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  1. But we aren't competing in 2021 anyway, so honestly, a 2022 2nd rounder is probably more valuable to a rebuilding team like the Jets than a 2021 2nd rounder. If we actually manage to rebuild successfully, we'll have that draft pick one year longer on a rookie salary when it counts.
  2. Obviously I’d love Watson, but IMO, Sherman needs to STFU. Literally last month, we had to constantly hear from other players/media about how Lawrence should stay in school to avoid the Jets, and it sucked. Just because we are in the “good side” this time, doesn’t mean it’s right. He should worry about himself and his team.
  3. Rep

    Mac Jones

    I feel like he is going to be the typical solid mid to late first round quarterback. The top three QBs are going to go to trash teams and he’s going to go to a quality team, sit for a couple years and come out and perform better than all of them, while everyone calls the top three busts despite the fact their offensive lines couldn’t stop a nose bleed.
  4. I honestly don’t think Fields will be an elite NFL QB. And even if he’s good after a year or two of development, he’s the type of player that will be good for a few years, lose some of his mobility, and not be the same great player ever again. A Cam Newton type of player. Dual threat quarterbacks just don’t tend to last that long in the NFL. I think the smart move would be to let someone else trade with us to take him and get burned by the hype.
  5. I’m not an NFL scout. I don’t pretend to know the difference between the four top guys. All I know is that Darnold sat on his ass a lot last year, and Bell ran straight into defenders in his own backfield last year. So I’m just happy they got someone who most experts think can slot right in to help with those two problems.
  6. Sorry. I just happened to reply to your post. No offense to you was intended.
  7. Lets make the playoffs first before we start talking sh*t about them. This team has been playing well recently, but we did still lose to the Bills at home this year. This is Rex's Super Bowl. And if I recall, the Jets played pretty darn well in December the last couple of years with nothing on the line but pride. We definitely should beat the Bills, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm not worried about us blowing it...
  8. Says the Patriot fan with over 20000 posts on a Jets message board. And that's not even counting your 30000+ on the old JI, and probably 20000+ on other Jet message boards that I don't even know about.
  9. Okay. We'll call it "he was found innocent in a federal court" as long as you agree to say that he was "found guilty in a federal appellate court" when the original federal ruling is overturned.
  10. Maybe after he realized nobody but Patriot fans were believing it after the real scientists weighed in, he turned course.
  11. Please explain oh great one. The patriots say that Goodell is the only one with authority. Goodell has not made a ruling yet. How does he not have the ability to exercise the authority that only he has when he has not yet exercised that authority?
  12. It is not possible for an arbitrator to extend the punishment. But that's not what I'm suggesting. They are claiming that Vincent didn't have the authority to hand down punishment. Therefore, it is technically possible for Goodell to agree, as the commissioner, not the arbitrator, that he incorrectly delegated authority, and, as commissioner, hand down a new penalty. Then Tom Brady can appeal again. If the Patriots are indeed correct, no true punishment has been handed down yet, as only Goodell has the authority to do so.
  13. Goodell should tell them they are right and as a result is changing the penalty to the whole season because he has to make the decision. And then appoint Vincent as the arbitrator.
  14. According to this article: http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/12888612/tom-brady-nflpa-cannot-win-appeal-filed-deflategate "Whether the arbitrator is Goodell, Henderson or an independent person, the arbitrator cannot increase the suspension. If the arbitrator looks at all the evidence and concludes that Brady was guilty of a form of cheating that affected the integrity of the competition in the most successful sports enterprise in America, the arbitrator could not suspend Brady for more than four games. If the arbitrator had the power to actually increase a penalty, well, then Brady and the NFLPA might not have filed an appeal." So unfortunately an extension is not on the table; as hilarious as that would be.
  15. We only lost them if we were going to pick them. Nobody but the jets know that.
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