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  1. All of this. It is slickly produced, but I didn't feel like I learnt anything new from watching it. Needed more non-Florham Park footage. Wanted to see some of the footage of the pro days, of behind the scenes Jets stuff in Cleveland on draft weekend, and as you say the Darnold trade and the move up for AVT. The Carolina one was better.
  2. I know right. Feels like we have got our team back. Last year was just the worst.
  3. Didn't we hire the US Winter Olympics guy, Brad DeWesse as part of our Athletic Care and Performance? He came across with some impressive credentials. Let's hope he can get involved positively in situations such as what this sounds like.
  4. Likeable guy, speaks well, think he'll get on well on a personal level with Zach.
  5. https://twitter.com/FieldYates/status/1397884103236587523
  6. Wentz was also the only guy on that list who had a lower Yards Per Pass number (6.0) than Darnold (6.1). The number of interceptions wasn't the biggest issue with Sam last year. His regression was more multifaceted than just one issue. One of them been his lack of ability to throw aggressively down the field. This may have been partly on Gase and the conservative play-calling, but it also looked like Sam lost his nerve and was too happy to check down, when he had other receivers open.
  7. https://www.viagogo.co.uk/Sports-Tickets is one option. UK-based forumites might know others?
  8. Line now at 3.5. Will be a pick 'em game by kick off, after Wilson lights it up in pre-season. @bitontijumped early, laying the 5?
  9. If Darnold looks like trash again, the Panthers are not rolling him out again as a starter next year, regardless of any 18 million commitment. They will bench or cut him, and move on.
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