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  1. 1, 2, 2019, Jon Allen, and a 1st in 2020 (if they could )
  2. Skeptable

    Siemian to Jets

    He played decently for Denver... He has a similar play style to Darnold... Perfect signing in my opinion...
  3. Skeptable

    Siemian to Jets

    Perfect signing and for the right money too... Veteran WR and Pass rusher next please...
  4. Skeptable

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    Ok, I get it... but also maybe those poor angles and being out of position can be corrected with proper coaching... I know that everyone here seems to hate Lee... I think he is just lazy in film study and lacked the proper development... Either way I think Ogbah is getting cut... Lee is not... He may be traded but he is not getting cut... trading Lee for Ogbah would be a win for the Browns, you are not getting any value out of the trade... So Lee for Ogbah plus what or else screw it, wait until he is cut and pick him up off the WW.
  5. This was already proven wrong ... Paradis was not coming to any 'Big City'. no matter what the money was
  6. OK? This was not my theory, this was what was reported... You can argue with me that you can live in the suburbs of the city, but I am not his agent nor did it seem like Gary V (Huge Jets Fan) could change his mind. He said he wanted to live in the country and didn't want to live near the big city... his words... The false reports that the Jets never made an offer have been refuted and I was merely correcting that stupid narrative that doesn't want to go away even though its wrong.
  7. Skeptable

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    It would have to be for more than just Ogbah... Lee is worth more as a back-up on this team then trading for a player that is going to get cut....
  8. They held back the offer from Paradis because he didn't want to live in the city... Greg V confirmed as much that Paradis was never coming to the Jets... The Jets were first to bring a verbal offer for him and Paradis expressed his desire to live in the country so the conversation never got pushed further than that and the Jets pulled their offer and moved on. If the Jets are delaying giving him an offer its probably because he is asking too much and they will wait until his market comes down.
  9. They could do something like #15, #46, 2020 #3 and Jon Allen.
  10. I am not sure that this wasn't the case... I think that KK took the job with the reality of working around Rosen... But when Murray backed out of the A's and declared I think KK basically went to the FO and said look here's the deal... This guy is a super star in the making and I can game plan around him to make him look like Mahomes... and I believe the FO looked at it and said why not... IMO, I think Murray declaring changed the direction that ARZ was going in.... I believe that they also still believe in Rosen, but like the way that Murray will bring press and attention to the franchise like that of a Michael Vick... People came to watch Vick to see what he could do not because they loved ATL.... Same here. Again this is my opinion but Murray is a special talent that ARZ basically feels they can't pass up on... I also believe that they still will end up getting a late 1st - early 2nd for Rosen... Here is a Dark Horse... Pats... Pats give up #32 for Rosen... They can groom Rosen behind Brady... Rosen won't be able to complain because he is basically sitting behind the best ever and in a year or 2 they have a Brett Favre/ Aaron Rodgers situation.
  11. I get it... not sure how Rosen would deal with that dynamic... They are so different in terms of style that you would almost have to teach two different systems to keep them both. I also think the reports that Rosen's value is low right now is sports writers forcing narratives... I would be surprised if they don't get a high 2nd ++ or a 1st rounder for Rosen... In reality 4 years of control and a first round QB is going to demand a haul no matter how bad he looked...
  12. Skeptable

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    They need a pass rusher... I still think that Houston is their guy but want his number to come down... 13 Mil/Yr 1. Not sure they can get one for only 4 Mill a year... but ok 2. Who? And nobody left will cost up to 8 Mill a year... Teddy who is got a 7.5 Mil/Yr has a ton of potential I don't see anyone that would cost more then him. 3. Not sure they need a older RB... I would rather they try to get Miles Sanders in the 3-4 round... They can always sign a Vet later if someone gets hurt... there is enough out there that I wouldn't worry about it. 4. I think they are all done signing Vet CBs.... IMO its going to be young UDFAs or drafting one in the 4-6 round 5. They need to sign a lot more Vet lineman on both sides of the ball, cheap though. 6. They need a Good Route Running older WR... like a Jordy Nelson
  13. True... so you are going to wait till when?? Get a 2020 1st rounder in August... Cardinals aren't winning a superbowl with or without Murray... So you trade Rosen or don't trade Rosen... the value won't change this year if he doesn't start. If Cardinals don't trade Rosen before the draft it may be harder for them to get fair value.
  14. I think it will be for number 37...
  15. This is a no-brainer for the Cardinals... Once he declared I think it was fairly obvious he was an option for KK. What I am surprised with is that they tanked Rosen's value so much before the draft... I would expect Rosen to be traded sooner rather then later after Murray's private workout.

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