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  1. This. The NFL product this year is the worst it's ever been, unwatchable as you say. Outside of Rodgers, mediocre QB play is the norm. Carr and Cousins are jags, yet League leading in one or two statistical categories. Lamar was terrible again last night, yet the Ravens are number 1 seed in the AFC. There isn't a great team out there this year..just a bunch of mediocrity jostling to make the playoffs. The officiating is diabolical. At best it is inept, but I'm now beginning to suspect it is fixed as well. I watched ten minutes of Dallas and the Raiders before switching off. If parity is what the League wants, well it's got it, but it is a watery diluted product compared to what it was.
  2. Youngest Jets team in living history with a rookie coaching set up, win on the road for the first time outside the division since 2017, and some Jets 'fans' are still as miserable as ****.
  3. it's another week closer to getting Wilson back.
  4. I've cringed watching one or two of Saleh's press conferences this year, and his lack of selr-awareness and accountability, but this wasn't one of them. He literally said 'confidence with regard to the knee'.
  5. 3 & 13 - ATL 39 (4:52 - 4th) M.Ryan pass short right complete to NYJ 31. Catch made by O.Zaccheaus at NYJ 31. Gain of 15 yards. Tackled by B.Hall at NYJ 24.
  6. "Yeah, but White is the hot hand"....and you got to play the hot hand apparently, except when the hot hand has a fore-arm injury and his back up comes in and throws 3 touchdowns. For some reason, that second back up QB is only the 'luke warm hand', and gets demoted behind the other old guy who came in off the street two weeks ago. The same guy you traded a pick for because you had so much faith in the 'hot hand guy'.
  7. Browns might decide to off-load their starting center, JC Tretter next year, if we wanted to go down the veteran FA route and use the draft for other positions. Like personally I'd prefer Linderbaum and just slot him in for the next decade. But I'm just not sure Douglas will spend another first round pick on IOL? I think a lot will depend on how Becton plays downs the stretch. If he plays well, great, we must just roll with Fant at RT. If Becton struggles for whatever reason, I could see Douglas hedging his bets and drafting Neal as insurance if available.
  8. Given their own complete ineptitude, the defensive players have enough to be worrying about at the moment. What will happen if Saleh loses the locker room? Will the defense give up 600 yards instead of 500? Concede 60 points instead of 51? Start White. Or don't start White. Honestly outside of NYJ and the fanbase, who cares about some manufactured QB controversy on a 2-6 team in yet another lost season.
  9. If we set on appointing a Mike from the 49ers as our OC, we should behave gone for this guy.
  10. A little break away from LeFleur and Saleh (Van Roten and Griffin too) for a month might not be the worst outcome. Hope LeFleur learns a little humility and understand the game of football better in the meantime.
  11. The most tense I've been watching the Jets in the last two years, make it five years actually, was the Carr bomb to Ruggs with 0.05 left last year. In a game we lost.
  12. [Rhule] "Now when I say Sam's not playing well what does that mean? It means the offensive line's not getting it done for him, the running backs aren't getting it done for him; everyone on offense, every receiver, every back, every o-lineman, every tight end, their job is to help our quarterback play well. And we are not getting that done." https://www.panthers.com/news/the-day-after-matt-rhule-looking-for-a-redefined-offense If this is their outlook on Sam, then he's not the franchise QB they were hoping for.
  13. The Fins could have stayed at 12, taken Rashawn Slater and used their first next year on Kayvon Thibadeaux. Instead they traded up for Waddle.
  14. See, at times I think he can look the opposite, over-confident. That he's looking to sling it too much, searching for the big play. I like Zach but he definitely has an ego. And that is ok, all the great QBs do. But he needs to accept he is still a rookie, and he doesn't need to show the world he can make all the throws by his fifth game in the pro's. Show a little humility, you're not Aaron Rodgers, take the short throw and live to play another down.
  15. Yes. In a re-do, I might go in a different direction with picks 23, 34, 66 and 86 though, and I like AVT and Moore.
  16. She was loud. Everything was loud, especially the annoying stadium announcer and his 'And that's another Falcons first down', followed by some screeching sound and the rare sound of silence. With 90% of the crowd being neutral, they probably feel like they need to generate an atmosphere, even if it does come across as forced. In soccer, as you guys call it, the crowd noise is more organic and reacts to the action on the field, rather than the promptings of some guy with a sound mixer. I'm getting old.
  17. I'm not sure which bit is my favorite part...the video footage, the commentary, the celebrations or the dwarf casually past at 1.30. I think it has to be the dwarf.
  18. AM or PM? When I lived in London, I used to watch some games in the Hippodrome in Piccadilly. Think a couple of that crew will be drinking in that Elbow Room pub on Sunday morning. If you do go, post on here, or DM and I'll shout you a pint of lager-ale-bitter-stout-beverage of choice.
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