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  1. https://www.espn.com/radio/play/_/id/32271012 It starts at 9:35 of the first hour of the podcast today... The gist is basically he was fooled because he was facing one of the hardest fronts he could face as a QB... Good listen about 2 minutes
  2. I guess you never seen football in the South or the Mid-west... Football is their life... not in NYC... so don't be a jackass.
  3. BYU Football in Utah is extremely big... Most popular sport... Tons of media... He will be OK... If anything BYU prepared him for NYC
  4. He's not going to last long in his career if he keeps getting hit like that
  5. Like me what?? ... I barely post.
  6. He does... sour grapes... he hates wilson
  7. He is a rookie in his second game and you guys are the same fools that called Quinnen a bust
  8. I wish he was going to be the one... He looks average... He just never got better
  9. There are about 6 trolls that take over every thread... All they do is bash Wilson... or JD or both... It has become unreadable
  10. A lot of fans from other teams keep coming on and trolling the fanbase... case in point AlbaniaJet is a Bills fan so is kevinc and a few others... all the ghost characters are giants fans... and all these new ones haven't shown their true colors but there are a lot of long term Jets fans that buy into this sh*t.
  11. Agreed... I want to watch football again where I think they can actually win... Sure it's year 10 or 20 or whatever of the rebuild... JD and Saleh in my opinion are building correctly... Ground up rebuild... No more half measures... So it will take a second to start winning... Flores also lost his first 6 games with Miami before he saw them turn around. Patience is gone from most of the fanbase and nothing will change that beside consistent winning... Hope Saleh can turn this around quick...
  12. Most of the posts are bills fans coming to troll Jets fans and get them riled up to fire everyone
  13. Fine year 5 of the rebuild because the first one failed at year 3 and so they are starting from scratch again... Whatever way you view it... This is unfortunately a restart of the original rebuild because it failed... Whether you like it or not this is the beginning of a new cycle that will take time with or without your patience.. Or we get what you and your pack of flunkies want to get another GM only to have to restart all over again... Because consistency doesn't matter in NFL... That's why great prestigious organizations fire GMs and coaches regularly to make sure
  14. Different and harder playbook... And Mims had the first 6+ games to watch and learn because he wasn't healthy... Now a new playbook that is harder and maybe it takes him 6 more games before he sees the field.. Outside wrs still have route trees and they need to block for run game.
  15. How about he learns the playbook and route tree so he can play.
  16. Not in brand new systems starting from scratch, with virtually new veterans.
  17. What owner excuse, did you even read what I wrote? Jesus... This is the proof right here... This fan can't even take the 3 seconds to read the 3 paragraphs I wrote... Instead skims... Reads owners and says I can't use that as an excuse... How about we slow down... Take a second to read what I wrote and move on.
  18. When the ******* scumbag owners start listening to the fanbase... It kinda is partially their fault
  19. Enough with your shtick... I get what purpose you are to the site... Don't lie and say this is year 5... Its basically year 1... Macs failure to bring talent and coach set the team back again for another rebuild built for this now rookie HC... Spare me your BS sh*t and go back to cheering on Gase.
  20. Not liking the owner and refusing PSLs doesn't define Fandom... I just don't believe in the philosophy and never will... I refuse to support it... That is my stance. This also doesn't mean I don't like the Jets any less then you... The amount I pay towards the owners doesn't define Fandom and I am sorry you have that opinion.. Wins weren't ever going to come easy this year and any fan thinking that a rookie team heading to play one of the most well polished franchise was going to win was sorely misled... 2 loses doesn't define this team... Whether you believe or don't believe that
  21. I gave up my season tickets when they forced PSLs... Because there was no way that I was going to help those scumbags pay for that sh*t hole of a stadium... Mind you... Those tickets were in the family for 40 years... But please tell me how the salesman love me.. All you do is bitch and complain on this site... Find a new team... You might get some enjoyment out of them because you certainly won't get it with this team even when they win the superbowl
  22. 40% the 2021 season just started... He is literally been here for 26 or 27 months... Of a 6 year deal... I agree if by the end of 2022 there is no improvements he is probably gone but most likely he has until the end of 2023..
  23. Takes time and you need to build and earn it
  24. Playing a team that has had a system that has been running like a well oiled machine for 20 years... Yet the fans think that the Jets full of some of the youngest in the NFL with an entirely new system on both sides of the ball would crush them? The Jets were competitive all game even with the turnovers... There were mistakes but they didn't get their doors blown off... It got out of hand at the end when Zach started really pressing...
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