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  1. You think Jackson is better then Bowles???? HAHAHAHA
  2. Jets say "Hold my Beer" and rout Browns 26 - 9.
  3. Exactly... I see them coming out throwing bombs
  4. Dallas did it last year and Atlanta did it 2 Years ago, Chiefs did it in 2013, Giants in 2012, and 2012 was the first time that they started having Thursday night football every week. So overall out of the 7 games that have been played in this exact schedule they have been 4-3 away team.
  5. One thing with the NFL is when everything points to one conclusion... Bet the opposite... This is too good for the Browns... The Browns get blown out 26-9
  6. Put Nickerson on Landry... I think that punk could get into Landry's head, Bracket the inside routes with Lee and outside with Middleton. Put Johnson on Callaway and Mo on Hollywood. So in essence single cover man to man on Hollywood and Callaway. Double team Landry. Rush 3, Spy Taylor, Lee on Njoku. Win Jets D. Just beat up Landry.... he loves inside routes and slants.... punish him
  7. Steelers are not good. Don't look at the box score... watch the games... They are on there way to a 5-6 win season. Saints are 1 dimensional right now with no Ingram. Taylor doesn't turn the ball over but he also doesn't win games. Forcing Taylor into throwing the ball is recipe for success Jets are better coach then Jets fans realize Jets 26 - 9 Browns.
  8. Skeptable

    Some screen caps from the 2nd pick

    Exactly... the throw was already out of Darnold's hand before the stumble so the throw was actually on target.
  9. Skeptable

    Some screen caps from the 2nd pick

    Look like I said in other threads, Darnold has made a bunch of bad throws... especially the first INT which was just bad... but this was not on Darnold. Pryor had inside position on a slant... how is that Darnold fault?
  10. Skeptable

    Some screen caps from the 2nd pick

    Not a bad throw... decent throw... it was in the right place for the reciever as soon as Pryor breaks the slant the ball is out of his hands... Pryor then trips or gets pushed or gives up but definitely doesn't fight for his route and its picked off by a DB that never gave up on the route. The DB ran the route better then Pryor... Pryor had inside position and should have never let that happen.
  11. Skeptable

    Some screen caps from the 2nd pick

    Pryor gets slightly pushed at the 8:01 mark, which leads to Pryor giving up on the route. Which is after Darnold released the ball... If you watch Darnold releases the ball and then Pryor gets pushed and then gives up before he realizes late that the ball is coming to him. Pryor then tries to lunge towards the ball because he stopped his momentum.
  12. Still not a FACT... its your opinion... the Fact is that they were prepared to release him for nothing... So your 'fact' that the Browns are going to get big compensation for him seems a bit of a reach to say the least.

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