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  1. Season opener with the whole season ahead of them... They spent the next 8 games at the bottom of the league so game 1 blow up in the fourth quarter doesn't mean anything after this season
  2. Big Papi in 2009(i think) ... But in baseball it's not a normal drug test but a trial of a new test. So big Papi never 'failed' a real drug test. Yet was caught.
  3. A wire to wire win... What is this? an alternate universe?
  4. He had good things to say about Sam and the Jets the past two weeks.
  5. Nope... Been there done that... Just because the current coach sucks doesn't mean the jets should back another terrible coach
  6. Umm... Ok... They both sound terrible right now
  7. So you can have a coach that makes horrible in-game decisions... Constantly blows late leads... Loose locker room... And who's shtick wore thin with the players after 2 seasons... Sounds mediocre at best...
  8. Lazy narrative... He was recommended to CJ by Gase as someone he can work with... The moment you realize that JDs contract is 2 years longer you will understand that JD will have no problem moving on if it comes to it. JD isn't going to sacrifice his first shot at GM by being that stubborn... He has waited to long for this opportunity
  9. They just have to get rid of the entitled culture that is definitely still in that locker room... Earn your keep... Do your job.... Quincy made this into a spectacle... His choice and probably burned bridges doing so... This us 100% on Quincy... Could the jets been leinant... Sure but why did Quincy deserve it?... Worse now that he makes it public... **** him... Cut his ass the moment he is 100%healthy and continue to find him for every missed session
  10. I heard the emergency was the 8th because of basement flooding and just no showed... then he didn't come in Monday either for Veteran's day and that was because he had to 'have lunch' with his Vet wife... Personally, even if I believed he was telling the truth, the Jets are in the right here... It sounds as though he was hoping for leniency on the fines and not that he got fined... Airing such a petty thing makes him look bad... I think that he may have went away for the weekend, maybe last second thing, and had 2 different excuses for each day. Just my opinion because those were his last 2 appointments from what I heard. Sure, cool, even if this is the case and its not like you are getting fired, you are getting fined x% of your salary or something like that... Quincy screwed up here and I am not sure he understands... Just like Jamal screwed up and kinda owned it and settled it.... KO and Falk I think are just trying to avoid having to use the Jets doctors at the Jets facility... There is good and bad to this... Forcing players to use team doctors allows information to stay in house and assures that the team knows the exact level of care they are getting... Going outside the organization means that the doctors can prescribe certain treatments that the NFL may not want them to use.. for various reasons. Pros and Cons to each... In the end this just may be very different for some of this locker room that has been coddled for so long that they simply don't like the change in operation and are now speaking out against the change... Point is that a lot of this is getting leaked from one side... there is more to the story... Overall: Jets need a new PR team... they got to realize that they have to start spinning these takes just for the sake of the embarrassment of the franchise... Whether true or not... Allowing these beat reporters to get this much power is unacceptable for a corporation as big as this Franchise.
  11. Not saying GW had anything to do with it... Gase may have picked it up from someone else... I am just saying this is something GW has done with the Defense... They also post positive and uplifting stats as well... This just looks bad because of how it came to light.

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