting and not moving, it is unmasked. This is much like how a Tourette's tic is exposed at rest. And an eldery person’s tremor is improved as they shave or feed themself, while their hand is shaky when not performing a task. Further evidence the responses are not pathologic or drug induced is that they seemed to disappear when Gase was interviewed in break-out interview sessions off the podium. He was lucid and clear in those instances, with no noticeable disturbances of affect. In addition, a review of video when he was Dolphins head coach reveal some of these innate tendencies. One can see his eyes darting even as he speaks in a regular weekly press conference in Miami and in the press conference introducing him as Dolphins coach. When speaking or walking up to the podium, the darting eyes and tic are subdued. Gase typically wore a cap in Dolphins press conferences, and my assumption is he will do so in New York. The hat tends to shade his eyes, thus obscuring the darting. Gase clearly seems to be more comfortable not dressed in a suit and wearing a hat. Speaking or performing tasks eases the tendencies. Sitting on stage with nothing to do but listen accentuates them. This should have no effect on his ability to coach football. Copyright © 2019, The San Diego Union-Tribune Coaches Adam Gase Miami Dolphins New York Jets
  13. Skeptable

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    This is the truth
  14. Skeptable

    Adams reacts to Gregg Williams

    ummmm oook

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