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  1. Can't trade crowder..... Cap hit is too big.... Same as TJ and Bell and Mosley... So enough with stupid hot takes
  2. Julio, Sanu, Ridley, and before that Coleman and Freeman when they were good
  3. Agreed, still hate the feeling that you can't celebrate until they kick the extra point feeling. It has ruined a lot of the immediate response you have. Good or bad
  4. I always hated the full time ref argument... It's not like they are going to hone their craft because now they get paid full time... They do need basically an arbitrator to overrule the refs
  5. Ignore me then, not allowing me to respond on a thread because you are on it is childish... Just move on... You are choosing to keep this going... I responded to a thread you started... And instead of acting mature and moving along you are making a big deal out of this... You chose to go off topic... I was responding to the topic at hand
  6. So hostile.... All I did was respond as I always do... You are harboring ill feelings... I couldn't care less. Ignore, if you want... I am still allowed to post here.
  7. I was just saying that they already got rid of instant replay once... And then after a few years of people complaining they brought it back because they didn't want the Vinny T short of the end zone to happen again... Not saying one way or another... Just relaying there isn't a great solution that makes everyone happy... The biggest problem I have with Instant Replay is that you never feel like you can celebrate a TD or big play anymore... It always feels like you have to wait till every call is confirmed before you can rejoice.
  8. This already happened and then they brought it back again...
  9. None of those the medical staffs fault other then whatever is going on with KO... Its laughable to blame the medical staff over mono and a guy trying to get ready and pulling a hammy... That's idiotic
  10. OK??? Not denying that... But are you sure they knew about the torn labrum? And KO wanted out of Oakland so bad that what if he did not fully disclose that he was still in pain.... We as fans don't have all the information... And the majority of what has been leaked is from his agent... And again based on his injury history and issues in Oakland, I personally am not ready to believe him yet, especially since no player that I have heard of have ever complained or talked bad against the jets medical staff or doctors

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