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  1. DSJ, (2) 1sts, and unloading 2 bad contracts? Thats not 10 cents on the dollar... its more like 75-80% value... Especially since he was coming off injury and said he wasn't going to resign after this year.... Look, I hate Dolan and the Knicks FO as much as the rest of you but the hate for selling off an injured superstar that was going to end up to be a 1 year rental is exactly what you need to do. Now I agree they didn't get full value because they sold him too soon... but its better then the Knicks sucking this year and having to trade a disgruntled superstar at the trade deadline this year. There is a chance that his value goes down or even worse he reinjures himself and the Knicks get nothing. It also could go up... they sold at a safe time. Nobody is taking into account that they could have ended up getting nothing for KP...
  2. It's obvious he meant dribble not matriculate
  3. Yeah and lost his job he was so bad
  4. Then don't read main stream media... That is their purpose... Listen or read guys like baldinger, footballguys, football outsiders, pff, the athletic, elitesportsny... Just because you choose to read the crap doesn't mean that this is all that's available... Use that brain power to find alternatives rather than bitch about the obvious...
  5. Considering he just joined the site it's obviously that he is trolling
  6. Ty is going to be Bells back-up... Powell is the Third as long as he is truly recovered... McGuire and Cannon both have a small chance to make the team... McGuire could make it and Cannon might make practice squad but I forget what the rules are for PS... He might have played too much to go back... Makes me wonder what will happen in NE... They are probably not going to keep all 5 RBs... Burkhead is probably gone... Because they are not getting rid of Develin or the Rookie... Depends on how McGuire looks in pre-season... because he didn't look the same after his injury.
  7. Austin, Cashman, Mcguire, and Polite are not going to crack into the opening day starter group... But seeing how they did this with so many rookies infused into their matrix it is easy to see why the Jets would finish last... The concept is flawed how they implemented their 'facts' of PFF point grades... you cannot have college point grades count on an NFL roster... that is inherently flawed from the get go, also they should use an average of the last 3 years they played... not just the last one... If they didn't play for three years yet you use league average rating for each year they didn't play... this would give you a result closer to actual roster strength
  8. No they are part of a college program and they either get in trouble so they get suspended, bad grades, or like Simms... wants to transfer because he wanted to be the #1 option at WVU and I guess decided after starting the transfer process that he wants to go pro rather then transfer for his senior year. Its normally just that they got in some trouble and they weren't eligible for the college draft or got hurt and decided instead of going back to school that they move into pros... Essentially if you are in college and want to go pro and didn't for whatever reason sign up for the real draft... this is your next option... if you don't get drafted then you can sign as a UDFA... or you have to wait for next years draft I believe...
  9. No... No.... And are you kidding Bucky... you want a real spice it up block buster trade for the Jets... Have the Jets trade a 1st Rounder for Mike Evans... if you are talking hypothetical
  10. Please try to separate Parcells the GM versus Parcells the Coach... Which I am doing... Parcells the coach was good, Parcells the GM was very bad.... Look at his track record and the assets the Jets gave up to get Parcells and not get Manning or Pace.
  11. Again... you must not read... Because I said Parcells was a good HC... no problem there... As an executive, he was terrible... your defense is that he is a top 5 best HCs of all time or whatever... That is not the argument here ,,, Changing the argument and calling me a fanboy doesn't make you all of a sudden correct... I think that Mac was bad as an executive. He did do some things well .... He managed the cap well, and he traded well, And he didn't make a mistake in the top of the 1st rounds when other executives have in the past... Just because he had cap space (which he created) doesn't mean he automatically would bring in top tier talent... So not giving him any credit for that is again just hating Mac for the sake of hating Mac.

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