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  1. Shut him down for the season. Can't afford aggravating anything that might effect his potential trade value.
  2. We have been humiliated by the Patriots and Dolphins. Today to complete the trifecta?
  3. I think it would be easier to 'get over it', if we were talking about a Beckham Jr or a Ramsey type of elite talent. No one is questioning Adams' heart on the field, or his desire to win, but when you are highlighting a tackle of his on a 66 yard run play, then you then have to question his value on the field in terms of impact. Set that value on the field against his lack of maturity and professionalism off it, then you have to ask yourself, is he worth it? Most of us are saying 'no'.
  4. My bad, completely forgot about CJ. I was thinking more in terms of edge rushers and shut-down corners, but you are right, Mosely is a defensive playmaker. And a damn good one at that.
  5. As per the above, we have 1 x QB 0 x pass rushers 2 off playmaker (Bell & being generous Herndon) 0 x def players (Maye?) 0 x quality OL We have currently filled 3 out of the 12 premium positions.
  6. What are the permutations required for Buffalo to score their first play-off touchdown in this millenium?
  7. How bad is Winston? Top ten o-line, Evans, Godwin, Howard and RGII and he is still stinking out the joint.
  8. Disappointing that we couldn't get a good deal over the line, but if the offer wasn't right, it's better to stand pat. I like Jamal, and expect he will continue to play hard until he is dealt in March.
  9. You can, in the only value that matters, wins and losses. Adams is 10-29.
  10. This is genuinely the most excited I have been about the Jets this season since the Buffalo game.
  11. Mike McCarthy was not the best fit for Darnold's development and Mike McCarthy is still better than Adam Gase. Le Veon Bell is a good player and Tevin Coleman plus a stellar lineman in FA would have been better use of financial resources. Robby Anderson is our best wide receiver and Robby Anderson isn't worth the $$$ he will be looking for in FA. Sam Darnold's ceiling is higher than Kirk Cousins and a Jets team with Cousins and all those picks would have won more games this year.

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