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  1. This was great to hear.. Thank you... I actually listened to the whole thing... it sounds like this forum for the past 10 years...
  2. Jags go from 31 to 18 and Colts from 14 to 32... eeek
  3. Not when all the running happens in the first half when its close... that would be true if they actually ran it after halftime.
  4. Love how after last week it was the exact opposite... I even called people out on it.
  5. https://www.outkick.com/zach-wilson-injury-time-doctor-weeks-news/
  6. Sorry you missed it ... it was reported throughout local media that it wasn't the meniscus keeping ZW out but the bone bruise... https://www.outkick.com/zach-wilson-injury-time-doctor-weeks-news/
  7. Cimini and Hughs both stated that it was the Bone Bruise that was keeping him out and they wanted it to fully heal as well as on Boomer and Carton in the Morning. I believe Bart Scott also mentioned it
  8. It was stated in multiple media outlets and tweets from the reporters. I don't have time to search through their history to find it...
  9. The 2-4 weeks was based on the meniscus not the bone bruise... bone bruises can take 6-7 weeks to heal... look it up... media has been speculating. Saleh was hoping that the timeline was safer to the 2-4 Weeks along with the meniscus but when they tested him it turns out its closer to the bone bruise timeline of 6-7 Weeks...
  10. You are speculating as to why he is not playing ... The doctors said that they need his bone bruise to heal and its not the MCL... maybe they are lying but that is what the latest information is.
  11. Fair points but if the Jets keep firing coaches because of the incompetence of previous coaches they will never turn it around. Just like most positions in the NFL or college football 3 years should be the bar for a fair evaluation. Unless for whatever reason they show utter incompetence which has not happened with this team. Missed assignments, bad turnovers, have happened but that is on the players. Sure you can say its unfair and life is unfair but this team will end up churning bad teams until there is stability. Improvement should be rewarded not shunned for not being perfect yet. The reason why Shanahan and Zac Taylor are 'different' is that they are similar complete teardowns as this was. Also proves that you need a couple years to evaluate the coaching position. Adam Gase and Bowles were not even close. Mangini was the closest to doing this but it turned out he wasn't very good at coaching and better at picking talent and developing it. Hence why Rex had a head start. Previous GMs didn't get rid of every single player of a past GM and start over with mostly drafting talent EVER... Sure many have tried competitive rebuilds getting some high priced vets and filling the gaps with draft picks... this GM is trying to have a full squad of starters with almost only draft picks with a couple of veterans to fill in key positions... this is very different then previous GMs. Nobody is asking for a 6 year plan... I am just saying 1 game into his second year is a bit too premature in my opinion... 3 years is the best because then they have mostly their players, an established system, and they have gone through the rookie growing pains.
  12. Herbert is gonna miss time with broken ribs IMHO... then is he a wuss? Zach had a non-contact injury that they feared (everyone) that he was done for the year... Herbert got crushed and had a hard time throwing... Not sure why you think this is the same.
  13. Ok since you read it, you understand that I think that criticism is warranted. But that is far from what is happening on this board. This board has gone from criticism to outright badgering any optimistic take. You are not allowed to write anything positive without a crew of posters telling you how much each person sucks. Now, maybe not you, I don't follow your posts, but a large part of regular posters have gone into overdrive trolling every thread without any real criticism but just bashing the coach. Sure be angry... Sure you can say he has a terrible record... but that doesn't necessarily mean he is a terrible coach. The patience has worth thin on the Jets fanbase but that is due to Gase and Bowles and even the end of Rex Ryan. Bad coaches show up in terms of how the team performs (Not always in wins and loses)... right now the team looks decent in my humble opinion.. Not all loses are equal. Last year looked terrible but the roster was so thin from NFL talent that once starters started going down there was nobody to fill the void. Last year all I read was about LaFleur was terrible and he needed to be fired... posted all over... Jets offense looks inept... by the end of the season it was all Ulbrich and how terrible he was and got deflected to if Saleh is so good why is his Defense 31st in the league... In game 1 the defense looked really good outside of 2-3 plays... The offense looked ok but not as bad as some of the games in Gase era... They moved the ball and some players had key, drops, turnovers, fumbles opponents side of the field. You can blame this on coaching I guess. But even the vaunted Belicheck's players make crucial mistakes sometimes. I am personally sick of coaches in the Jets past that had tons of pre-snap penalties, Bad timeouts, bad clock management, terrible decisions on going for it or not, Not being aggressive, and in my opinion none of this happened in this game. The players made some mistakes on their first game and if it keeps happening that is coaching... if its once... then I can only blame the player. But keep hoping to bring back Rex and his awful timeouts or changing of personnel, or terrible clock management... Even watching them lose to the worst team in the league while beating the best...if you think that is a good coach, have at it I am not going to be able to convince you otherwise.
  14. I fundamentally and completely disagree with this statement... Belicheck was a mediocre HC until Brady... He failed in Cleveland and was not well liked... then he was Only ok in NE until Brady took over... Yes in peak form people may have wanted him, but not as many fanbases as you may think. I edited failing in NE because that was too harsh... he was doing decent but not this ultra desirable HC as you state.
  15. Thinking that there is a better coach and wanting to replace the current coach with that coach are two different things and you are mixing the 2. You think the fans of KC would rather have Belicheck? or how about LA Ram fans, or SF fans... you think they want Belicheck.... No.. of course not. Just because there is better doesn't mean every fan base wishes they had said coach.
  16. essentially Yes... Because they don't want their current HC and is looking for an alternative
  17. Did you read what I wrote? I said specifically its fine to be critical, I have no problem with people questioning calls or playing time. But have you read this site... The majority is, he is a cupcake, a cheerleader, he is terrible, if he is so good then why is his record so bad... I just showed 2 examples of coaches that followed nearly the same strategy of building a team and proving that it can take time. If he is so terrible then what is the solution, half the site is talking bring in payton or wishing they hired Daboll or McCarthy... That is saying you want him gone... which means being fired... come on, don't be so dense. Just because you don't come out and say directly that you want him fired doesn't mean that you are not stating it by reading through the lines.
  18. After the first game in the second year of a complete teardown (Started one year before he got there) they won 4 games, in which it was Saleh's first year as HC and with the youngest roster in the league. You are now going to hold that record over his head? This is beyond ignorant and stupid and you are better then that. I have watched you post for a long time and you have a lot of decent points to make but this is just not relevant. What has happened for the last 12 years before Saleh should not count against Saleh as most of you are doing. Sure they sucked with a terrible team, terrible roster and bad coaches. But for once the Jets actually did the right thing and not a half measure of ripping all the junk out of the building and basically starting fresh without the old, we'll try and compete and tear it down at the same time. Now it is beyond frustrating that their 2 most important positions that they drafted have a hard time staying on the field but that is not Saleh's fault. Blame it on the turf, maybe but Zach got hurt somewhere else. Blame it on JD, maybe but a lot of his other picks seem to be very talented. If this team was terribly coached you would see tons of bad penalties, bad time outs, unmotivated players, and slacking players... I personally have not seen any of that. So what this fanbase is calling for his head even though he hasn't even been given a chance to have his drafted QB on the field of his 2nd year and they lost to a team that had 2-3 plays that beat them. They did not get blown out, although it feels that way when the offense doesn't score, but overall that game was a first step in what seems like it will be a good season. And don't give me this defensive argument that nobody is calling for him to be fired, but yet every other post is Saleh is bad, Saleh is a cheerleader, Saleh can't coach, etc. etc. What is the end game of that..... You are basically saying he shouldn't coach the team, ala needs to be fired... There is no other way to put it. There are some that are critical here of things he does which is understandable but most of the website right now is bashing JD, Saleh, or Zach saying that 1 or 2 or all three need to go without even giving them a full season together after a teardown year. Main point is that the 50 Years of suck this franchise has had should not be weighed so heavily on a coach in his first game of his 2nd year. Sure quote records or whatever you want... But even Zac Taylor on Cincy (an actual worse team) was given 2 years before they started calling for his firing and what was his record?? He won 6 games in his first 2 years... Or how about Kyle Shanahan? 6 games in year 1 and 4 the 2nd year.... People in SF were furious and wanted his head... but then what happened... It clicked... Nobody here is saying wait 5 more years, but jesus can we at least give him a few weeks before you send him to the gallows.
  19. I can't believe you guys fall into this trolls trap on every thread along with DarnoldForehead and whatever other names he goes by.... Jesus this forum has become gullible.
  20. 2 Kickoffs out of bounds and a missed extra point... Hard pass
  21. You are right it was Indy they led at Halftime and Pitt they got blown out in the first half... Bad memory I guess. But Denver they also led at half-time
  22. No malcontent by all the extra sh*t he did outside the football field... He was great player but limited and a terrible value for what hew was asking... In moving on to Seattle he did nothing to help improve the defense and was known to be a huge liability in the passing game just like he was here... He didn't make game changing plays and ran his mouth after every game... sure you can defend how hard he played but he is limited and a glorified Hybrid LB/Box Safety that can't cover...
  23. yes but he gave terrible contracts like Quincy out ... .. There is not enough data either way... I guess I see that after productive seasons JD extends the opportunity to sign on longer and if you don't he doesn't... Look there hasn't been much to cheer about but the talent the Jets have now actually seems legit for once and whether it is Saleh or some other coach to do it I don't care... I think that the overall team has improved because of the savviness of JD trades and drafts. Will it equal wins... I think so and I think they are close... but we will see, just not ready to give up on any of them after a year and a game...
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