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  1. Skeptable

    Jets Waive Leggett

    could be... but after the drafts we have seen which is more likely....
  2. Skeptable

    Jets Waive Leggett

    I think Gase is trying to get rid of lazy mother ****ers... Exhibit A: Darren Lee... Heavy gamer... suspended for weed (you need to get caught numerous times before the 4 game suspension), was always caught out of position, chasing people down... gave up huge yardage by not communicating coverage... Exhibit B: Leggett... known lazy player from college to the pros... he is now in his 3rd year and has not even been able to crack the starting roster on a team that was desperate for pass catchers... Next up Fatusaki and Nathan Sheppard
  3. Skeptable

    Jets Waive Leggett

    What makes you think that Mikey Mac took any advice from what the coordinator needed or wanted... by all accounts it seems like he had pre-meetings with scouts and the coach wasn't allowed input or we assuming that this was just for Gase
  4. Skeptable

    New Video on Macc; Don't Panic

    Fair and responsible response video... He is correct
  5. Bart Scott has great jets stories but nothing current...
  6. Skeptable

    “Get It Done Tanny!”

    I always hear how good magini is at evaluating talent...
  7. Skeptable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Or assembling a staff before the hire is official... Because they still have to interview for rooney rule
  8. Skeptable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Seems like small potatoes to get this organization in order... This is 4+ billion dollar franchise... Spending 25 million to run the ship seems reasonable.
  9. Skeptable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Exactly this... Perfect
  10. Exactly.. Even though they might have had a better time to fire the gm. I respect the owner that doesn't make a rash decision... Realizes he doesn't understand the business. Spends the time to learn the job. Observes the company more closely and moves on from the guy that EVERYONE WANTED GONE. This is out of hand the stupid woe is me from franchise that finally moved on from a guy that was holding them back... I think that now CJ has more of an idea of what should be happening that he won't let this go bad..
  11. Skeptable

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Maybe it's just Joe Douglas and gase reaching and seeing if he wants a seat on staff... Douglas would need to try and get people in the department to get rid of the junk that has been destroying this team for years... In no way was this for the gm position... Manning wouldn't want to be gm either... Imo
  12. Skeptable

    Manish Speaks

    Brian heimerdinger was his leak... I believe that was confirmed
  13. You are arguing with know-it-alls that don't understand cutting losses.... Should the coach and gm been hired at the same time... Of course... CJ didn't and now corrected the mistake. It's not like the FA or draft went bad... It was ok... Not great but ok... Now Douglas can come in and prepare for 2020 with a full year and has till August to make trades or moves for 2019... Overall this roster improved from 2018... Ok.. Well move on and look ahead.. Not what should have happened.

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