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  1. Big Zach guy, but yesterday was his 'ghosts' game and I'm not sure he recovers. His second pick was one of the worst throws you will ever see and it finshed the game as a contest. The third pick was just pure frustration. He's now given Saleh the license to go all-conservative again. But we're playing Josh Allen, instead of Skylar Thompson and Brett Rypien. And we can't run the football anymore. Things will get worse before they get better.
  2. Saleh couldn't answer that question, because he doesn't know how to develop a quarterback. He wants a game manager at quarterback and to rely on his defense and running game. This is the background he was surrounded by in San Francisco, Jacksonville and Seattle. He's looking to try and replicate that type of football in New York, to re-create his own version of the 'Legion of Boom' and that Niners defensive front seven. He wants Wilson to try and go back to what he was doing the last four weeks, but that's not really developing a young quarterback. And ithat conservative gameplan on offense is not sustainable anymore, given the injuries to Hall and the o-line. Wilson is just a bad fit for the Saleh/LeFleur offense. The wonder is why we drafted him so high. Ultimately, Saleh will likely win enough games this year that he will have enough brownie points earned to go to Douglas, and say 'Ok, give me a veteran QB that will keep it simple and not turn the ball over'. Which again saves him the headache of having to develop someone.
  3. Let's be honest, as we saw Jones crumple to the ground, we knew the flag was coming. I didn't even celebrate. I'm still waiting on a flag for the first Jets touchdown. Officiating was terrible today, as they have been all year. It's a poor product to watch, but we still watch it.
  4. Carr is gettable. He's not great, his best days are likely behind him, but he'd still be the best (only) QB we've had since Namath.
  5. LeFleur is in a tough spot. Try and establish a run game without Hall and Vera Tucker. Or go against his own natural instincts to try and develop Wilson. Knowing that if fails in the latter, his dream of becoming a head coach in the NFL will be greatly diminished. Joe Brady was a hot ticket for a while there until Darnold began to stink the place out in Carolina.
  6. Sure, but playing White against that Buffalo D does nothing to improve our chances of winning the game. If you want to bench Wilson to try and beat the Bills, you'd just start Flacco, ask him to air it out and hope to catch lightening in a bottle.
  7. Douglas has a potential 9 further games to evaluate Wilson, I'm not sure why you'd waste one of them here, when we already saw White play against that Buffalo defense. White was so bad that day, he promptly got benched for Joe Flacco.
  8. That has nothing to do with your original post but whatever, good for you.
  9. Why would you care what anonymous posters on the internet think, to the point where losing to the Patriots, makes you "quite content"?
  10. As said, Jets fans usually watch in the Hippodrome. Another account to keep an eye out for is.. https://instagram.com/uknyjets?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= ..who occasionally meet up in other venues.
  11. Disappointed in Q. Missed the opportunity to flash the peace sign in Hill's face, before throwing him to the ground.
  12. Why would he? Game days threads are mostly unreadable thanks to the same, boring repetitive drivel from 3 or 4 posters.
  13. You might as well call it 13 years. Because Saleh will still be here next year and the Jets will still suck.
  14. Wouldn't it make sense to at least let him play a game in his second season, before you know, deciding the guy hasn't progressed or not?
  15. Sign Brown anyway. But could AVT play tackle, if we were in real trouble? Herbig could is a viable starter at RG if so.
  16. Probably best if Michael Carter and this guy don't share a room together in training camp.
  17. I was sure as I could be, that the first three picks would be Sauce - WR - Edge. Going this route was the key to unlocking as much value as we could in those first two round. Personally I predicted London and Ebiketie, instead of Wilson and Johnson, but I absolutely prefer who the Jets picked, even allowing for the premium paid to move up for Johnson. There's no other combination of Edge/WR at 4 and 10 and BPA at 35 and 69 that was better than what we ended up with. Like most, I had us taking Ruckert. Before the draft, I never really considered Breece Hall. Was looking at Allgeier, Robinson, Strong in the fourth. But just got a sense before the second round started that Hall may be on our radar. He just fitted the whole 'Let's do as much as can for Zach' belief that's obviously held within the building. Thought linebacker and safety would have higher priorities than they were. I had us taking a linebacker in the third, safety in the fourth. But overall, I love our draft. Love it more than the 'Ideal Draft' I selected in advance.
  18. Love it, best player in the draft. Edge and receiver with the next two picks, in either order. It's all good from here.
  19. JJ is a reach at 10, never mind 4. Avoid.
  20. Douglas would be the laughing stock of the League if he gave up 4 for Deebo. That's the equivalent of an extra late first rounder more than Hill/Adams went for. Even 10 is an overpay.
  21. Edge is a need but Johnson at 4 is not the most optimum use of resources though. He could be there at 10, and if he isn't, trade down and take Karlaftis or trade up from 35 for Mafe/Ebiketie. All are comparable prospects.
  22. At least it's the Senior Bowl warrior instead of the Combine warrior, but still this would be under-whelming.
  23. 1. Gardner, CB, Cincinnati 1. London, WR, USC 2. Ebiketie, Edge, 2. Moore, WR, Western Michigan 3. Muma, LB, Wyoming 4. Tom, OL, Wake Forest 4. Ruckert, TE, Ohio State 5. Butler, S, Louisiana 5. Allgeier, RB, BYU
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