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  1. 1. Johnsons 2. Maccagnan 3. Gase 4. Darnold 5. Douglas In that order.
  2. 3m saving or something? All that cap space is really helping us today.
  3. No, I don't think Douglas had any intention of ever extending Adams for anything north of $14m pa. Which makes the haul even more impressive.
  4. You know it's a great trade for the Jets when Walter Football gave us a D. 🙄
  5. Signing Cousins would have been 'kicking the can down the road' in terms of the Jets addressing their long-term need for a franchise QB. An expensive can. I actually like Cousins. I think he would put up decent numbers here. We would have won more games but not enough to win a division. We would be a 8-8 9-7 kind of team. Then he would look to move on again. And we would be back to square one, giving up more picks to move up to draft another rookie QB. So it becomes.... Cousins for three years + Nelson + 3 x second rounders 2018/19 or Darnold + future picks not required to move up to draft Cousins replacement + salary cap. Long term, drafting Darnold was the right choice. Whether we can capitalize on that is another matter.
  6. Gallup is fine. But if we are grabbing a player + a pick from the Cowboys, I'd prefer La'el Collins, or Connor Williams. Either of them plus a second is a realistic haul. Flip the second to the Steelers for Juju. Juju plus an upgrade to the o-line helps Sam so much more in his development, than Adams ever could.
  7. That Gallup deal would be sweet. Connor Williams and La'el Collins are two other Cowboys that should be of interest.
  8. Trading him to the Eagles would be funny though, if only to annoy the Cowboys.
  9. Be funny if Douglas offers Maye a new contract now.
  10. 2020 has had a lot of weird and unexpected sh*t happen. This is the least surprising thing to happen this year.
  11. He's probably a likeable enough guy in real life, but as a Jet he has become tiresome to listen to. This will become Revis all over again, only Revis was a great player. Jamal isn't half as influential on and off the field as he thinks he is. I like Douglas, but he made a mistake in not trading traded Jamal in November. When a guy is too petulant to speak to you face to face like a man and instead goes crying to the owner, just get rid. He is not worth the hassle. Take what you can get for a safety with 2 picks in 3 years and move on already. Davis can step in.
  12. Time will tell if JD did enough to help Sam. It's tempting to suggest we could have made another move or two. But not too many other GM's of teams with a young QB, did more in terms of adding notable offensive players via free agency and/or rounds 1-3 of the draft. Arizona - Hopkins, Humphries, Jones (lost Johnson) Baltimore - Dobbins, Duverney (lost Hurst, Roberts) Buffalo - Diggs, Spain, Moss Cincinnati - Green, Su'a Filo, Redmond, Higgins (lost Miller, Eifert) Cleveland - Conklin, Hooper, Wills Denver - Gordon, Glasgow, Jeudy, Hamler, Cushenberry (lost McGovern) LA Chargers - Bulaga, Turner, Henry, Ekeler (lost Gordon) Miami - Flowers, Howard, Karras, Jackson, Hunt New England - Lee, Thuney, Asiasi, Keene (lost Dorsett, Karras) NY Giants - Lewis, Fleming, Thomas, Peart (lost Latimer) NY Jets - Fant, McGovern, Van Roten, Lewis, Perriman, Becton, Mims (lost Anderson, Shell) Washington - Scherff, Thomas, Gibson (lost Williams, Flowers) No one else has made as many moves as we have. What we probably lacked was a splash signing like Hopkins, Diggs or Conklin to excite the fan-base, but we had too many other roster holes to fill. In terms of helping Sam in 2020, we're putting a lot of faith in Fant and Perriman to produce. Those two moves, along with the ability of our two rookies to settle, will likely go some way to answering the initial question.

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