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  1. Week 2 and the AFC already looks even more mediocre than usual this year. Roll on the inevitable NE-Kansas rematch in the AFCG.
  2. No superstars, but it already looks like it was another deep draft for WR talent. in terms of surrounding Sam with as much talent as possible, Terry McLaurin might have made more sense in the third round than the nut-case we took. Instead, all it took was one injury and we are scrapping the bottom of the WR barrell again looking for Belichick rejects. The Q. Williams/Polite picks were the final nail in Maccagnan's coffin.
  3. We need Siemian to save our season on Monday night. Win that, and try and get Sam back for the Cowboys. Another win there and we are 2-4 heading into a run of games against Jax, Miami, NYG, Was, Oak, Cinn and Miami. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no".
  4. Lost for words. You have a Superbowl winning coach waiting at the altar, and you settle for Adam Gase who was fired by the Dolphins. Maccagnan, in all likelihood, cost us McCarthy. The dysfunctional mess that is the New York Jets has made us the laughing stock of the NFL again. We deserve everything we get for the next 3 seasons until we are back looking for another head coach to save us from ourselves.
  5. Who were we supposed to be tanking for? Bosa? The surest defensive stud since Clowney. Except the Texans should have taken Mack or Donald that year. Or trade back and pick up additional picks? Who is trading up to 1 for a non QB? No one. Which QB is worth trading up to 1 for? None. We have a better chance of trading back from the 4 to 6 pick range than we do at 1. Maccagnan loves his BPA. I couldn't care less and want him to take the best available offensive tackle or receiver to help Darnold. Win another game, move into the 6-10 range and that might happen.
  6. "Decisions won't be rash". What does that even mean? Do they understand the difference between rash and rational?
  7. We already have our Andrew Luck. There is no blue chip offensive player we need to tank for in next year's draft. Firing Bowles tomorrow will send out a message within the organization that gross ineptitude at your job is unacceptable. It also provides an opportunity for Darnold to develop in the six games that remain.

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