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  1. Rate the Top 6 QB Propsects

    1A. Rosen 1b. Darnold 3. Mayfield gap... 4. Allen although I'd actually prefer Darnold as our pick, Rosen is a purer pocket passer.
  2. Love the aggressive move. I had my doubts on whether Maccagnan had the stones to pull it off, but respect to the guy for pushing his chips all in. An already exciting draft just got better. If Darnold and Barkley go at 1 and 2, you just know Goodell would string us along by walking to the podium and proclaiming, 'With the third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select, Quarterback, Josh....."...cue longest pause in draft history, with a fanbase on tenderhooks.
  3. Jets to sign Trumaine Johnson

    Been waiting all day to use this. Finally.
  4. Which Non QB Do They Draft At 6?

    Does it matter? Ok, Nelson. Would at least be a building block for next year's rookie head coach and rookie QB.
  5. Jets bring back McCown

    Ten ******* million for McCown. LOL. Josh McCown is probably a nice guy, but between winning those meaningless games last year and now this, he has to be my least favourite Jet in history. Why do we do this sh*t to ourselves, over and over.

    McCown is back. FML.

    Packers releasing Jordy Nelson. Jerick McKinnon looking for 6/7m. Yes to both already.
  8. Mogglez Apprectiation Thread

    The guy sure knows his Jets football. I should have listened to @Mogglez in another thread when he rained on my parade somewhat, as I stupidly allowed myself to become excited for the new season. He was right to hold the realist view that the current Jet regime are utterly inept in identifying and securing a solution to our QB woes. Having struck out on Cousins, we now wait with ever-increasing trepidation that we can draft anyone other than the fourth best QB in the 2018 draft. That other thread was ironically entitled 'A Zen Guide to QB Prospects'. I need to seriously consider practicing Zen if I am to continue supporting this car-crash of a franchise.
  9. Tyrod to the Browns

    Give it five minutes, he could be traded to Buffalo any second now, the way today is going Not a fan so hopefully we do not get involved.
  10. Tyrod to the Browns

    CB Demarious Randall is going the other direction, Green Bay to Cleveland. No word yet on what picks are involved, if any.
  11. Tyrod to the Browns

    Now they have traded Kizer to Green Bay. LOL. Seems a bit early to give up on Kizer but maybe the terms were nice. It is the Browns. Who really knows?
  12. Tyrod to the Browns

    Agreed. I will be surprised if Foles is not a Buffalo Bill real soon. They might balk on offering one of their firsts but it will happen. I hope.
  13. Not if Barkley or Chubb are there. Yes, otherwise. But not within the division. Arizona at 15 would be ideal.
  14. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    Allen Robinson needs to become a day one signing for the Jets in free agency.