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  1. He seems to think the Colts are idiots about their defense...can't say I disagree with him
  2. All of the negative comments about him elevate the fact that he wasn't asked to do pass blocking to he can't do pass blocking. Just ignore it.
  3. Not even bothering to lay out an argument for the exact player on offense that should have been picked.
  4. Correctly betting that the Giants will be dumb and benefiting from it by getting, arguably, the best QB in the draft without giving up your 2019 1st round pick in the draft (which just became the best player in the draft)...is a panic move? Seriously, what is wrong with your brain? Did you want to be the team taking Daniel Jones this year?
  5. Exactly why I come here way less than I used to. Twitter is more optimistic and reasonable....think about that.
  6. Yeah man, with picks you can get anything...maybe even a top 5 CB!
  7. Pencil?! Mother****er better get his sorry ass to staples!
  8. Joe Caporoso Connor Hughes Connor Rodgers Brian Costello
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