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  1. This is a POSITIVE THING. Elway is an idiot.
  2. Aka, they've been correct.
  3. Pencil?! Mother****er better get his sorry ass to staples!
  4. Joe Caporoso Connor Hughes Connor Rodgers Brian Costello
  5. It's a cap hit of ~15mil a year for a guy who is not exactly a pass rusher. If we're going to trade assets and eat capspace for a guy under contract for 2-3 years I would rather go for a better fit like Chandler Jones. We have to be smart about how we use these assets and shouldn't be trying to force a round peg into a square hole for the sake of "name sexiness" imo.
  6. smaxor5

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    I don't know man, this is going to get some interesting opinions. For instance, I think we kind of matchup well against that Packers offense. We can play coverage formations and not really worry about the run with this CB crew being good tacklers and us having some fast linebackers for once. Thats not an easy assignment for a (clearly) hobbled Rodgers with no clear good runningbacks. That defense is nothing special either...oh and, Mike McCarthy sucks. My main point here: I don't think people get how much a healthy Rodgers was dragging this dogsh*t team along with him.
  7. smaxor5

    Bowles should go before Macc....

    This fanbase loves to act like this GM didn't land the top QB in the last draft without giving up this years 1st round pick.
  8. smaxor5

    Parry Nickerson

    The minute Skrine got banged up I was excited about getting a look at this kid. It's time to acknowledge the fact that this team has some exciting, young corners in development.
  9. I smiled and screamed at no one in particular: "That won't rattle him. NOTHING WILL"
  10. Is this the best article I've ever read in my life or am I just high?
  11. I've had an erection for over 4 hours. I'm not calling a doctor, I'm watching it again.
  12. Hate to break it to you guys but this is EXACTLY what Joe Namath would be doing if he played today.
  13. How do you write this article and not mention Quincy Enunwa? Like you could even write him off as being a huge questionmark due to health and that would be fine but this guy just straight up forgot about him. How the **** does he have a job as an "expert"?

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