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  1. What does him in 'Free Work out clothes' have anything to do with him wanting to be here or not... He wants to be here as long as the Jets pay him the money he feels he deserves... But in reality his dream is to play for the Cowboys... Him its Jets gear means he wants to stay .... HAHAHAHAHA what kind of argument is that? He has 3 years of free workout attire and clothes from the team that employs him.
  2. But Jets are cash poor (per Manish).... So how would the Jets sign him long term
  3. Just Wait... Mims is OBJ without the insanity
  4. Crowder = 110 Receptions Mims = 1100 Yards Herndon = 9 TDS
  5. Hopefully this helps the Jets because maybe with Woody coming back (No politics, he said he is coming back no matter who wins), and JD at the helm, that this brings a quicker redesign. Because they needed to do better... even if they aren't the worst as this guy states... They ain't above the bottom 5-10... So yeah for a new layout this is an embarrassment to an organization that should strive to be the best because of the city/state they represent. That is all... I don't want to argue about whether its middle 10 or bottom 10... who cares... It should be the best.
  6. Klecko was a great value but Fields in the 14th round is much better value... Coles was probably one of the best picks... Revis was probably the best player out of them all.
  7. When Bart Scott asked Gore how and why he was playing so long, his answer was that Linebackers in today's NFL are just plain dumb. They don't know how to assess the information they are given presnap... He went off on a tangent talking about trying to teach today's lbs and how bad they were about knowing where to position themselves. He also started going off on the whole reason the blindside block was eliminated from the game is because the linebackers were so dumb not knowing where players were that they were getting blown up. but it was a good nugget from the Bart and Hahn show yesterday. Great mentor for Perine
  8. Nope. Fant is going to be LT and Becton will be RT... No way they let a rookie protect his blind side. Fant played a lot of LT already and was moved to swing tackle after he got hurt and they traded for Brown. He was going to compete for a starting LT job in Seattle. The rhetoric that he is only a swing tackle is misplaced by beat reporters not doing due diligence.
  9. I am sure this is a dart throw by Manish and if it doesn't happen the next article is going to be how the Jets couldn't close the deal... Its an easy win win for Manish
  10. 10... is Santana Moss.... Not Robby
  11. Arians is a really good coach, look what he has done with the QBs he is given. TB now has 2 of the top 10 WRs in the league. Plus OJ Howard and Gronk Blocking with the occasional pass. Plus Tampa will always need to score with the defense they have. Call me crazy but I have seen Tom Brady do more with less. Maybe Tom doesn't work well with Godwin and Evans and everything seems to be hanging on by a thin thread... but there is always a chance it fits perfectly together.

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