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  1. Thibs Gardner Zion McBride Watson First three were easy enough. Last couple came down to Pitre & Ruckert v McBride & Watson.
  2. Sign Austin Corbett or James Daniels in free agency to play RG. Daniels has the versatility to play center. That's it.
  3. Free agency Austin Corbett (OL) Marcus Williams (S) David Njoku (TE) Draft 4. Kayvon Thibodeaux (Edge) 10. Sauce Gardner (CB) 14. Drake London (WR), trade up with 35 & 38 69. Jeremy Ruckett (TE)
  4. Big turn out in LA for the parade.
  5. I think Flores knew his lawsuit would deal a heavy blow to any future head coaching opportunities that may come his way. He admitted as much. He was looking at the bigger picture. The irony of the Houston hire is a black head coach has now been appointed, when this time last week they likely would have gone in a different direction completely.
  6. I'm still laughing at the Dolphins firing Adam Gase and then offering to bribe his successor to actually lose games on purpose.
  7. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/senior-bowl-wr-roster-2022
  8. This Trade down > OL > Hamilton > Stingley.
  9. I hope so too. Wilson strikes me as an earnest, cerebral kind of kid. Someone who needs to understand the big picture of how plays work, and why they don't. Coming into this season, he had a blank canvas of what to draw on. Now he has a decent chunk of game film to study. And he will, he works hard and wants to improve all the time. I never got that same sense of urgency from Darnold. In terms of football IQ and hard work, I expect Wilson to make a far bigger leap in year 2 than Darnold, who tbf was also learning a new game-plan.
  10. Close, but Karlaftis and Wilson/Burks for me.
  11. Burks/London at 10. We need that big-bodied receiver that can win contested catches. And a TE in free agency.
  12. True, but the AFC is weak, no great team out there. The Bills could easily be one and done, or win the Conference. Neither outcome would surprise me.
  13. When White sucked against Buffalo, he was evaluated accordingly, as a 26 year old QB who didn't play well in Dallas in 2018, who was waived by the Cowboys the same year, who played poorly again when signed to the Jets practice squad in 2019, who was waived four times by the Jets in 2020, and then under a completely different coaching staff, was so unimpressive in training camp that when the rookie QB went down injured, the GM traded a 6th round draft pick for a 37 year old to start instead of him. If Wilson sucks against Buffalo, he will be evaluated accordingly as a rookie starting his 13th game, which you acknowledge. The Buffalo game wasn't White's first rodeo. He has been around the League for years. Maybe, just maybe the Cincinnati game was a one-off and the other four years worth of practice and training camp was a more accurate reflection of his ability to start every week in the NFL.
  14. LeFleur seemed to be calling out Becton pre-season and questioning his attitude. Now we hear this. What's Becton's realistic trade value? If it's a first, then pull the trigger. Neal/Cross/Ekwonu are better scheme fits for what we need.
  15. I can agree with this. I expected to like Saleh (the person, rather than the coach) more than I have. His press conferences annoy me a little, seems too eager to deflect and highlight the struggles of a rookie QB rather than show more accountability for his own failings. He gives off an air of superiority, that he knows best because he came across from the 49ers and what would the lowly Jets and their fanbase know about a rebuild. Maybe he does and none of this matters if we start winning games, but for now he's a lot more bland as a person than I expected. I think Saleh is trying too hard to be this sage-like CEO of a head coach, when he really should just be himself. Middleton seemed like a cool guy. I didn't care too much if the Jags scored at the end there, but when you saw how happy Middleton was post-game in the locker room, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to feel happy for the guy.
  16. We do suck, but the team don't seem unlikeable to me? Moore, Carter, Berrios, White, Cole, Williams, Fant, Feeney, JFM, the Canadian doctor and Lawson all come across as likeable guys to me. Zach seems a little nerdy and intense, so might not be everyone's cup of tea, so I'll leave him out, but overall this is a team that are easy enough to root for. I think the problem is more we are a boring team to watch, which you also mention.
  17. Desirable, yes but likely, no. In this year's draft, it's more realistic to assume teams would be prepared to trade up to 4 than all the way to 1. And even 4 and 7 might be too high for QB-needy teams like Pittsburgh and New Orleans.
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