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  1. Inclined to agree, something feels off there in Seattle. They haven't really drafted that well recently and its catching up to them. New Orleans is another team that could implode a little. Cap hell and no QB. Green Bay are making a name for themselves as the team destined to come up short when it matters. If the Niners could get their injured players back and source an upgrade on Garoppollo, they could be the team to dominate. Whoever drafts the next great young QB in the NFC will likely go on a run.
  2. The NFC is weak at the moment. Green Bay are probably the best team in it, but blew it tonight. Even Green Bay fall into the 'good, not great' category. Tampa Bay are a hastily-assembled team of free agent mercenaries, New Orleans are fools gold, LA Rams and Seattle are one-dimensional. It's a conference populated by aging or mediocre quarterbacks. Most of the teams in the AFC have a brighter future than their NFC counterparts.
  3. Squeaky bum time for the 17 Buccaneer fans in Tampa Bay, and the Brady fans who jumped ship.
  4. Wish Brady would just go away. Sick of watching him in Superbowls.
  5. Can't see Deshaun and Dan Campbell as a good fit together.
  6. Has to affect the potential market for Sam. Not sure if its in a good way, or not.
  7. Nice effort. Dream free agency haul in Watson, Robinson and Thuney. By adding Smith in the second round and Gainwell in the third, we're competent TE play away from becoming a top 12 offence. It does leave the cupboard a little bare on defence though. But Rome wasn't built in a day, or one off-season. Free agency looks a little too splashy for Joe Douglas? I love Allen Robinson, but wonder would signing a pass rusher in free agency (Hendrickson, Okwara, etc.) and a cheaper WR like Samuel represent better value than Robinson and Sherman. I think it would Thuney or Trey Smith, not both. Both seem excessive if we still like Clark and Elfein. If we signed Thuney, I'd love Freiermuth at the top of the seocnd if he was there? Grabbing Watson would make us a more enticing destination in free agency, but I could still see Joe preferring to look for cheaper value players. But honestly, I'd still sign up for your scenario in a heart-beat.
  8. That Texans fan got the name wrong (Quinten?), but I do wonder if Houston would ask for Quinnen in a trade, and if they, how that would affect the rest of their demands? Personally I wouldn't want to trade Q, but it might be more palatable to the Houston fanbase if they came away with Fields, a young rising star in Q and picks.
  9. Allen Robinson may have just indicated legit interest in the Jets signing Watson.
  10. Bit of a risk for Olave returning in the current circumstances, but good luck to him. Speaking of receivers, since Saleh was announced, I've seen quite a few more Rashod Bateman to the Jets at 23 mocks. Folk saying he's a nice fit in our proposed new system.
  11. Atlanta fired their coach. Texans fired their coach. Chargers fired their coach. Lions fired their coach. The problem with those teams wasn't the QB, it was coaching. If Watson comes to the Jets under Saleh/LaFleur, we will win a lot more than 4 games.

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