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  1. At least spell his name right... if you are going to try and shove something in our collective faces...
  2. All I am saying is that Gase never ran that play as drawn... Because it involves a roll out which Gase doesn't do... Not saying anything other then that...
  3. Misrepresented by SNY... QW was actually answering the questions he just left alot of the why did this happen, to we have to review the tape... It isn't nearly the lynch snubbing of the media
  4. Yes he will... All the big plays come down to the ILB over pursuing on the play... Not sure why Avery is not playing but he has to be better then the junk that has been out there... As the season goes on this will be fixed...
  5. Well put... JD had a tough task and hence all his 1 year deals... If you prove yourself you stay... If you suck we will replace you... He has to build a base... Let's just hope the injury row he drafted shows up at some point to see how well or bad he has drafted but I think that Mims is going to surprise a lot of people here and Darnold is going to start using him as a crutch like Stafford did with Megatron.
  6. Not once... Because the play you show involves the QB rolling out of pocket... Gase doesn't have those plays.
  7. It was the seahawks... but **** Jamal.... Now I am just lost. Maybe Ravens.
  8. Half the team is on 1 year contracts and it seems that they are happy with it being their last.
  9. I wasn't expecting a win. All I was hoping for was a competitive game... They couldn't even do that with 2nd and 3rd stringers on that def. Ford, Bosa, Thomas... not including the other injuries that happened later. I expect them to be bad now and they can't even meet that expectation. It seems that there are still a lot of players just collecting paychecks on the team still. No heart. A message needs to be sent... This is where Parcells would just cut a semi 'safe' player or Belichick would trade a top tier player to send a message that if you don't play with heart you are off the team. Unfortunately, there is nobody on this team that to cut that would even send that message unless it was QW or Darnold.
  10. cause he won't be back till week 6... IMHO
  11. 3 weeks from the moment they go on IR so after week 4...

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