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  1. Point was combine numbers mean very little. throwing out junk numbers is dumb
  2. Gholston had a better 40, vertical, broad jump, and bench then Joey Bosa...
  3. eh... sign Bryant and see if he can beat one roberts or Jones
  4. This just sounds like the first step back to 'Jets West' that Sanchez started... Just wait for next offseason when he invites the whole WR corp to USC to 'train' for a week.
  5. Easy... Johnson, Claiborne, Nickerson, Clark, Burris, Roberts ... Burris and Clark because of kickoff coverage.
  6. Half this forum calls him a bust... Just read through the posts Pats pay the second most money on safety position... Seahawks are first, Chiefs are 4th and Eagles are 5th all playoff teams.. Eagles and Pats were in the Superbowl and they are 2 of the top 5 spenders on the position... Pats gave McCourty the most money in safety history when he signed the deal...
  7. If you are calling Jamal Adams in his rookie year as good as Brian Washington was in his 6th and 7th year... I could accept that comparison. But Ronnie Lott ran that backfield. But calling Jamal a Bust after a single season is stupid and tired argument, calling him a future Hall of Famer is also stupid and tired... but can't a player develop into a better player after his rookie season... I think so... but the pitchforks around here don't... because he was drafted #6 overall if wasn't a pro-bowler or have 7 INTs in his rookie year on a terrible team then he must be a bust... There is room for middle ground here and I think he has the potential to be a pro-bowler for the rest of his career. But he could also turn into a pumpkin and sit with the rest of the first round busts the Jets have drafted over the years. The argument that it is a devalued position is also tired because even though they think its devalued, all the top teams in the league have spent the most on those positions... Is it less then other positions... yes right now... But RB used to be a valued position and now its not... the league changes and this is a shift that is starting to happen... teams are putting more money on safeties then they have in the past and it is slowly coming up as a more valued position. So spending high draft capital on a position that is getting more expensive is a better move then people give it credit.
  8. Never said he is awesome... but I am also not saying he is terrible... My point was more if you revere Victor as a great safety ... he barely saw the field till his third year... Why can't people just calm down about drafting him #6 and see that he still can be a great safety... or he could bust... but 1 year wouldn't define a player
  9. Not true... look at the Jags or Eagles or the money Pats spent on their safeties. I think DB is still a very valuable position and has become a position that better teams are willing to pay more for.
  10. You obviously missed the first 2 years of his career where he was on the bench behind Brian Washington. I agree and I loved Victor Green when he learned the position better... but in the beginning he couldn't even beat out Washington who was terrible.
  11. People say its not valued... but the winning teams in the league right now spend the most towards the position showing that it has more value to the winning teams then most other teams... Also meaning there may be a shift in the market that safety is becoming a more valuable position and the winning teams are ahead of the curve at the moment.
  12. But the famous Patriots paid their safeties the highest in the league and they get no flack for that. That shows a focus on paying the position and its more important to them then most teams.