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  1. Skeptable


    This is harder to watch then watching paint dry
  2. Skeptable


    We wish
  3. Skeptable


    This is hilarious... The jets are a disgrace.
  4. If you want real change... Stop going to games... Stop buying merchandise... Stop buying Season Tickets... Stop going to concessions... If you want the ownership to care, this is the only way... If you stop, they will either, find a way to spend the extra money in coaches or scouts or something to get people back in the stands, Sell the team, or move out of NY... Without that.... what do they care... they rake in the money either way...
  5. I was thinking that too but I think you are forgetting how good Coles and Keshawn were
  6. Skeptable

    The New York Jet 2-Step

    If I remember correctly, he got injured halfway through the year and 'retired' but then un-retired to go help the Broncos in 2009 for a playoff run when they were like 6-1 or 7-2 or something. .. and ended up like Favre with the Jets.. 8-8...
  7. Its a good base and all the dead money is gone. Looking at the list I like all the players. Now do I want they all to be starters... No... but having: Franchise QB: Check 3 Solid RBs: Check, Yes they need upgrades but McGuire, Crowell and Cannon are good enough for now... Add a player like Bell... Golden. No WRs: Peake doesn't count. EEEK 4 Starting OL: Yes Long and Shell need to be upgraded but these are solid players 2 TEs: Check 4 DL: Including Williams who is an above average player 3 LBs: Not good. This is gonna need some major help 3 Safeties: Good base... Need depth 4 CBs: Need a replacement for Mo. 1 Punter: Who cares.. Although its not a lot its a good base with NO DEAD MONEY... which is a great start. Draft 6 players... you have 35. - Sign 2 high quality WRs (I.E. Allison and John Brown) I would say Gordon but I think he stays in NE - Resign Enuwa and Anderson - Sign Warmack if Eagles don't resign him - Sign Henry Anderson, Copeland, Anthony Barr (Dante Fowler if not). - Sign Ronald Darby... (if Not resign Mo) - Sign Bell (If not get Ingram) Draft DT, OL, 2 WRs, RB, and a LB - Sign Low cost depth. This wouldn't be a Super Bowl team, but I think that this would get the Jets to the playoffs and deeper depending on how the draft picks hit.
  8. Skeptable

    What do the Jets do moving forward?

    He wants too much money... He turned down 8 Million at the start of the year...
  9. Cause the roof was gonna cost another 1 billion if I remember correctly... And Dolan screwed the Jets out of a West Side of Manhattan Stadium
  10. Free... I am pretty sure he is a FA after this year.
  11. Skeptable

    Sam was really bad

    He was color blind... could explain a lot hahaha
  12. Yes but they don't need for another 2 weeks
  13. But you keep calling it QBR..... QBR does not equal Passer Rating...
  14. QBR only goes to 100... So no QB will ever have a QBR over 115

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