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  1. 1. Sau...I mean Ahmad Gardner.. 2. Walker.
  2. Maybe a big guy, little guy combination. London at 10, Dotson at 35 or Wilson at 10, Watson at 35?
  3. Brandin Cooks, same age as Hill, 6 x 1,000 yard seasons in 7 years.
  4. Who can forget Tarik Black.. Berrios missed that game too. Cole was our number receiver that day.
  5. Nice, but what was your plan B at receiver if Watson wasn't there at 38? That's my worry with passing on a receiver at 10. We can't assume a guy we like will still be there when we are up next.
  6. Hughes is right, we have holes all over the roster. But we don't need to bring in a top player for every position. It's ok to carry mediocre players in less valuable positions. Every successful team does that. And we don't need to address every need this year. It's ok to accept some positions may only be addressed next year. Realistically, we can probably sign two top players in free agency and we have four high draft picks in April. There's six starters that should come in and improve the team. I'd split those six players into three on offense and three on defense. Which positions on offense do we need help the most? I'd say WR, RG and TE. When and how we address those position is largely irrevlant to me. At wide receiver, either sign Robinson or draft a guy at number 10. I don't care which. Either sign Scherff or Daniels or draft Ekwonu or Zion Johnson. We can't sign a TE or we'll need to draft one. Do the same with defense. Pick three positons you feel we need immediate help the most. We have more than three, so something will have to wait until next year. Edge? Sign Landry or draft your guy at 4 or 10. Corner? Carlton Davis or Sauce. Safety? Williams or a second round pick. If by the start of May we've added say, James Daniels, Garrett Wilson, Jeremy Ruckett, Quandre Diggs, Sauce Gardner and Boye Mafe (or similar type of players, names are interchangable really) to the roster then that is a successful off-season.
  7. Quenton Nelson straight up for our number 4.
  8. Nice job. I don't think Johnson will be there at 35, but the opportunity should be there to move up. Personally I'd flip your TE and LB in rounds 2 & 3, to take Leo Chenel and Jeremy Ruckert, but McBride and Muma work too. Signing Cooper opens up the draft for us.
  9. DJ Moore? Carolina might be open (desperate) to a trade offer.
  10. I make it eight guys? Ekwonu, Neal, Penning, Thibodeaux, Johnson II, Walker, Hamilton and Gardner. And yeah, no clue if that is a a good or a bad thing, likely the latter. As Kiper (who I don't like, but still) said the other week, the Jets and Giants need to start looking at their two top ten picks as a combo-package. In the Jets case, your decison at 4 will be influenced by who you think will still be available at 10. You might prefer Thibodeaux over Gardner in a vacuum, but if your good with one of Johnson II, Walker (or Ojabo, Karlaftis) being there at 10, then taking Gardner makes more sense.
  11. Douglas loves those high RAS scores.
  12. Thibs Gardner Zion McBride Watson First three were easy enough. Last couple came down to Pitre & Ruckert v McBride & Watson.
  13. Sign Austin Corbett or James Daniels in free agency to play RG. Daniels has the versatility to play center. That's it.
  14. Free agency Austin Corbett (OL) Marcus Williams (S) David Njoku (TE) Draft 4. Kayvon Thibodeaux (Edge) 10. Sauce Gardner (CB) 14. Drake London (WR), trade up with 35 & 38 69. Jeremy Ruckett (TE)
  15. Big turn out in LA for the parade.
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