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  1. I was sure as I could be, that the first three picks would be Sauce - WR - Edge. Going this route was the key to unlocking as much value as we could in those first two round. 

    Personally I predicted London and Ebiketie, instead of Wilson and Johnson, but I absolutely prefer who the Jets picked, even allowing for the premium paid to move up for Johnson. There's no other combination of Edge/WR at 4 and 10 and BPA at 35 and 69 that was better than what we ended up with. 

    Like most, I had us taking Ruckert. 

    Before the draft, I never really considered Breece Hall. Was looking at Allgeier, Robinson, Strong in the fourth. But just got a sense before the second round started that Hall may be on our radar. He just fitted the whole 'Let's do as much as can for Zach' belief that's obviously held within the building.

    Thought linebacker and safety would have higher priorities than they were. I had us taking a linebacker in the third, safety in the fourth. But overall, I love our draft. Love it more than the 'Ideal Draft' I selected in advance. 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, varjet said:

    JD has three choices with the 4 Pick:

    • Trade down.
    • Trade it for Deebo (would rather that than 35 and 38)
    • Use it for an elite athlete.  

    The draft pick will cost $8mm.  That is actually a good down payment for Deebo.  

    Douglas would be the laughing stock of the League if he gave up 4 for Deebo. That's the equivalent of an extra late first rounder more than Hill/Adams went for. Even 10 is an overpay. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, nycdan said:

    Pop quiz for the OT people.

    One of the goals of this offseason is to move JFM back inside to DT.  If we don't draft an Edge, who would be our starter across from Lawson?  Who would be our first guy off the bench?

    There is no way this team can ignore Edge in the 1st round.  You can argue WR vs. OT vs. CB all you want.  But Edge is a huge need.

    Edge is a need but Johnson at 4 is not the most optimum use of resources though. He could be there at 10, and if he isn't, trade down and take Karlaftis or trade up from 35 for Mafe/Ebiketie. All are comparable prospects. 

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  4. Joe swung for the fences in 2020 with Becton, Mims, Davis, Zuniga, Clarke, etc. That whole draft now looks like a colossol mistake and we're paying for it dearly now. 

    You could say Zach was a risky selection too, but if there is one position on the team, you don't mind potentially reaching for, its quarterback. Other than Zach, Vera Tucker was a safe pick with a high floor and he didn't mind paying a premium to do so. Moore was a clean pick as well, high character guy. 

    Douglas needs to hit the fairway next week. If that means taking guys like Johnson and Wilson instead of Thibodeaux and Williams, then so be it.

    Sauce or Ekwonu at 4. take it from there. 



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  5. The most exciting moment was when the TV announcers confirmed  we had traded up to 5 with Cleveland, to take Sanchez. There was talk the Jets might move up but it seemed unlikely. I don't think the crowd in Radio City were expecting it either, because the place went wild.

    When they cut to shots of Sanchez on his phone, and a house full of guests celebrating in the background, that was a genuine goose bumps moment.

  6. 10 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    Disagree there . I feel Stingley, Booth and McDuffie can be just as good as Gardner. I feel Gardner's stat's are being blown out of context , no Td's against and I feel Stingley is being severely downgraded due to his prior injury and sit out.  W/o the injury Stingley is a better prospect then Gardner . 

    Sure, but in a draft scenario, Stingley, Booth and McDuffie won't be there at 35. Booth might fall a little but Stingley and McDuffie will be long gone. You'd be looking at Elam or McCreary if you took a corner in the second round.

    Or you could go safety, and take someone like Pitre, Brisker, Hill, a linebacker like Muma, etc Fine players but they won't be graded anywhere close to Gardner (or Stingley, McDuffie for that matter). 

    The difference in grade between the 3rd/4th ranked edge and who's available later might not be as significant imo. 


  7. 5 minutes ago, section314 said:

    This draft is going to be fascinating, especially with the edge guys. Either these guys are all way better than many think, or it will be plain old panic buying like before a blizzard.

    Think Hutch/Thibs are in a little tier of their own, but the next 5-6 guys are fairly similar. Waiting until the third tier isn't really an option. 

    Karlaftis is an interesting one if he falls. I've seen him mocked anywhere from Minnesota at 12 to the Chiefs at 29. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, CTJetsFan said:

    Was Boye Mafe available to you at #35? He would be my personal preference if we waited to go Edge there with Ebiketie as the option after him.

    No, he went to the Chiefs late first. Him going off the board wasn't ideal. I'd have Mafe/Ebiketie higher than Bonitto, Paschal, etc. 

    I think if Douglas goes Sauce/Ekwonu at 4, receiver at 10, he'd need to have a provisional trade up in place to take his edge at the end of the first. 

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  9. 11 minutes ago, section314 said:

    Who were the first 3 guys? Any QB's? Did you take first WR?  Did Linderbaum go in first?

    Hutch, Thibs and Walker went 1,2,3. Had the pick of the receivers at 10. Willis to Carolina at 6 was only QB. Linderbaum went to Bengals. 

    I like Johnson fine but not at 4. I don't think he's that much better than edge guys who will go much later. 

    Waiting until 35 for your edge is risky. You'd need to be sure you like more than one guy in that range. Or just trade up. 


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  10. I'm currently picking for the Jets in a multi-team fan mock, no trades. I picked the same three players - Sauce, London, Ebiketie - at 4, 10 and 35. Sauce at 4 was easy for me because Thibs was gone. If Thibs was there, I'd have picked him.

    Waiting until 35 for Ebiketie is a risk, no question but if Douglas has a feel that he'd be there, the pay off is potentially big. The drop off in potential between Johnson and Ebiketie is minimal, if one even exists. The potential difference between Sauce at 4 and any other prospect at 35 is considerable. 

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