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  1. I...I can't feel feelings anymore after trying to think about that. Blew a fuse.
  2. Tampa game HUGE test

    "They have no margin for error period" *proceeds to describe the margin for error*
  3. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    How is this thread not about Buster Skrine?
  4. This reads like Manish mainly because it sucks and has no actual insight.
  5. Boston Sports Radio

    I live here. It certainly did not.
  6. Your argument is that money only matters...yet we have money AND are winning with a good defense. Why the hell would Cousins not want to come here exactly?
  7. We were missing 2 of our top 3 corners, our best pass rusher and the defense still looked good for the entire game. What the "all in on the tank" crowd doesn't understand is that that is just one strategy for getting better, there are others. For instance, with the Jets winning many more games than expected they are suddenly a much more attractive FA destination. Those top guys like Vernon that said "F that" a couple years ago are now actually considering coming here. Specifically, a guy like Kirk Cousins might actually come here. Anything can happen, enjoy the ride at least.
  8. It's honestly really sad that a large number of Jets fans have lost the ability to cheer for young, upcoming players win games they aren't supposed to. Like what on earth is wrong with all of you?
  9. Why do our punters always suck?

    They're overworked.
  10. Lets beat the Browns first haha
  11. What if we just sign Kirk Cousins and take an offensive playmaker?
  12. I knew this thread would be here when I came into work this morning.
  13. Sheldon Traded

    You know what's really entertaining? Reading all the posts on the 1st page of this thread trashing Macc for trading Sheldon for peanuts. This fanbase is "battered wife" syndrome in a nutshell.
  14. Which is dumb imo. This team sucks out loud, we should be turning over rocks to hoard talent at any position. That's what you're supposed to do during a tank year: find possible contributors and give them reps. It's not like we're wasting 4 roster spots on punters, this is a perfectly sound strategy.