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  1. Gold is used in things... It has manufacturing value so this is false
  2. Its going to get crushed at $1 or before it hits $1\
  3. Hence why banks are going to take over their own Crypto, like Ripple. So they can control it all. Also, on that note you should look at why the price of silver is so low... The Banks own so much of it that they artificially deflate the price and make money shorting the value of SLV.
  4. haha... Not the same, but I understand your point. Mortgage backed securities were going default and there was value behind them because they could expire worthless. BTC and Crypto doesn't expire... Its the difference between buying a Stock and an Option. The stock is a piece of the company the option is the promise to buy the stock at a certain price in the future.... Although they are related, they never hold the same value.
  5. No not even close... Dollar has become devalued and has nothing to do with economic strength or weakness of a country.... This is a fallacy. BTC has financial strength due to the limited supply and that it is becoming widely accepted as a form of payment across the world... as it becomes more accepted it will become more stable. I think you should seriously look into the history of the dollar. It was once a very powerful item. It has been destroyed and is only worth something as long as it is backed by the country. Look at the European countries and the value of their dollar as they wid
  6. Maybe depends on how much longer you plan on living.
  7. One World currency... Ripple
  8. Doge coin is completely fake and will crash and burn... Crypto currency in general has just started and is not going away.
  9. People and trade... What gives the dollar bill value? Gov't and Banks... for now. It is not backed by any true substance... for that matter it is no different then 'fake' coins
  10. Crypto is going to replace the dollar bill... not in its current form... but enjoy those dollars while you can because they are going to become a thing of the past soon. Fiat dollar is only backed by banks and only till its not... look at foreign countries whose economies have crashed and see how much those 'dollars' are. What you consider stable has slowly been dismantled when they stopped backing the value of it with physical objects... now the ONLY reason you consider it 'safe' is because you have faith that your gov't will keep the value of that dollar and continue to back it.
  11. If 'Imaginary' coins as you put it have no value... then neither does a dollar bill.
  12. same with federal promissory notes... so take that quote with a grain of salt
  13. Maybe early but you see how fast that came down... this is the beginning... it might come close to $1 but some big hands are selling
  14. Be careful... when it goes, it will be fast... take profit as it goes up.
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