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  1. K_O_Brien

    49ers, Raiders, and Cardinals

    Who were we supposed to be tanking for? Bosa? The surest defensive stud since Clowney. Except the Texans should have taken Mack or Donald that year. Or trade back and pick up additional picks? Who is trading up to 1 for a non QB? No one. Which QB is worth trading up to 1 for? None. We have a better chance of trading back from the 4 to 6 pick range than we do at 1. Maccagnan loves his BPA. I couldn't care less and want him to take the best available offensive tackle or receiver to help Darnold. Win another game, move into the 6-10 range and that might happen.
  2. "Decisions won't be rash". What does that even mean? Do they understand the difference between rash and rational?
  3. K_O_Brien

    Our Last In-Season Firing?

    We already have our Andrew Luck. There is no blue chip offensive player we need to tank for in next year's draft. Firing Bowles tomorrow will send out a message within the organization that gross ineptitude at your job is unacceptable. It also provides an opportunity for Darnold to develop in the six games that remain.
  4. K_O_Brien

    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    With the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Tackle, Trey Adams, Washington... We need this guy. He looks like a cross between Rex Ryan and Jaws from the Bond movies.
  5. 1. Darnold 2. Cousins 3. Rosen 4. Mayfield at 6 5. Mayfield at 3 2341. Allen
  6. K_O_Brien

    Boy, am I glad we didn't sign Cousins.

    Short term, yes. The choice is Sam Darnold versus Cousins, Nelson (for argument sake) and three second round picks. Fast forward three years though, and Cousins is looking for another pay day somewhere else. Which he will. And we then need another QB. Then it becomes a choice between say, the cost of moving up to take a QB prospect in 2021 + Nelson + three second rounders versus Darnold + 3 years savings on salary cap + those 2021 first and second round players which we can now draft. If you want to trade up and take the best QB in the draft, you have to sacrifice picks in the process. Signing Cousins would merely have delayed that process. Who knows really? Darnold could bust and we are back looking for another QB in the future. But right now, if the choice is between a 29 year old Cousins or a 20 year old Darnold, I'll take the latter every day.
  7. K_O_Brien

    O-Line - Not just us

    I would have loved o-line help. But also remember reading over the weekend, that whilst some felt the Colts reached on selecting Braden Smith at 37, Ballard felt he was the only remaining lineman that could come in and compete to be an immediate starter. The feeling out there was this was a particularly poor offensive lineman class. All conjecture but Macc obviously felt there was a much greater probability of Shepherd and the later guys contributing to the Jets, than other position guys that were available at the time. Personally I would have diverted greater resources to the o-line in free agency. Andrew Norwell would have been a better splash signing than Trumaine Johnson. Spend the extra $$$ on Jensen tahn settling for Long, etc. We knew we were getting a rookie QB. That was the time to invest in his development, not reaching for guys in rounds 4-7 of a mediocre lineman class.
  8. https://twitter.com/TheAdamsEra/status/991062677874184193 We now know what Jamal thinks.
  9. K_O_Brien

    The interview.

    'Work', 'process', 'learn', 'wins', 'business'. Sam is a low-key kind of guy. The anti-Sanchez who I also loved, but maybe wasn't suited to the bright lights of New York and the NFL limelight. Sam in that interview is who he is. He will enjoy last night and today for what it is. Tomorrow he will go to work. We shouldn't over-think this one. We got the best QB prospect in the draft. Sam knows that too. He knows he is better than Mayfield. Darnold was the guy I wanted for 18 months, before the Rose Bowl. Today I am beyond ecstatic that we got our guy. Last night was a great night for the New York Jets.
  10. Rapaport saying just now the Broncos are trying to trade up to number 2. Hope not, but would make ton of sense for the Giants.
  11. Where? Where else, on the INTERNET, where else would you want to be than on JetNation and social media. Who with? On my bloody own. Draft parties do not really exist for us overseas fans. It will be 1.30am in this part of the world by the time the Jets pick. I will be ten-deep by the time Goodell announces our pick. If it is Allen, the neighbours might have a few complaints in the morning.
  12. K_O_Brien

    Poll: Make the Pick at 3

    Trade down with Denver who take Mayfield. Sitting at 5, call Indianapolis and tell them Bowles has taken over control of our draft room and we are taking Chubb. If Indy really want him, we want our two 2018 second rounders back, and their punt returner. They agree. With the sixth pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the New York Jets select QB Josh Rosen, UCLA. With their three second round picks, the New York Jets select OT Will Hernandez at 37 (via Indianapolis), RB Ronald Jones at 40 (via Denver) and TE Mike Gesicki at 49 (via Indianapolis). I watched 'Draft Day' the other day. The above seems fairly plausible by comparison.
  13. K_O_Brien

    USC Pro Day on now

    Even the Browns can't screw this one up? Lot of fine QB prospects this year, but Darnold is 'the guy'. Talent-wise, Rosen is at least his equal, and a purer pocket passer, but Sam has other qualities that elevate him as a prospect. Still a gap after Darnold/Rosen and the rest. Same as it always was.

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