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  1. You can't be serious right now,... High school coaches? Wow... just wow
  2. Watching Boston implode after the Jets beat the Pats, the Red Sox get Bounced by the Astros, the Knicks already beat the Celtics in the Season opener, and Bruins in Practically last place to start the season... The whining and crying by sports talk radio will be amazing
  3. WTF are you rambling about.... Maye is playing and @Zachtomims47 said if Mosley doesn't play this week he is going to play next week.... You stupid theory is still stupid...
  4. So does this mean Tua will have to beat out Fitzy once he gets healthy in Washington again.
  5. I engage when I feel there is more to be said... there are plenty of threads where I stick up for opinion... (good or bad) see Hackenberg defense for one... Or why it the Jets shouldn't let Leo go... hatred for Adams... anyway.... there are plenty of times I engage... but their are enough opinions flying around saying the same sh*t over and over that I don't need to insert mine. I upvote the good points, laugh at the funny and downvote bad or idiotic takes...
  6. I am sorry you don't like it... take it off the system then.... I consider it just like around the horn or any of those shows... If you make a good point you get up voted.... If you make a dumb point you get down voted... simple... Too many people cry and complain about getting downvoted... Make better points and you don't get down voted...
  7. Not better then Brick... the best since Brick... Brick was hurt the last few years of his career.
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