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  1. If you guys think this is the haul for #2 and you give that up plus two more #1 round picks for watson... damn thats like 5 1st rounders...
  2. Waddle is the best WR in the class... Hands down...
  3. Trading away Jamal Adams and an additional 1st is not mortgaging the future for a top 3 QB in the league.
  4. Jamal got the Jets 2 firsts and a 3rd himself .... I think the Jets can spare an additional first for a 25 year old superstar.. Its not like they are trading away huge assets...
  5. I think he was set on demeco Ryans coming with him but the 49ers promoted him blocking the move. Now he has to find a DC... IMO Kris Richards would be great... and I can be sold on Aaron Glenn. Morris or Ulbrich is top notch too
  6. Yes thank you for proving my point... He is of Arab decent.
  7. Awesome job @Sarge4Tide Well detailed.... A lot of room to improve but with some great draft picks and a ton of money it should be interesting to see what this turns into.
  8. He's not... he is an Arab-American.... Minorities are not just black
  9. If Waddle is there... You have to take him... He is better then Devonte Smith...
  10. If Urban Meyer turns down Jax... Don't you think he comes to the Jets next?
  11. Good... Don't rush... make sure both sides want each other... All the candidates out there are about the same... and nobody has been hired yet on the other teams looking for a HC...
  12. They aren't a qb away from winning the Superbowl .... If they can get at least 2 more 1st rounders... why wouldn't you entertain that... and you would still be able to get Wilson or Lance depending how far you move back

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