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  1. Time will tell if JD did enough to help Sam. It's tempting to suggest we could have made another move or two. But not too many other GM's of teams with a young QB, did more in terms of adding notable offensive players via free agency and/or rounds 1-3 of the draft. Arizona - Hopkins, Humphries, Jones (lost Johnson) Baltimore - Dobbins, Duverney (lost Hurst, Roberts) Buffalo - Diggs, Spain, Moss Cincinnati - Green, Su'a Filo, Redmond, Higgins (lost Miller, Eifert) Cleveland - Conklin, Hooper, Wills Denver - Gordon, Glasgow, Jeudy, Hamler, Cushenberry (lost McGovern) LA Chargers - Bulaga, Turner, Henry, Ekeler (lost Gordon) Miami - Flowers, Howard, Karras, Jackson, Hunt New England - Lee, Thuney, Asiasi, Keene (lost Dorsett, Karras) NY Giants - Lewis, Fleming, Thomas, Peart (lost Latimer) NY Jets - Fant, McGovern, Van Roten, Lewis, Perriman, Becton, Mims (lost Anderson, Shell) Washington - Scherff, Thomas, Gibson (lost Williams, Flowers) No one else has made as many moves as we have. What we probably lacked was a splash signing like Hopkins, Diggs or Conklin to excite the fan-base, but we had too many other roster holes to fill. In terms of helping Sam in 2020, we're putting a lot of faith in Fant and Perriman to produce. Those two moves, along with the ability of our two rookies to settle, will likely go some way to answering the initial question.
  2. I voted for Sam at safety. His Mum is a PE teacher. So he'd be ok at running around and tackling things that moves. His sister is a volleyball player. So he'd probably be fine on deflecting or batting down passes. His grandfather was a volleyball player too, and played basketball. So he'd be good at catching the ball and would probably have more than 2 picks in 3 years. He seems like a normal, sensible kid. So he'd understand that safety is not a premium position and react accordingly.
  3. Chargers, 4th and 1, 1.06. Jones rushes for a couple of yards. Not the most glamorous or exciting play in the world. But it cemented an unlikely road win in the play-offs. The most 'exciting' play was either one of Sanchez's throws to Edwards or Holmes against the Texans. One I remember celebrating more than most was a defensive touchdown against the Bills in the Favre year. Near the end of the season and everything was unravelling but this play earned a stay of execution for another week. So not a very exciting list.
  4. It's Manish, so not sure it deserves it's own thread just yet.
  5. I usually kind of look at schedules in blocks of 4 games. Can we go 2-2 in the first block? It will be tough, but if we could manage it then ARZ, @LAC and BUF is a winnable three game stretch. Any kind of winning foothold in the season early on and you'd be looking at the run of NE, @MIA, MIA, LVR as the time to kick on. The last block of 4 games are rough. Let's hope they are meaningful.
  6. It's the game where we hurt the Patriots "Tank for Trevor" with the 11-4 Jets resting starters, after clinching the division, lose 17-13 and leave the Patriots drafting 15th after an 8-8 season.
  7. Fun game to open. Won't be easy but still winnable. It could be a lot worse. Let's go up there and take control of the division.
  8. Another one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH-a8V5stp4&feature=youtu.be Jets @ 6.26
  9. Out Zuniga, Morgan In 79 Duverney 154 C. Weaver 173 Anae

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